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Peter Smith Recruitment Northampton Town Football League
Member of the National League System
2006-2007 Season
Sunday, 25 February 2024
Premier Division :  February Fixtures & Results for March April
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Saturday, 03 March 2007
3 2 Thorpland United v Ashley Rovers
Attendance 20

Match Report
 S.Muddiman  a. Ranft (Thorplands)  G. Kelly(Ashley Rovers)
H: L.Fox  J.Weedon  S.Weedon  A: M.Long  M.Thornbar  S.Brown  M.Long
Saturday, 10 March 2007
1 3 Ashley Rovers v Airflow
Attendance 19
 G.T.Whitmore  I. Butcher (Ashley)  John west
H: A.Berry  A: L.Manning  L.Wilson(2)  A.Berry  L.Wilson
5 0 Duston United v Birchfield Rovers
Attendance 31
 B.J.Doherty  S.Slinn  J.Carley
H: D.Carter(2)  C.Davies  A.Lovesy  A.Seaton  B.Healey  D.Wilkins
2 1 Northampton Harlequins v University of Northampton
Attendance 28
 Page  C.Fleming  C. Turner (University)
H: J.Allcock(2)  A: S.Otway  J.Allcock  S.Otway
3 4 TACT F.C. v Thorpland United
Attendance 20
 A. Haynes  D.Newell  J. Medeiros (Th'plands)
H: K.Marson  S.Marson  S.Weston  A: S.Carol  K.Fox  S.Weedon(2)  S.Weston  S.Carol
Saturday, 17 March 2007
3 0 Airflow v TACT F.C.
Attendance 15
 R.Whitehouse  S. Collins (Airflw)  J. Denny (TACT)
H: M.Johnson  M.Robinson  L.Wilson  L.Wilson
1 6 Ashley Rovers v University of Northampton
Attendance 17
 T.Martin  M. Weatherrley (Ashley)  J. Williams (University
H: J.Newton  A: S.Casey  T.Dodd  M.Etches  S.Otway(3)  S.Otway
2 2 Northampton Harlequins v Duston United
Attendance 21
 M.York  C. Ross (Harlequins)  S.Slinn
H: A.Condon  L.McFarlane  A: C.Davies  OG  L.McFarlane  C.Davies
- A Thorpland United v Birchfield Rovers [ Away Win was awarded ]
Thorplands were unable to field a team.
Saturday, 24 March 2007
4 0 Birchfield Rovers v Airflow
Attendance 22
 C.A.Whitmore  M.Slinn  J. Broadbent (Airflow)
H: P.Atley(2)  M.Constantinedes  J.Fifield  P.Atley  J.West
4 0 Duston United v TACT F.C.
Attendance 21
 S.R.Moss  S.Slinn
H: S.Chilton  A.Lovesy  B.Lovesy(2)  B.Lovesy  J.Agness
11 0 Northampton Harlequins v Ashley Rovers
Attendance 19
 J.Tate  L.Condon  R.Long
H: J.Allcock  D.Clarke(2)  L.Da Costa  A.Fleming(2)  L.McFarlane(2)  G.Moore(3)
0 0 University of Northampton v Thorpland United
Attendance 21
 M.Allen  M.Baddock  M. Cahill (Thorplands)
Saturday, 31 March 2007
1 1 TACT F.C. v Ashley Rovers
Attendance 15
 Richard Wilson  J. Denny (TACT)  J.Schofield (Ashley Res.)
H: J.Driver  A: A.Catto  J.Driver  A.Catto