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Thurlow Nunn League
Member of the National League System
2009-2010 Season
Wednesday, 14 November 2018
First Division :  January Fixtures & Results for February March
34 in list
Tuesday, 02 February 2010
4 2 Diss Town v Thetford Town
Attendance 104
 S. Gillman  D. McLaughlin  N. Morrison
H: J.Abbott  L.Catchpole(2)  B.Foley  A: M.Dixon(2)  S.O'Donnell
1 3 Fakenham Town v March Town United
Attendance 37
 D.J. Foreman  M. Drewry  C. Pollard
H: J.Delicata  A: A.Brand(2)  A.Bryan
Saturday, 06 February 2010
0 2 Cornard United v Gorleston
Attendance 35
 K.L. Theobald  D.J. Bigg  I. Gammage
 A: M.Forbes  R.Hunn  M.Cripps
0 6 Downham Town v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 36
 M. Holmes  P. R. Allen  A. Clenshaw
 A: D.Grimwood(2)  L.Grimwood(3)  K.Lawler
2 0 Great Yarmouth Town v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 65
 S. Essex  D. Fairhurst  I. Powell
H: S.Best  F.Vide
1 2 Long Melford v Diss Town
Attendance 72
 C. Pearse  J. Buda  C. Skinner
H: L.Cawtheray  A: S.Bryant  S.Garner
1 4 Swaffham Town v FC Clacton
Attendance 57
 M.D. Burroughs  V.J. Petri  G.R. Grimwood
H: A.Hunter  A: K.Coyle(2)  C.Ribchester  M.Waters  A.Hunter
4 3 Team Bury v March Town United
Attendance 51
 J.C.C. Mitchell  R. Firman  K. Grimwood
H: R.Cornish  A.Nugent(2)  A.Steed  A: S.Bogusz  D.Escorco  L.Pepper  R.Cornish
0 0 Thetford Town v Stowmarket Town
Attendance 48
 C. Fountain  G. Laflin  D. McLaughlin
Tuesday, 09 February 2010
0 0 Halstead Town v Thetford Town
Attendance 61
 E. Goodman  R.C. Salmon  K. Honey
3 0 Stowmarket Town v Diss Town
Attendance 60
 D.J. Foreman  T. Carter  S. Gilby
H: C.Bruce  J.Graham  B.Luxford
1 0 Swaffham Town v Fakenham Town
Attendance 63
 M. Holmes  P. R. Allen  A. Clenshaw
H: B.Russell  M.Hails
0 4 Team Bury v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 61
 J. Downs  D.J. Bigg  I. Gammage
 A: D.Grimwood  K.Lawler  O.Mann  S.Mann  J.Boreham
Saturday, 13 February 2010
4 1 Brantham Athletic v Thetford Town
Attendance 92
 R. W. Chapman  D. Keeble  J. White
H: D.Grimwood  L.Grimwood(2)  O.Mann  A: M.Dixon  K.Nita
1 0 Diss Town v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 118
 P. Quick  S. Burman  P.G. South
H: G.Watts-Sturrock  C.Skipp
2 4 Fakenham Town v Team Bury
Attendance 44
 M. Coxall  S. Flack  S. Linge
H: J.Delicata  J.Penty  A: A.Nugent  H.Rhys  A.Wood(2)  J.Boreham
4 1 Gorleston v Long Melford
Attendance 88
 A. J. Dale  D. Apostoaie  T. Coull
H: J.Bell  M.Forbes  E.Thompson  G.Williams  A: A.Skeggs
4 1 Halstead Town v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 107
 J. Pope  P. Coe  A.L. French
H: C.Bryan  A.Joslin  L.Townrow  R.Turner  A: M.Magee
4 0 Ipswich Wanderers v Downham Town
Attendance 51
 S. Gillman  D. McLaughlin  S. Tovey
H: L.Broomfield  J.Buckle  E.Butcher  M.Fike
4 2 March Town United v Cornard United
Attendance 45
 J. Downs  A. Warburton  C. Skinner
H: A.Bryan  D.Escorco  L.Pepper  L.White  A: S.Holman  D.Stokes  D.Escorco  S.Lewis
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
2 1 Thetford Town v Downham Town
Attendance 50
 C. Pearse  J. Buda  D. McLaughlin
H: M.Dixon  T.Old  A: A.Glendinning  M.Bowden
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
4 1 Saffron Walden Town v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 101
 J. Pope  P. Coe  K. Succamore
H: S.Bell  M.Das  B.Green(2)  A: M.Fike
Saturday, 20 February 2010
2 2 Cornard United v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 78
 J. Downs  G. Potter  W.L. Townsend
H: J.Ivory  D.Stokes  A: S.Roach  C.Roberts  J.Ivory
3 3 Downham Town v Team Bury
Attendance 50
 M. Holmes  P.A. Bannister  P. Crossland
H: B.Coe  D.Foulsham(2)  A: R.Clark(2)  T.Hardwick  T.Hardwick
3 3 Godmanchester Rovers v Diss Town
Attendance 69
 M.D. Burroughs  G. Byrne  G.R. Grimwood
H: P.Bass(2)  G.Robbins  A: L.Catchpole  A.Moody  J.Rocastle
4 0 Halstead Town v Swaffham Town
Attendance 71
 S. Gillman  D. McLaughlin  I. Gammage
H: H.Lee(2)  L.O'Sullivan  T.Webb  L.Brooks
1 3 Long Melford v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 61
 A. J. Dale  T. Joyce  G. Laflin
H: A.King  A: P.Brothers  D.Grimwood  O.Mann
0 1 Saffron Walden Town v Whitton United
Attendance 131
 D.D. Haynes  R. Firman  G. Yellop
 A: J.Brown  D.Cooper
Saturday, 27 February 2010
2 1 Diss Town v Whitton United
Attendance 100
 N. Dlamini  R.C. Salmon  S. Tovey
H: J.Abbott  L.Catchpole  A: D.Cooper  D.Cooper
0 1 Long Melford v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 56
 A. Langsdon  D.J. Bigg  C. Skinner
 A: E.Butcher
2 2 Saffron Walden Town v Fakenham Town
Attendance 123
 E. Goodman  I. Gammage  T. Ward
H: T.Butchart  F.Hammali  A: W.Anderson  D.Rose
1 2 Stowmarket Town v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 48
 A.P. Snell  J. Buda  I.K. Copping
H: J.Graham  A: O.Mann(2)
0 5 Swaffham Town v Gorleston
Attendance 42
 N. Jordison  M.J. Foster  A. Warburton
 A: A.Bowers  M.Forbes(3)  P.Lambert  S.Thompson
3 0 Thetford Town v Cornard United
Attendance 50
 C. Fountain  M. Rose  P.G. South
H: M.Dixon(2)  S.Mann  K.Nita