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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2011-2012 Season
Thursday, 13 August 2020
Division One (West) :  February Fixtures & Results for March April
38 in list
Saturday, 03 March 2012
3 2 Brimscombe & Thrupp v Purton
The Meadow
Attendance 72
 O Ballinger  N Waite  D Rees
H: L.PRITCHARD(2)  d.woodfield  A: T.Cadden  M.Hall  a.thomas  T.Cadden
2 2 Carterton v Wootton Bassett Town
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 10
 M Niemirski  B Timms  M Timbrell  M. Jenkins
H: OG  G.Seacole  A: J.Blake(2)  G.Seacole  J.Blake
1 1 Cirencester Town 'Dev' v Easington Sports
The Corinium Stadium
3:00 PM

Attendance 42
 S Piret  G Bielby  IR Christodoulou
H: J.Russell  A: A.Stidder  J.Russell  A.Stidder
2 1 Cricklade Town v Headington Amateurs
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 72
 P Robertson  M Bullock  C Bullock
H: B.Carter  A.O' Bree  A: L.Morbey  A.O' Bree  H.Jenkins
3 0 Old Woodstock Town v Malmesbury Victoria
New Road
Attendance 46
 N MacKenzie  C Grove  N Evans
H: D.Bone  L.Godin  C.Robinson  M.Wilson  C.SALT
0 2 Trowbridge Town v Lydney Town
Attendance 70
 R Beveridge  M Cardwell  D Pinchen  C. Rogers
 A: J.Liddington(2)  A.Sheppard
4 1 Winterbourne United v Clanfield
Oakland Park
Attendance 65
 P Humphrey  P Laggett  B Harris
H: L.Barrett  B.Dowdell  J.Mainstone  G.Williams  A: S.Olphert  J.Mainstone  C.Brain
Tuesday, 06 March 2012
2 1 Hook Norton v Lydney Town
The Bourne
Attendance 41
 P Wideson  C Grove  A Burns  K. Fry (A)
H: L.FUDGE  H.Smith  A: J.Liddington  J.Murrell  J.Macklin
Wednesday, 07 March 2012
1 0 Winterbourne United v Old Woodstock Town
Oakland Park
Attendance 105
 N Evans  P Middlecote  C Ward  D. Commander (A)
H: B.Dowdell  A.Knight  W.BONE
Saturday, 10 March 2012
3 2 Carterton v Hook Norton
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 10
 S Dolton  J O'Neil  P Smith
4 0 Clanfield v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Radcot Road
Attendance 25
 A Bayliss  N Bull  M Timbrell
H: K.Jennings(2)  A.Little(2)  K.Jennings  d.woodfield
0 0 Cricklade Town v Winterbourne United
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 76
 A Matthews  M Cardwell  G Varley
 A.O' Bree  C.Simsek
5 0 Easington Sports v Trowbridge Town
Addison Road
 G Kornasiewicz  O Denne  R Cross  P. Scott
H: S.Howkins  A.Stidder(3)  J.TREVITT  A.Stidder  R.Hudson
3 6 Headington Amateurs v New College Swindon
Barton Recreation Ground
Attendance 32
 N MacKenzie  F Devine  T Burt  P. Faulkner
1 1 Malmesbury Victoria v Lydney Town
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 58
 J Mizzi  D Colman  C Ward
H: E.Wilkins  A: N.Halford  A.Brown  S.Jones
0 1 Old Woodstock Town v Tytherington Rocks
New Road
Attendance 72
 S Maynard  D Warren  P Redmond  K. Clarke
 A: S.NELSON  R.Johnson  M.Hughes
2 3 Purton v Wootton Bassett Town
The Red House
Attendance 141
 S Tobin  A Davies  P Montgomery
H: T.Cadden(2)  A: L.Bowen  M.Bown(2)  M.Hall  R.Carter
Tuesday, 13 March 2012
1 3 Cirencester Town 'Dev' v New College Swindon
The Corinium Stadium
7:45 PM

Attendance 59
 C Boyles  M Timbrell  S Barker  P. Turner
Wednesday, 14 March 2012
3 0 Winterbourne United v Wootton Bassett Town
Oakland Park
Attendance 38
 L Simpkins  D McMillan  T Cleasby  D. Commander (A)
H: M.ENGLAND  J.PITCHER  S.Vile  L.Barrett  E.Delaney
Saturday, 17 March 2012
0 2 Carterton v Tytherington Rocks
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 30
 M Sennett  D Colman  G Stonham  C. Rogers
 A: A.CRIDDLE  M.Hughes  L.WATKINS  J.Wood
0 1 Cirencester Town 'Dev' v Clanfield
The Corinium Stadium
Attendance 34
 D Sallis  S Jacques  A Davies  M. Jenkins
 A: A.Little  J.MORSE  A.Little
2 2 New College Swindon v Old Woodstock Town
Supermarine RFC
Attendance 25
 P Robertson  A Woods  D Woodcock  P. Scott
H: G.WRONA(2)  A: M.Nicholls  C.Robinson  B.WELLS  M.Nicholls
1 1 Purton v Hook Norton
The Red House
Attendance 68
 A Baldwin  P Laggett  P Middlecote
H: N.MCRAE  A: C.Tillcock  N.MCRAE  J.Murrell
1 1 Trowbridge Town v Headington Amateurs
Attendance 30
 L Cunningham  T Sharkey  G Varley
H: D.BARNETT  A: L.Morbey  N.Grant  L.Morbey
1 2 Winterbourne United v Lydney Town
Oakland Park
Attendance 35
 M Wheeler  R Ashman  N Waite
H: J.PITCHER  A: D.Bishop  D.Clarke  J.PITCHER  J.Liddington
4 2 Wootton Bassett Town v Malmesbury Victoria
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 84
 N Templey  M Cardwell  D Pinchen
H: M.Bown  E.Delaney  L.Edmondson  A.Green  A: C.SALT  E.Wilkins  M.Bown  M.Field
Tuesday, 20 March 2012
2 2 Carterton v Old Woodstock Town
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 23
 K Norris  P Booth  C Greenwood  P. Montague (A)
H: N.Dawood  J.MacDonagh  A: W.BONE  M.Nicholls  S.Grant  D.Bone
3 1 Wootton Bassett Town v Clanfield
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 52
 P Collyer  A Burns  S Barker  D. Appleby
H: S.Collier  A.Corcoran  L.Edmondson  A: A.Little  M.Bown  J.Butt
Saturday, 24 March 2012
2 0 Carterton v Trowbridge Town
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 20
 J Livingston  P Laggett  B Harris
6 2 Easington Sports v Purton
Addison Road
Attendance 56
 K Tribe  J O'Neil  P Montgomery  P. Faulkner
H: C.Convey  S.Howkins  OG  A.Stidder(2)  J.TREVITT  A: M.Hall  N.MCRAE  C.Convey  M.Hall
2 1 Hook Norton v Brimscombe & Thrupp
The Bourne
Attendance 45
 R Smith  M Timbrell  B Timms
H: M.DENNIS  C.Tillcock  A: b.jones  J.Murrell  L.PRITCHARD
Saturday, 31 March 2012
1 3 Cirencester Town 'Dev' v Winterbourne United
The Corinium Stadium
Attendance 31
 P Staynings  D Warren  P Morris
H: L.O'Brien  A: A.Knight  J.Mainstone  J.PITCHER  C.Steward  J.PITCHER
0 1 Clanfield v Easington Sports
Radcot Road
Attendance 20
 P Robertson  J Wood  M Cardwell  P. Montague (A)
1 2 Cricklade Town v Wootton Bassett Town
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 86
 M Ferandez  P Laggett  C Ward
H: A.Webb  A: A.Green(2)  A.Smith  A.Green
3 0 Lydney Town v Headington Amateurs
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 47
 A Baldwin  D McMillan  G Varley
H: J.Liddington(2)  J.Morse  J.Liddington  H.Jenkins
0 1 Malmesbury Victoria v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 69
 O Ballinger  D Colman  B Lovegrove
 A: L.PRITCHARD  J.Mathews  J.Davis
0 5 New College Swindon v Carterton
Supermarine RFC
Attendance 22
 D McEllin  D Pinchen  M Timbrell
 A: M.DEURDEN  J.MacDonagh  C.Mills  B.MORTON  K.Redford  G.WRONA  G.Seacole
2 1 Trowbridge Town v Hook Norton
Attendance 46
 B Williamson  P Booth  D Commander
H: D.BARNETT  D.COLES  A: M.DENNIS  J.Sainsbury  J.Fama Mara