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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2016-2017 Season
Monday, 16 July 2018
Junior Division 1 :  October Fixtures & Results for November December
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Saturday, 05 November 2016
1 3 Epsom Athletic Reserves v Motspur Park
Kingswood Rec
 T. Mc Intosh
H: D.Jones  A: J.Jones  J.Roberts  J.Shanahan  D.Rolfe  J.Jurado
2 0 Old Rutlishians Reserves v N P L Reserves
Old Rutlishians Association
 C. Maughan
H: O.Hicks  B.Kennett  S.Asomaning
0 5 Westside Reserves v Kew Park Rangers
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 E. White
 A: J.Griffen(3)  B.Sweeney  U.Umotong
Saturday, 12 November 2016
3 1 Chessington K C Reserves v N P L Reserves
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 B. Smith
H: S.Harding  OG  N.White  A: J.Coe  S.Harding  O.Kedem
0 2 Old Rutlishians Reserves v Motspur Park
Old Rutlishians Association
 S. Pike
 A: OG  J.Shanahan  S.Asomaning  D.Dunton
2 3 Shaftesbury Town v Cheam Village Warriors
Roehampton Playing Fields
 D. Collyer
H: J.Alexander(2)  A: A.Gibbs  S.Penfold  J.Prichard  D.Fullerton
0 1 Westside Reserves v Epsom Athletic Reserves
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
Westside Reserves +3 points

Epsom Athletic Reserves -3 points

Epsom Athletic deducted 3 points for playing an ineligible player. Three points awarded to Westside Reserves.
 T. Shaw
 A: Z.Sheppard
Saturday, 19 November 2016
3 1 Battersea Ironsides 'A' v Wanderers
Wandsworth Common
 P. Brooks
H: A.Bishop  D.Hoey  p.Mellar  A: J.Reynolds  L.Woodmansey  J.Badu
1 1 Chessington K C Reserves v Westside Reserves
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 P. Legg
H: M.Johnson  A: A.Kayongo  D.Martin
4 0 Raynes Park Vale 'A' v N P L Reserves
Prince Georges Playing Fields
 A. Absolon
H: M.Bristow  J.Salmon(2)  K.Stoodley  C.Caldwell-Smith  M.Bailey
0 2 Shaftesbury Town v Old Rutlishians Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields
 M. Malin
 A: B.Kennett  P.Lines
Saturday, 26 November 2016
0 3 Battersea Ironsides 'A' v Epsom Athletic Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 E. White
 A: D.Jones(2)  J.Russell  A.Cochrane  J.Blaize
1 2 Kew Park Rangers v Raynes Park Vale 'A'
Marble Hill Park
 W. Shin
H: B.Sweeney  A: C.Caldwell-Smith  W.Tomlinson  R.Dimitrov
3 4 N P L Reserves v Cheam Village Warriors
N P L Sports Club (Pitch 3)
 J. Conlon
H: M.Davis  O.Remedios  T.Richards  A: L.Carr  T.Crossley  N.Newbury(2)  S.Garcia  J.Ralton
4 1 Shaftesbury Town v Chessington K C Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields
 T. Shaw
H: J.Alexander  T.Malley(3)  A: S.Harding  D.Beaumont  L.Ireland
0 0 Wanderers v Motspur Park
Croydon Athletic
 P. Bumstead
 J.Bryne  S.Waters
2 2 Westside Reserves v Old Rutlishians Reserves
Raynes Park Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 M. Pepin
H: M.Garcia  D.Scott-Francis  A: S.Berry  K.Moore  S.Minihane