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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2011-2012 Season
Saturday, 25 January 2020
Division One (West) :  October Fixtures & Results for November December
25 in list
Saturday, 05 November 2011
0 1 Carterton v Easington Sports
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 20
 V Torre  M Cardwell  P Smith
 A: D.Reeves  B.Fitzmartin  D.Reeves
0 2 Clanfield v Wootton Bassett Town
Radcot Road
Attendance 26
 S Parbery  P Laggett  B Harris
 A: C.Bowden  E.Delaney  J.EDMUNDS  S.Carter
1 3 Cricklade Town v Cirencester Town 'Dev'
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 81
 N Templey  K Small  D Commander
H: A.Povey  A: A.Bennett  O.Pitt  J.Russell  T.Price  O.Pitt
1 2 Headington Amateurs v Tytherington Rocks
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 38
 P Staynings  A Emery  P Montgomery
H: A.Williams  A: T.COLBOURNE  A.Perry  S.Jacobs  J.Mooney
2 3 Hook Norton v Old Woodstock Town
The Bourne
Attendance 44
 S Tobin  J Falkner  G Stonham  M. Asplen
H: R.Basanti  J.TILLCOCK  A: D.Bone  M.Nicholls  A.Robinson  M.DENNIS  M.Nicholls
0 0 Lydney Town v Malmesbury Victoria
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 47
 S Wales  D Rees  B Lovegrove
 R.Scott  M.Sparrow
1 3 New College Swindon v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Supermarine RFC
Attendance 28
 K Norris  A Armstrong  J Wood  P. Scott
H: G.WRONA  A: M.beckingham  J.Dalton(2)  R.Smith  L.Meredith
1 1 Purton v Trowbridge Town
The Red House
Attendance 77
 R Sayers  T Sharkey  G Varley
H: R.Crocker  A: J.FARRANT  C.Hall  E.MENGHINI
Saturday, 12 November 2011
2 1 Brimscombe & Thrupp v Winterbourne United
The Meadow
Attendance 80
 P Robertson  R Ashman  B Lovegrove  P. Scott
H: J.Dalton  d.woodfield  A: J.Mainstone  d.woodfield  C.Simsek
4 2 Cirencester Town 'Dev' v Old Woodstock Town
The Corinium Stadium
Attendance 62
 O Ballinger  J Wood  G Stonham
H: A.Bennett  R.LEE  B.Reardon  J.Smith  A: D.Bone(2)  B.Reardon  D.Bone
2 0 Headington Amateurs v Carterton
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 27
 A Hickman  M Walker  K Fry
H: A.Hafiz  L.Morbey  S.Grant
5 0 Lydney Town v Hook Norton
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 37
 A Hunt  S Jacques  P Daly
H: N.Halford(4)  R.Lindsay  A.Price  J.Wyatt
0 0 Malmesbury Victoria v Clanfield
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 55
 J Mizzi  M Carter  G Varley
 P.Baines  J.Butt
0 4 Purton v New College Swindon
The Red House
Attendance 93
 R Smith  S Winters  D Edwards
1 0 Tytherington Rocks v Easington Sports
Hardwicke Playing Field
2:15 PM

Attendance 57
 S Woodley  A Davies  R Dyer
H: J.Bishop  T.COLBOURNE  J.Clark
3 1 Wootton Bassett Town v Cricklade Town
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 62
 M Niemirski  B Harris  P Laggett
H: C.Bowden  M.Bown  E.Delaney  A: S.Reason  C.Bowden  A.Smith
Saturday, 19 November 2011
0 5 Cricklade Town v Purton
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 82
 S Lee  G Stonham  B Mercer  M. Jenkins
 A: S.Campbell(3)  P.Day  M.Hall  E.Jose  M.Hall
2 1 Easington Sports v Carterton
Addison Road
Attendance 25
 R Beveridge  J O'Neil  J Edmunds
H: J.Hastie(2)  A: B.Fitzmartin  C.Kirby  L.WATKINS
2 4 Lydney Town v Cirencester Town 'Dev'
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 51
 R Smith  R Price  R Dyer
H: J.Liddington  A.Price  A: D.HALE  O.Pitt  J.SHEPHERD(2)  A.Price  J.SHEPHERD
0 1 Malmesbury Victoria v Tytherington Rocks
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 69
 A Hunt  B Lovegrove  T Cleasby
 A: OG  A.Brown  T.Sheppard
0 2 New College Swindon v Wootton Bassett Town
Supermarine RFC
Attendance 55
 D McEllin  A Davies  P Laggett  P. Scott
 A: M.Bown  J.Turner  G.WRONA  L.Edmondson
1 1 Trowbridge Town v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Attendance 59
 P Day  D Pinchen  K Small
H: J.Dark  A: G.PROBERT  A.Sheppard  M.beckingham
Saturday, 26 November 2011
0 3 Malmesbury Victoria v Cirencester Town 'Dev'
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 83
 B Whitty  D Pinchen  N Templey
 A: J.Smith(2)  C.Teague  N.Fisher  J.Smith
1 4 New College Swindon v Easington Sports
Supermarine RFC
Attendance 24
 C Kidd  D Colman  S Barker
H: N.BLACKFORD  A: R.Johnson(3)  P.Moulder  T.HATHAWAY  R.Johnson
5 0 Old Woodstock Town v Brimscombe & Thrupp
New Road
Attendance 40
 S Piret  S Shannon  C Marsden  B. King
H: D.Bone(3)  D.Green  D.Roberts  D.Bone  b.jones