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Peter Smith Recruitment Northampton Town Football League
Member of the National League System
2006-2007 Season
Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Match Day :  Saturday, 03 Mar 2007 Saturday, 10 March 2007 Saturday, 17 Mar 2007
Players Suspended
There are 11 matches
Premier Division
1 3 Ashley Rovers v Airflow
Attendance 19
 G.T.Whitmore  I. Butcher (Ashley)  John west
H: A.Berry  A: L.Manning  L.Wilson(2)  A.Berry  L.Wilson
5 0 Duston United v Birchfield Rovers
Attendance 31
 B.J.Doherty  S.Slinn  J.Carley
H: D.Carter(2)  C.Davies  A.Lovesy  A.Seaton  B.Healey  D.Wilkins
2 1 Northampton Harlequins v University of Northampton
Attendance 28
 Page  C.Fleming  C. Turner (University)
H: J.Allcock(2)  A: S.Otway  J.Allcock  S.Otway
3 4 TACT F.C. v Thorpland United
Attendance 20
 A. Haynes  D.Newell  J. Medeiros (Th'plands)
H: K.Marson  S.Marson  S.Weston  A: S.Carol  K.Fox  S.Weedon(2)  S.Weston  S.Carol
Division One
3 2 Airflow Reserves v Northants Police
Attendance 9
 R. Moss  R.White
H: J.Ellis(2)  F.Said  A: C.Cooper  J.Larkin
0 3 Double Four v Asda George
Attendance 25
 W.Chalmers  T.Gurnham (D.Four)  L.Chambers
 A: M.Augustus(2)  J.Ayre
3 9 Kingsthorpe Wanderers v Blufish F.C.
Attendance 12
 Richard Wilson  F.Bates
H: P.Currington  G.Mariusz  G.Robins  A: G.Ciuta(3)  A.Done(3)  C.Nielson(3)
4 0 Northampton Diamonds v Ashley Rovers Reserves
Attendance 8
 P.Hutchinson  A.Johnson  R.Clarke
H: C.Gittens  G.Glover(2)  D.Mould
3 2 Obelisk United v FC Crispin
Attendance 10
 A. Fowkes  J. Parnell  L. Emmerson
H: M.Davies  C.Healey(2)  A: N.Renda(2)
2 4 Thorpland United Reserves v Delapre Old Boys
Attendance 11
 j.Desmond  C. Smith (Thorpland)  T.Johnson
H: R.Peacock  L.Winter  A: G.Butcher  L.Dickens  S.Ramsey  W.Ventour
5 7 University of Northampton Reserves v Northampton Exiles
Attendance 9
 A.Row  R. Horton (University)  J.watts
H: R.Horton(2)  J.Paul(2)  M.Stone  A: S.Howells(2)  M.Slancik(5)
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Denton