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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Friday, 03 July 2020
Premier Division :  July Fixtures & Results for August September
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Saturday, 11 August 2012
2 2 FC Assyria v Sporting Hackney
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
 D. Lea  D. Hookway  J. Yousif
H: J.Hammond  G.Isaac  A: A.McQuade  E.Rowlands  G.Isaac
2 4 FC Deportivo Galicia v FC Romania
Osterley Sports Club
 D. Fenner  E. Barnett  L. Randall
H: J.Andon  M.Turay  A: I.Craciun  S.Pitaru(2)  I.Vintila  D.Bennett
1 0 Hillingdon v Sloane
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 J. Noblemunn  D. Levy  N. Saunders
H: C.Moss  P.Griffin  R.Crisp
1 0 Indian Gymkhana Club v West Essex
Imperial College Sports Ground
 P. Savva  S. Rhodes  D. Akinyede
H: A.Chand  A.Chand
V Interwood v Broadfields United [ Void ]
Wadham Lodge
4 0 Singh Sabha Slough v Kodak (Harrow)
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
 Michael Smith  S. Williams  M. Swinburn
H: M.Khella  D.Markman(2)  H.Purewal
Monday, 13 August 2012
5 0 Indian Gymkhana Club v Hounslow Wanderers
Imperial College Sports Ground
7:12 AM

ko 6.30pm PJK
 D. Lea  M. Swinburn  H. Mirza
H: A.Chand  B.Khan  S.Liddar  T.Lowe  S.Sharma  S.Sharma  H.Dhaliwal
Wednesday, 15 August 2012
2 3 Broadfields United v British Airways
Hillingdon Borough FC
 P. Savva  D. Hookway  A. Hughes
H: D.Foster  J.Sikora  A: D.McAuley(2)  L.Sinclair  L.Sinclair
3 0 FC Assyria v Kodak (Harrow)
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
 J. Keane  N. Hickes  N. Andrea
H: G.Isaac(2)  D.Samoo  G.Isaac
3 2 FC Deportivo Galicia v Kilburn
Osterley Sports Club
 S. Stoyanov  J. Yousif  L. Tilbury
H: J.Cambeiro(2)  F.Quince Fernanez  A: N.Coleman  L.Tison  D.Bennett
0 2 Hillingdon v Singh Sabha Slough
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 I. Thomas  L. Randall  N. Saunders
 A: OG  M.Randhawa  B.Clargo
Thursday, 16 August 2012
- A Interwood v Sloane [ Away Win was awarded ]
Wadham Lodge
Saturday, 18 August 2012
0 3 FC Assyria v British Airways
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
 J. Yousif  K. Nottage  R. Gilchrist
 A: J.Bigwood  D.McAuley  P.Nolan  J.Sparrowhawk
1 2 FC Deportivo Galicia v North Kensington
Osterley Sports Club
 L. Randall  D. Hookway  P. Savva
H: S.Rojas Buitrago  A: M.Meremikwu  N.Simon  M.Turay
4 3 FC Romania v Hounslow Wanderers
Cheshunt FC
 A. Monk  D. Thomas  A. Winterbotham
H: O.Copcioae  I.Craciun  D.Talpau  I.Vetrea  A: Y.Adeydyin(2)  W.Harvey  Y.Adeydyin
1 1 Hillingdon v Sporting Hackney
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
3G Pitch now available. Game will be played PJK
 D. Lea  D. Fenner  R. Hazell
H: C.Moss  A: C.Monahan  A.Lungley
3 3 Indian Gymkhana Club v Interwood
Imperial College Sports Ground
 S. Stoyanov  D. Jenic  S. Yordanov
H: S.Liddar(3)  A: S.Makoto  J.Moore  L.Wilson  H.Taj  K.Krans
2 1 Singh Sabha Slough v Kilburn
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
 S. Williams  M. Swinburn  N. Saunders
H: L.Gratton  D.Markman  A: V.Stott
Monday, 20 August 2012
2 1 FC Romania v Sporting Hackney
Cheshunt FC
 D. Fenner  J. Noblemunn  A. Kyriacou
H: P.Budean  S.Pitaru  A: C.Monahan
Wednesday, 22 August 2012
4 1 British Airways v FC Deportivo Galicia
British Airways Concorde Club
 I. Thomas  S. Stoyanov  C. Quick
H: S.Brown  D.McAuley  G.Page  L.Sinclair  A: F.Quince Fernanez  D.Murphy  M.Turay
1 2 Broadfields United v Hillingdon
Hillingdon Borough FC
Note: No.2. Assist changed 1750hrs 21/8/12 PJK
 N. Hickes  Michael Smith  R. Hazell
H: D.Foster  A: L.Sparks(2)  J.Johnson
3 0 Interwood v West Essex
Wadham Lodge
 J. Keane  C. Fernandes  N. Andrea
H: M.Hamilton(2)  K.Krans
2 6 Kilburn v Indian Gymkhana Club
Osterley Sports Club
 D. Jenic  S. Aina  H. Mirza
H: R.Nelson  L.Tison  A: K.Awan  J.Jadeja  A.Kaloti  T.Lowe  V.Sharma(2)  N.Coleman  H.Taj
3 1 Singh Sabha Slough v Hounslow Wanderers
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
 P. Savva  L. Randall  N. Saunders
H: L.Gratton  D.Markman  L.Woodruff  A: M.Beckford  F.Otshudi
Saturday, 25 August 2012
5 0 British Airways v Sporting Hackney
British Airways Concorde Club
 G. Kent  R. Hazell  N. Saunders
H: D.McAuley  G.Page  L.Sinclair(2)  J.Wiggins  J.Wiggins
2 3 Hillingdon v Hounslow Wanderers
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 L. Randall  D. Lea  S. Stoyanov
H: A.Lungley  L.Sheridan  A: M.Beckford  N.Deane  S.Zargaran  C.McLoughlin  R.Kaplish
0 2 Indian Gymkhana Club v FC Romania
Brunel University Playing Fields
 S. Williams  S. Aina  R. Gilchrist
 A: S.Pitaru  A.Sirbu
2 2 Interwood v Singh Sabha Slough
Wadham Lodge
NO RESULT REC'D VH result sec
 D. Thomas  A. Monk  Gary Smith
H: U.Adeniji  K.Kransniqi  A: D.Markman  K.McPherson
3 2 Kilburn v North Kensington
Ark Academy
 Michael Smith  D. Fenner  D. Akinyede
H: N.Coleman  C.Davidson  A.McGauley  A: M.Mkoloma(2)
2 1 Kodak (Harrow) v West Essex
Kodak Sports Ground
Note: No.2. Assist changed 1531hrs 21/8/12 PJK
 J. Yousif  J. Casey  E. Barnett
H: A.Raphael  N.Weyman  A: K.Warman  C.Brenchley
Tuesday, 28 August 2012
4 0 FC Romania v Sloane
Cheshunt FC
5:00 PM

Please note this game has been moved from Monday 27th to this date. ko 7.45pm PJK
 C. Fernandes  W. Saunders  A. Kyriacou
H: I.Craciun  S.Pitaru(2)  D.Talpau
4 2 Hounslow Wanderers v FC Deportivo Galicia
Hayes & Yeading FC
 J. Keane  M. Young  L. Morgan
H: M.Beckford  R.Kaplish  F.Otshudi(2)  A: J.Cambeiro(2)  F.Otshudi
Wednesday, 29 August 2012
6 0 British Airways v Kilburn
British Airways Concorde Club
 D. Lea  D. Hookway  H. Mirza
H: J.Bigwood  D.McAuley(2)  D.Murphy  G.Page  L.Sinclair  M.Chandler  J.Newton
2 0 Broadfields United v Singh Sabha Slough
Hillingdon Borough FC
Note: No.2. Assist changed 0901 25/8/12
 P. Savva  V. Sawenko  J. Yousif
H: D.Foster  S.Holland
1 0 Interwood v Sporting Hackney
Wadham Lodge
7:00 PM
 A. Monk  J. Keane  A. Kyriacou
H: C.Riley
0 3 Kodak (Harrow) v Hillingdon
Kodak Sports Ground
7:12 AM

Note: Referee changed 1220hrs. ko 6.30pm. No.2. Assist changed 1736hrs 28/8/12
 N. Hickes  R. Hazell  N. Andrea
 A: L.Gritt  C.Moss  L.Sparks  C.McLoughlin