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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2018-2019 Season
Friday, 28 January 2022
Premier Division :  March Fixtures & Results for April May
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Saturday, 06 April 2019
3 1 Brentham v South Kilburn
Brentham Club
A.Drew unavailable 02/04/19 (AC) T.Silverston added 02/04/19 (AC)
 N. Hickes  K. Rea  T. Silverston
H: E.Clements(2)  OG  A: S.Wilson  E.Clements
4 0 Lampton Park v Sporting Hackney
Middlesex FA
Note: AR1 changed 1540hrs 2/4/19 (JN )...NOTE....RESULT FROM CHRIS HARTLEY ( fix sec 7-4-19 )
 M. Sellars  C. Hartley  D. Tsenti
H: D.Hillman  A.Maye  S.Truelove  J.Winter  A.Donnelly
0 1 Larkspur Rovers v C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
 D. Lea  J. Yousif  L. Tilbury
 A: M.Bogaciuc  M.O'Dwyer
3 1 St Panteleimon v Cricklewood Wanderers
North Greenford United FC
NOTE.....BROUGHT FORWARD FROM THE 1st MAY ( fix sec 4-3-19 )
 J. Cannon  R. Alderton  N. Saunders
H: B.Dunkwu  M.Frangeskou(2)  A: R.Gayle  M.Frangeskou
Tuesday, 09 April 2019
0 1 Cricklewood Wanderers v Larkspur Rovers
Wembley FC
Note: AR1 changed 1615hrs 09/04/19 (JN). Result from referees secretary (JN)
 A. Hughes  L. Partington  E. Barnett
 A: R.Charles
Wednesday, 10 April 2019
2 3 Indian Gymkhana Club v PFC Victoria London
CB Hounslow Sports Club
7:45 PM

Note: Match being played at CB Hounslow FC ground (JN). AR2 appointed 1625hrs 08/04/19 (JN)
 J. Noblemunn  D. Lea  D. Baily
H: E.Simon(2)  A: P.Kubisz  J.Matwiejszyn(2)  J.Matwiejszyn
Thursday, 11 April 2019
4 1 Pitshanger Dynamo v Kensington Dragons
Hanwell Town FC
7:45 PM
 D. Lea  J. Noblemunn  E. Barnett
H: N.Edwards  D.Jones(2)  L.Thomas  A: C.Burgess  D.Jones  A.Assinor
Saturday, 13 April 2019
2 4 Cricklewood Wanderers v Brentham
Wembley FC
 J. Cannon  N. Andrea  G. Pope
H: A.Cohen  K.Strzala  A: E.Clements(2)  D.Malcolm Adams(2)  C.Smart
1 8 Hillingdon v Indian Gymkhana Club
Brunel University Sports Complex
S.Toki unavailable 08/04/19 (AC). AR added and Referee changed 08/04/19 (JN)
 A. Matour  A. Tooley  D. Tsenti
H: J.Mohammed  A: J.Jadeja  A.Kaloti  P.Kang(2)  E.Simon(4)  J.Sellick  G.Bansal
- A Larkspur Rovers v St Panteleimon [ Away Win was awarded ]
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
Home team failure to field ejm
4 0 PFC Victoria London v Kensington Dragons
Rectory Meadows ( Hanworth Villa FC )
PFC Victoria London -3 points

Kensington Dragons +3 points

Home team charged by MFA for playing a suspended player - points deducted as SCOR 3/5/19 SCH

Match Report
 A. Cox  K. Rea  C. Tan
H: M.Jaremkiewicz  P.Kwiatek  P.Majewski  D.Patek  M.Jaremkiewicz  A.Assinor
6 1 Pitshanger Dynamo v South Kilburn
Hanwell Town FC
J.Yousef replaces M.Sennett 12/04/19
 D. Jenic  J. Yousif  A. Smith
H: D.Jones  J.Llewellyn  A.Mahfouz(2)  L.Thomas(2)  A: J.Williams Kenlyn  A.Mahfouz
Wednesday, 17 April 2019
2 2 St Panteleimon v PFC Victoria London
Silver Jubilee Park Stadium
7:45 PM

Note: Referee changed 1640hrs 15/04/19 Nigel Hickes unavailable (JN)
 A. Cox  J. Ohene  D. Lea
H: A.Albadri  N.Tajbakhsh  A: D.Patek  D.Smoczynski  A.Albadri  M.Jaremkiewicz
Saturday, 20 April 2019
3 6 Cricklewood Wanderers v St Panteleimon
Wembley FC
Note: AR2 changed 1325hrs 16/04/19 (JN)
 D. Ossei-Owusu  S. Toki  J. Ohene
H: R.Gayle  D.Momba-Simos  K.Wilson  A: A.Albadri  B.Dunkwu  C.Massay  N.Tajbakhsh(3)  N.Tajbakhsh
4 0 Indian Gymkhana Club v Larkspur Rovers
CB Hounslow Sports Club
 P. Savva  C. Mcinerney  N. Saunders
H: J.Jadeja  E.Simon(2)  T.Singh  T.Singh
2 2 Kensington Dragons v C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
CB Hounslow Sports Club (Pitch #1)
12:30 PM

Kick off 12:30pm @ CB D.Jenic unavailable 13/04/19 A.Cox unavailable 15/04/19
 A. Matour  A. Drew  K. Rea
H: J.Lee  J.Shirley  A: O.Cole  N.Hardy  J.Lee
1 2 Lampton Park v Hillingdon
Middlesex FA
 M. Sellars  D. Lea  L. Tilbury
H: A.Maye  A: T.Hayles  J.Mohammed  M.Smith
Tuesday, 23 April 2019
3 1 St Panteleimon v C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
Silver Jubilee Park Stadium
7:45 PM
 J. Noblemunn  J. Yousif  D. Lea
H: A.Albadri(3)  A: L.Begam  A.Albadri
Wednesday, 24 April 2019
2 3 Cricklewood Wanderers v South Kilburn
Wembley FC
 D. Lea  E. Barnett  J. Hall
H: R.Gayle  K.Strzala  A: M.Fearon  S.Wilson  A.Woods
1 5 Hillingdon v Lampton Park
Brunel University Sports Complex
 P. Savva  K. Rea  A. Drew
H: G.Berry  A: D.Hillman  B.Morris(2)  J.Winter(2)  A.Casey  S.Truelove
Saturday, 27 April 2019
1 1 C.B. Hounslow United Reserves v Brentham
CB Hounslow Sports Club
 D. Lea  N. Hickes  J. Ohene
H: J.Lloyd  A: E.Clements  J.Chandiram
1 3 Cricklewood Wanderers v PFC Victoria London
Vale Farm 3g pitch
3:00 PM

Note: Referee changed and AR added 1200hrs 27/04/19 A.Drew injured (AC)
 K. Rea  N. Saunders  C. Azzouz
H: R.Gayle  A: M.Gogol  H.Vakili  D.Wacewicz  H.Vakili
3 1 Hillingdon v Sporting Hackney
Brunel University Sports Complex
 D. Jenic  D. Tsenti  L. Tilbury
H: G.Berry  T.Hayles(2)  A: J.Coker  T.Hayles
5 0 Indian Gymkhana Club v St Panteleimon
Brentham Club
Note: Referee changed 2335hrs 24/04/19 (JN)
 C. Wordsworth  A. Mckay  R. Hazell
H: M.Benjamin  D.Gelyanah  T.Singh(3)  E.Simon  J.Molloy
3 2 Larkspur Rovers v South Kilburn
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
Note: AR2 changed 1230hrs 25/04/19 Dean Baily unavailable (JN)
 P. Savva  J. Yousif  L. Morgan
H: R.Durrant  B.Esprit  S.Fahy  A: A.Woods