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Thurlow Nunn League
Member of the National League System
2009-2010 Season
Saturday, 20 April 2019
First Division :  Fixtures & Results for August September
38 in list
Friday, 07 August 2009
5 0 Cornard United v Thetford Town
Attendance 92
 A. Langsdon  C. Skinner  T.R. Trevers
H: J.Clark  J.Hutchings(2)  S.Hyde(2)  S.Hyde  S.Davies
Saturday, 08 August 2009
2 2 Godmanchester Rovers v FC Clacton
Attendance 66
 M. Coxall  A. Case  P. Case
H: P.Bass  L.Boon  A: S.Hillier  M.Waters
1 1 Halstead Town v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 122
 S. Essex  R.C. Salmon  S. Tovey
H: C.Bryan  A: D.Grimwood  E.Wootten
1 3 Ipswich Wanderers v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 56
 A.P. Snell  T. Joyce  D. Singh
H: J.Buckle  A: A.Ager  J.Reed(2)
0 1 March Town United v Diss Town
Attendance 90
 J. Downs  D.J. Bigg  I. Gammage
 A: J.Burton  S.Garner
0 2 Stowmarket Town v Downham Town
Attendance 71
 C. Fountain  G.R. Grimwood  K. Grimwood
 A: B.Coe  M.Garrod
3 0 Whitton United v Swaffham Town
Attendance 60
 A. J. Pope  C. Skinner  A.L. French
H: J.Harewood  G.Hill  S.ONeill  S.Bell
Tuesday, 11 August 2009
2 3 Brantham Athletic v FC Clacton
Attendance 70
 C. Pearse  D. McLaughlin  T.R. Trevers
H: S.Gunn(2)  A: S.Hillier  M.Waters(2)  C.Ribchester
2 2 Diss Town v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 138
 E. Goodman  D. Keeble  T. Joyce
H: J.Burton  X.Huckle  A: J.Reed  S.Roach
4 2 Ipswich Wanderers v Stowmarket Town
Attendance 72
 J. Downs  I. Gammage  C. Skinner
H: J.Buckle(2)  M.Fike  L.Parnell  A: L.Broomfield  T.Deller
2 0 March Town United v Godmanchester Rovers
Attendance 65
 N. Jordison  P. R. Allen  M.J. Foster
H: A.Brand  S.White  C.Anker
0 1 Team Bury v Whitton United
Attendance 71
 S. Essex  D. Singh  W.L. Townsend
 A: J.Layne  E.Hunter  H.Froud
Wednesday, 12 August 2009
3 0 Saffron Walden Town v Halstead Town
Attendance 131
 A. J. Dale  S. Burman  G. Yellop
H: S.Bell(3)
Saturday, 15 August 2009
2 2 Long Melford v Downham Town
Attendance 71
 A. M. Titman  D. McLaughlin  W.L. Townsend
H: A.Flack(2)  A: D.Foulsham  T.Kavanagh
3 2 Swaffham Town v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 42
 N. Jordison  P. R. Allen  M.J. Foster
H: P.Shafer(3)  A: M.Fike  L.Parnell  P.Shafer
5 3 Team Bury v Thetford Town
Attendance 88
 D.D. Haynes  M. Rose  J. White
H: J.Boreham  J.Millar  C.Nurse  A.Wood(2)  A: L.Devlin  S.Mann(2)  A.Wood
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
3 0 Cornard United v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 38
 S. Gillman  D. McLaughlin  R.C. Salmon
H: S.Barlett  A.Mills  L.Whittaker  J.Holman
1 3 Swaffham Town v Diss Town
Attendance 107
 R. Palmer  P.A. Bannister  V. Byatt
H: B.Russell  A: S.Bryant  G.Watts-Sturrock(2)  B.Russell  G.Watts-Sturrock
1 2 Thetford Town v March Town United
Attendance 44
 M.D. Burroughs  P. Case  C. Pollard
H: S.Mann  A: A.Brand  R.Parker
0 5 Whitton United v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 101
 C. Pearse  T. Joyce  T.R. Trevers
 A: P.Brothers  D.Grimwood(2)  S.Gunn(2)  M.Kersey  S.Gunn
Saturday, 22 August 2009
1 1 Diss Town v Brantham Athletic
Attendance 120
 C. Pollard  G. Laflin  P.G. South
H: S.Bryant  A: O.Mann  S.Dale
1 6 Fakenham Town v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 50
 M. Holmes  P.A. Bannister  V. Byatt
H: K.Pask  A: S.Bell  M.Das  B.Green  F.Hammali  T.Richardson(2)
1 0 FC Clacton v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 126
 D.D. Haynes  W.L. Townsend  N.A. Woodward
H: M.White
1 0 Godmanchester Rovers v Swaffham Town
Attendance 55
 D.J. Foreman  M. Goudy  A. Warburton
H: L.Boon  L.Hemeter
4 1 Halstead Town v Gorleston
Attendance 92
 A. Langsdon  D. Singh  T.R. Trevers
H: D.Rowell  R.Turner  T.Webb(2)  A: S.Taylor
1 2 Ipswich Wanderers v Thetford Town
Attendance 48
 N. Dlamini  D. Keeble  G. Yellop
H: R.Swann  A: S.Davies  S.Mann  A.Thompson
0 1 Long Melford v Team Bury
Attendance 91
 C. Allan  S. Baird  S. Tovey
 A: A.Wood  J.Winfield
2 1 March Town United v Stowmarket Town
Attendance 60
 A. M. Titman  I. George  M Lawrence
H: A.Brand  L.Pepper  A: L.Cooper  L.Cooper
1 3 Whitton United v Cornard United
Attendance 45
 R. F. J. Barker  P. Coe  K. Succamore
H: J.Heaton  A: J.Clark  P.Kelly  D.Swain  A.Clarke  D.Swain
Tuesday, 25 August 2009
1 3 Fakenham Town v Downham Town
Attendance 64
 D.J. Foreman  G. Byrne  T. Carter
H: J.Cole  A: L.Forshaw  S.Garner  T.Kavanagh
Wednesday, 26 August 2009
1 3 Godmanchester Rovers v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 74
 M.D. Burroughs  M. Drewry  M. Goudy
H: P.Bass  A: S.Bell  M.Das  B.Green
Saturday, 29 August 2009
9 1 Brantham Athletic v Downham Town
Attendance 33
 J. P. Gibbons  J. White  T.R. Trevers
H: P.Brothers(3)  K.Lawler  O.Mann(4)  S.Mann  A: T.Kavanagh
2 3 Cornard United v Diss Town
Attendance 52
 D.J. Czyzewicz  D. Farmery  I. Gammage
H: S.Hyde  S.Nunn  A: J.Hunt  G.Watts-Sturrock(2)  D.Moyes
0 1 Fakenham Town v Whitton United
Attendance 28
 R. Palmer  P. Crossland  S. Flack
 A: D.Cooper  A.Smith
2 1 Stowmarket Town v Thetford Town
Attendance 55
 J.C.C. Mitchell  P. Coleman  P.G. South
H: L.Cooper  J.Graham  A: H.Scott  R.Charters  A.Thompson
2 0 Swaffham Town v Long Melford
Attendance 35
 M.B. Potkins  V.J. Petri  M. Rose
H: K.Plumb  S.Seales  A.Hunter
0 1 Team Bury v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 72
 J. Pope  M. Drewry  A.L. French
 A: R.Swann
Monday, 31 August 2009
2 2 Brantham Athletic v Long Melford
Attendance 80

ko 7.30pm.
 P. Quick  D.J. Bigg  M. Bigg
H: D.Grimwood  S.Mann  A: D.Costello  A.Flack