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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Saturday, 25 May 2019
Premier Division :  March Fixtures & Results for April May
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Saturday, 06 April 2013
0 1 FC Assyria v Singh Sabha Slough
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
Note: please see change to officials pjk
 M. Thompson  C. Quick  L. Braiden
 A: S.Carty
2 4 Hounslow Wanderers v FC Romania
Hayes & Yeading FC
 D. Lea  J. Yousif  L. Morgan
H: J.Hill  D.Sopel  A: S.Pitaru(3)  I.Vasile  S.Panesar
2 0 Interwood v Indian Gymkhana Club
Wadham Lodge
 J. Noblemunn  E. McKenzie  C. Fernandes
H: S.Lee  A.Mabuyaku  T.Mtandari
1 3 Kodak (Harrow) v Broadfields United
Kodak Sports Ground
 D. Fenner  J. Casey  D. Akinyede
H: S.Noel  A: L.Bird(2)  S.Holland  A.Mason
3 0 Sloane v West Essex
Hackney Marshes
 D. Thomas  A. Monk  A. Kyriacou
H: J.Sharples(2)  S.Wright
1 0 Sporting Hackney v Kilburn
Hackney Marshes
 J. Lancaster  J. Hyde  S. Yordanov
H: J.Murdock  R.Waylett
Wednesday, 10 April 2013
1 1 Hillingdon v FC Assyria
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
NOTE......FIXTURE REVERSED ( fix sec )
 J. Yousif  N. Andrea  P. McCrossan
H: S.Brittain  A: G.Warner  D.Thornborough  M.Tamou
0 3 Indian Gymkhana Club v FC Deportivo Galicia
Osterley Sports Club
NOTE....CHANGE OF VENUE ( fix sec )
 M. Jacobs
 A: J.Cambeiro(2)  N.Viano Furtado  N.Aboo
1 2 Kodak (Harrow) v North Kensington
Kodak Sports Ground
 B. Capel  S. Hertig  D. Carter
H: M.Rose  A: N.Mensah  M.Meremikwu
Saturday, 13 April 2013
3 1 FC Romania v Kodak (Harrow)
Cheshunt FC
 J. Morris  K. Hughes  C. Montague
H: F.Pelecaci  I.Petculescu(2)  A: L.Krasniqi  A.Mason
5 1 Hounslow Wanderers v Singh Sabha Slough
Hayes & Yeading FC
Please see change to officials pjk
 M. Sellars  S. Yu  L. Morgan
H: W.Harvey(4)  Y.Ojedele  A: R.Sehajpal  W.Harvey
2 0 Interwood v FC Assyria
Wadham Lodge
 A. Monk  D. Thomas  A. Winterbotham
H: S.Bonnett Johnson  S.Lee  E.Demirkol
3 0 Kilburn v Sloane
Ark Academy
Note : No.1. Assist changed 1915hrs 9/4/13 pjk
 D. Fenner  M. Young  D. Carter
H: C.Davidson(2)  L.Nelson  C.Davidson
0 3 West Essex v Indian Gymkhana Club
Hackney Marshes
Note: Referee changed 1008hrs 9/4/13 pjk
 A. Dennis  A. Tonev  S. Yordanov
 A: A.Chand  K.Kharas  V.Sharma
Wednesday, 17 April 2013
1 2 Indian Gymkhana Club v British Airways
British Airways Concorde Club
6:15 PM

NOTE.....CHANGE OF VENUE ( fix sec 12-4-13 ) 6.15pm ko pjk
 B. Capel  M. Jacobs  N. Saunders
H: S.Liddar  A: K.Chalaodza  L.Sinclair  J.Sparrowhawk
3 5 North Kensington v FC Assyria
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 N. Hickes  K. Nottage  D. Carter
H: M.Fullerton  M.Meremikwu  S.Sala  A: G.Isaac(2)  OG  M.Tamou(2)  M.Tamou
2 1 Sloane v Interwood
Hackney Marshes
 J. Noblemunn  S. Aina  A. Kyriacou
H: J.Sharples(2)  A: C.Moses  S.Lee
Saturday, 20 April 2013
1 2 FC Assyria v Kilburn
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
3:00 PM

Ko 3pm pjk. Change to Assist No1. 1244hrs 19/4/13 pjk
 K. Nottage  J. Yousif  E. Barnett
H: G.Isaac  A: C.Mapes(2)  C.Mapes
4 3 FC Deportivo Galicia v Kodak (Harrow)
Osterley Sports Club
 L. Tilbury  M. Jacobs  S. Yu
H: J.Cambeiro(4)  A: O.Clement  L.Krasniqi  M.Rose  J.Cambeiro
0 2 North Kensington v Broadfields United
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
2:30 PM

Note: No. 2.Assist changed 1900hrs 17/4/13 pjk
 G. Kent  C. Abrahams  S. Hertig
 A: S.Holland  B.Smith
1 5 Singh Sabha Slough v FC Romania
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
 S. Williams  L. Morgan  N. Saunders
H: J.Sandhu  A: F.Pelecaci  A.Sirbu(3)  I.Vasile
2 2 Sloane v British Airways
Hackney Marshes
1:00 PM

Note: 1pm ko pjk
 J. Noblemunn  A. Monk  Gary Smith
H: J.Hall  A.Worth  A: D.McAuley  J.Wiggins  A.Meakes
1 0 Sporting Hackney v Indian Gymkhana Club
Hackney Marshes
3:00 PM
 T. Nicolaides  A. Dennis  A. Winterbotham
H: J.Green
2 0 West Essex v Hillingdon
Hackney Marshes
NOTE....VENUE MAY CHANGE ( fix sec )
 C. Fernandes  J. Noblemunn  C. Montague
H: M.Hinton  T.Macleod  C.McLoughlin
Wednesday, 24 April 2013
3 1 British Airways v FC Assyria
British Airways Concorde Club
 D. Lea  D. Hookway  N. Saunders
H: K.Chalaodza  R.Curtis  P.Nolan  A: G.Isaac  R.Curtis
1 0 FC Deportivo Galicia v Hounslow Wanderers
Osterley Sports Club
 S. Aina  N. Hickes  M. Jacobs
H: S.Molina Bond  S.Molina Bond  M.Wilkinson
Saturday, 27 April 2013
5 2 British Airways v West Essex
British Airways Concorde Club
 J. Keane  M. Jacobs  R. Gilchrist
H: J.Bigwood  R.Curtis(2)  D.McAuley  D.Murphy  A: M.Hinton  B.Newton  R.Curtis
3 1 FC Assyria v Broadfields United
Northolt Rugby Club (Pitch 4)
 M. Sellars  S. Stoyanov  R. Reid
H: G.Isaac(2)  OG  A: C.Hibbs  M.Tamou
1 3 FC Romania v Interwood
Cheshunt FC
Please note officials updated pjk
 M. Starri  C. Fernandes  J. Lancaster
H: F.Pelecaci  A: S.Lee  N.Mukuna  E.Oladimeji
4 2 Hillingdon v Kodak (Harrow)
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 B. Capel  H. Mirza  L. Morgan
H: F.Altomare(2)  L.Sheridan(2)  A: L.Krasniqi  M.Rose  D.Turner
1 2 North Kensington v FC Deportivo Galicia
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 J. Yousif  M. Swinburn  N. Saunders
H: S.Sala  A: S.Charles Smith  S.Duncan Williams  N.Aboo
0 5 Sloane v Indian Gymkhana Club
Hackney Marshes
Note: Referee changed 2018hrs 22/4/13 pjk Sorry for the switch but all officials at Hackney Marshes JN
 S. Aina  T. Nicolaides  A. Tonev
 A: K.Chhokar  Z.Sabti(2)  V.Sharma(2)
1 1 Sporting Hackney v Hounslow Wanderers
Hackney Marshes
Note: Referee changed 2018hrs 22/4/13 pjk sorry for the switch but officials all at Hackney Marshes JN
 J. Noblemunn  D. Fenner  J. Morris
H: C.Monahan  A: J.Hill  H.Sorwar
Monday, 29 April 2013
2 2 FC Romania v British Airways
Cheshunt FC
7:45 PM
 J. Lancaster  K. Hughes  C. Fernandes
H: P.Budean  I.Petculescu  A: K.Chalaodza  D.McAuley  R.Curtis