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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2016-2017 Season
Monday, 16 July 2018
Junior Division 1 :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
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Saturday, 01 October 2016
5 4 Epsom Athletic Reserves v Shaftesbury Town
Kingswood Rec
 T. Smith
H: M.Abdi(3)  B.Letts(2)  A: J.Alexander  T.Malley(3)  B.Letts  T.Malley
2 1 N P L Reserves v Old Rutlishians Reserves
N P L Sports Club
change of fixture
 M. Riches
H: B.Israel  O.Remedios  A: O.Hicks  C.Davis
1 2 Raynes Park Vale 'A' v Wanderers
Prince Georges Playing Fields
change of fixture
 E. White
H: J.Salmon  A: D.Lukombo  J.Vizaino-Luque  J.Salmon  J.Vizaino-Luque
Saturday, 08 October 2016
1 4 Cheam Village Warriors v Battersea Ironsides 'A'
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 P. Bumstead
H: A.Gibbs  A: A.Bishop  N.Jones  m.Millar  A.Watt  C.Williams
2 2 Chessington K C Reserves v Old Rutlishians Reserves
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 P. Legg
H: L.Ireland(2)  A: S.Berry  A.Robinson  L.Ireland  S.Asomaning
3 1 Kew Park Rangers v Motspur Park
Marble Hill Park
 B. Smith
H: O.Golding  B.Sweeney  U.Umotong  A: W.OSei  M.Fewtrell
Saturday, 15 October 2016
4 4 Battersea Ironsides 'A' v N P L Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 W. Shin
H: M.Dill  E.Uff(2)  A.Watt  A: B.Israel  H.July(2)  D.Strong  E.Uff  G.Gomez
3 2 Motspur Park v Westside Reserves
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 S. Pike
H: O.Bilski  J.Roberts  S.Waters  A: C.McDonald  D.Scott-Francis  W.OSei  G.Dauley
4 5 Raynes Park Vale 'A' v Kew Park Rangers
Prince Georges Playing Fields
 M. Pepin
H: J.Salmon  J.Tesfamariam  K.Wetton(2)  A: B.Jones  B.Sweeney(2)  U.Umotong(2)  J.Salmon
Saturday, 22 October 2016
3 5 Chessington K C Reserves v Shaftesbury Town
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 D. Rowland
H: G.Akai  L.Ireland(2)  A: J.Alexander(2)  D.Beaumont  D.Long  M.Mir  L.Ireland  M.Mir
4 0 Westside Reserves v N P L Reserves
Prince Georges Playing Fields
2:30 PM
 K. Parker
H: L.Fornah  Z.Guest  D.Scott-Francis  J.Walton-Gould  L.Fornah  A.Fairholm
Saturday, 29 October 2016
3 1 Battersea Ironsides 'A' v Westside Reserves
Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground
 J. Conlon
H: A.Bishop  R.Davies  p.Mellar  A: A.Morafa  R.Davies  L.Burgess
1 3 Chessington K C Reserves v Cheam Village Warriors
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 S. Pike
H: S.Hills  A: R.Appleby(2)  P.Hawkins  M.Hickman  J.Prichard
7 1 Old Rutlishians Reserves v Epsom Athletic Reserves
Old Rutlishians Association
 M. Pepin
H: O.Hicks(4)  B.Kennett  B.Liffen  G.Tidey  A: J.Russell  O.Hicks  J.Russell
2 1 Shaftesbury Town v Motspur Park
Roehampton Playing Fields
 M. Sullivan
H: J.Alexander(2)  A: N.Upton  B.Patel  M.Fewtrell