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Surrey Elite Intermediate Football League
2011-2012 Season
Thursday, 25 February 2021
Intermediate Division :  January Fixtures & Results for February March
14 in list
Saturday, 04 February 2012
1 0 Battersea Ironsides v Weston Green Sports
Battersea Ironsides FC Sports & Social Club
 T. Dowdeswell
H: P.Bussetti
Saturday, 18 February 2012
4 1 Abbey Rangers v Weston Green Sports
Addlestone Moor
 C. Harper
H: R.Gray  D.Risk(2)  S.Sherwood  A: G.Chalke
3 5 AFC Cubo v Epsom Athletic
Barn Elms Sports Centre
Late Result
 R. Ireson
H: S.Daunter  T.Hooper  A.Noble  A: A.Cathcart(2)  J.Eastwood  L.Gear  J.Wilson  C.Gray  B.Corder
7 2 Crescent Rovers v Farnborough North End
Wallington Sports and Social Club
 M. Coen
H: J.Francis  D.Gallagher  L.Gillam  J.Loud(2)  D.Rondeau  V.Smith  A: K.Hatton  J.Melbourne  A.Caulder
0 2 Horsley v Coulsdon Town
Tom's Field Horsley
 G. Tomsett
 A: T.Moffatt  J.Regelous  C.Gooding
5 2 Old Farnboronians v Virginia Water
Cody Sports and Social Club
 T. Dowdeswell
H: H.Baker  B.Bouichobza(2)  J.Coleman(2)  A: T.Mooney  M.Taylor  J.Coleman  M.Taylor
2 1 Reigate Priory v Battersea Ironsides
Park Lane Sports Ground
 D. Johnston
H: D.Benson  C.Byrne  A: P.Bussetti
2 5 Tooting Bec v Ripley Village
Raynes Park Sports Ground
 B. Jones
H: M.Allison  G.Hutchfull  A: M.Hunt(3)  N.Munro  S.Pothecary  G.Hutchfull  M.Hunt
Saturday, 25 February 2012
2 1 AFC Cubo v Battersea Ironsides
Barn Elms Sports Centre
3:00 PM
 B. Jones
H: C.Gray  E.Jackson  A: E.Ako  E.Jackson
1 3 Coulsdon Town v Crescent Rovers
Netherne Community Amateur Sports Club
Late Result
 R. Brown
H: M.Ellett  A: N.Heavens  T.Mulcahy(2)
1 2 Farnborough North End v Reigate Priory
Rushmoor Community FC
 M. Feast
H: D.Collier  A: J.Leask  S.Payne  M.Ashall
0 0 Horsley v Virginia Water
Tom's Field Horsley
change of referee
 M. Read
 R.Sherwood  M.Lansdowne
1 1 Oxted & District v Old Farnboronians
Master Park
 G. Bird
H: J.Williams  A: J.Coleman  L.Caruana  G.Chapman
2 2 Tooting Bec v Abbey Rangers
Raynes Park Sports Ground
 M. Malin
H: A.Allingham  G.Hutchfull  A: R.Gray(2)  J.Haynes