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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Sunday, 07 June 2020
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
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Saturday, 01 September 2012
4 2 FC Assyria v North Kensington
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
Please note this game has been moved from 29th Aug. PJK. No.1. Assist changed 1230hrs 27/8/12 PJK
 D. Fenner  E. Barnett  N. Saunders
H: G.Isaac(3)  G.Warner  A: N.Simon(2)  G.Isaac
0 7 FC Deportivo Galicia v Interwood
Osterley Sports Club
 D. Lea  D. Hookway  W. Saunders
 A: U.Adeniji(2)  S.Bonnett Johnson(3)  H.Browne  K.Krans  O.Castro Lado  S.Bonnett Johnson
0 0 Hillingdon v West Essex
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 D. Thomas  A. Monk  J. Young
3 4 Hounslow Wanderers v Kilburn
Hayes & Yeading FC
Fixture moved from the 11th August due to Olympics- teams agreed this date (SCH)
 D. Jenic  J. Yousif  L. Tilbury
H: F.Otshudi(3)  A: G.Mapes(2)  R.Nelson  L.Tison  F.Otshudi
1 5 Kodak (Harrow) v Sporting Hackney
Kodak Sports Ground
 E. McKenzie  N. Andrea  J. Noblemunn
H: S.Killeen  A: S.Edwards  C.McNicholas(2)  A.McQuade  E.Rowlands
0 0 Singh Sabha Slough v Sloane
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
Please note change of Referee 0951hrs 26/8/12 NO RESULT WITHIN THE TIME FRAME RESULT FROM REFEREE
 M. Young  I. Thomas  H. Mirza
Saturday, 08 September 2012
2 3 British Airways v FC Romania
British Airways Concorde Club
 D. Thomas  A. Monk  M. Jacobs
H: G.Barr  L.Sinclair  A: O.Copcioae  S.Pitaru(2)  R.Curtis
0 1 FC Assyria v Sloane
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
 G. Kent  D. Jenic  F. Al-Lamy
 A: C.Robertson
0 3 Hounslow Wanderers v West Essex
Hayes & Yeading FC
 M. Young  D. Hookway  P. Rutzler
 A: J.Bromley(2)  J.Lefley
4 0 Interwood v Hillingdon
Wadham Lodge
 Gary Smith  N. Andrea  A. Tonev
H: H.Browne  F.Gomes Ramos  K.Krans  A.Mounter  F.Gomes Ramos  S.Brittain
5 1 Kilburn v Sporting Hackney
Ark Academy
 D. Fenner  M. Lee  D. Joras
H: R.Nelson(5)  A: L.O'Hara  C.Mapes
2 3 Kodak (Harrow) v FC Deportivo Galicia
Kodak Sports Ground
 N. Fyfield  P. Savva  D. Akinyede
H: S.Killeen  R.Taylor  A: J.Cambeiro(3)  J.Cambeiro
Wednesday, 12 September 2012
0 3 Broadfields United v North Kensington
Hillingdon Borough FC
ko 7.30pm PJK Please note CHANGE OF VENUE PJK
 D. Lea  G. Kent  L. Braiden
 A: G.Hart  M.Meremikwu  M.Mkoloma
Saturday, 15 September 2012
1 3 FC Deportivo Galicia v FC Assyria
Osterley Sports Club
 D. Jenic  M. Jacobs  S. Yordanov
H: J.Cambeiro  A: M.Hiskail  D.Samoo  B.Shallou  D.Gascon  A.Bakoos
4 2 Indian Gymkhana Club v Hillingdon
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 P. Savva  D. Hookway  C. Quick
H: J.Jadeja  T.Lowe(2)  H.Taj  A: C.Moss  L.Sheridan  T.Lowe  S.Brittain
1 4 North Kensington v Interwood
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
NO RESULT VH result sec
 A. Monk  D. Thomas  C. Abrahams
H: G.Hart  A: U.Adeniji(2)  T.Ajala  H.Browne  S.Lee
0 5 West Essex v British Airways
Hackney Marshes
 J. Noblemunn  A. Winterbotham  M. Lee
 A: G.Barr  T.Edwards  D.McAuley  OG  L.Sinclair  D.Murphy
Saturday, 22 September 2012
4 2 FC Romania v North Kensington
Cheshunt FC
Note: Referee changed 1456hrs 17/9/12 / Seems the London FA fine re away has been paid club didnt bother to tell us only found out via the FA Disicp Report (SCH)
 D. Thomas  D. Fenner  J. Keane
H: I.Craciun  S.Pitaru  D.Talpau  N.Tudorie  A: V.Perkins  N.Simon
6 0 Interwood v Hounslow Wanderers
Wadham Lodge
 J. Lancaster  N. Andrea  W. Lupa
H: D.Bailey  S.Bonnett Johnson  H.Browne  S.Lee  E.Oladimeji(2)  E.Oladimeji  J.Reeves
4 2 Kilburn v Hillingdon
Ark Academy
 V. Sawenko  S. Aina  D. Carter
H: G.Mapes  L.Nelson(2)  R.Nelson  A: F.Altomare  L.Gritt  L.Nelson  C.McLoughlin
3 2 Sloane v FC Deportivo Galicia
Hackney Marshes
Note: Referee changed 1456hrs
 A. Dennis  Gary Smith  A. Tonev
H: J.Burden  R.Crisp(2)  A: J.Cambeiro  M.Kelenchy  T.Gajkowski  D.Gascon
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
3 3 Broadfields United v Kodak (Harrow)
Hillingdon Borough FC
Moved from 22nd Sept as no pitch was available. PJK ASSISTANTS REQUIRED PLEASE
 G. Kent  J. Yousif  L. Tilbury
H: L.Bird  C.Hibbs  OG  A: A.Marshall  T.Michaelides  S.Noel
Saturday, 29 September 2012
5 2 British Airways v Interwood
British Airways Concorde Club
 M. Sellars  D. Levy  C. Quick
H: G.Barr(2)  T.Edwards  D.Murphy  J.Wiggins  A: H.Browne(2)  G.Barr
3 4 FC Deportivo Galicia v Broadfields United
Osterley Sports Club
 Malcolm Smith  D. Lea  R. Gilchrist
H: J.Cambeiro(2)  S.Duncan Williams  A: C.Hibbs  T.Jackson  J.Sikora  M.Underwood  S.Rojas Buitrago
4 1 Hillingdon v FC Romania
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 S. Aina
H: F.Altomare  S.Brittain  L.Sheridan(2)  A: A.Baciu  L.Gritt
4 3 Hounslow Wanderers v Sloane
Hayes & Yeading FC
 S. Williams  D. Hookway  L. Braiden
H: J.Hill(2)  S.Zargaran(2)  A: N.Biela  R.Crisp(2)  J.Hill
1 1 Kodak (Harrow) v Kilburn
Kodak Sports Ground
 J. Casey  M. Jacobs  S. Yu
H: T.Henny  A: R.Nelson  T.Michaelides
1 5 North Kensington v Indian Gymkhana Club
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
NO RESULT VH. Result received from Referee. PJK
 C. Abrahams  R. Hazell  J. Hyde
H: N.Simon  A: J.Jadeja  G.Katyal  S.Liddar(3)  S.Liddar
3 2 Sporting Hackney v Singh Sabha Slough
Hackney Marshes
 N. Andrea  J. Francourt  A. Tonev
H: S.Edwards  N.Eno  C.Monahan  A: D.Markman(2)
1 1 West Essex v FC Assyria
Hackney Marshes
 J. Noblemunn  A. Dennis  W. Lupa
H: K.Warman  A: D.Samoo