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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2020-2021 Season
Monday, 18 January 2021
Intermediate Division 3 :  Unscheduled Matches
48 in list

Ashtead v Lambeth Spartans
Ashtead v Old Plymouthians
Ashtead v Old Rutlishians
Ashtead v Richmond & Kew
Ashtead v Whitton Villians

Epsom Kings v Ashtead
Epsom Kings v Old Rutlishians
Epsom Kings v Real Holmesdale
Epsom Kings v Richmond & Kew
Epsom Kings v Sporting Kitz
Epsom Kings v Whitton Villians

Lambeth Spartans v Epsom Kings
Lambeth Spartans v Most Wanted Elite
Lambeth Spartans v Richmond & Kew
Lambeth Spartans v Whitton Villians

Most Wanted Elite v Ashtead
Most Wanted Elite v Old Plymouthians
Most Wanted Elite v Old Rutlishians
Most Wanted Elite v Richmond & Kew
Most Wanted Elite v Sporting Kitz

Old Plymouthians v Ashtead
Old Plymouthians v Epsom Kings
Old Plymouthians v Lambeth Spartans
Old Plymouthians v Real Holmesdale

Old Plymouthians v Richmond & Kew
Old Plymouthians v Sporting Kitz

Old Rutlishians v Ashtead
Old Rutlishians v Lambeth Spartans
Old Rutlishians v Sporting Kitz

Real Holmesdale v Ashtead
Real Holmesdale v Lambeth Spartans
Real Holmesdale v Old Plymouthians
Real Holmesdale v Old Rutlishians
Real Holmesdale v Whitton Villians

Richmond & Kew v Epsom Kings
Richmond & Kew v Most Wanted Elite
Richmond & Kew v Old Plymouthians
Richmond & Kew v Real Holmesdale

Sporting Kitz v Ashtead
Sporting Kitz v Lambeth Spartans
Sporting Kitz v Most Wanted Elite
Sporting Kitz v Old Plymouthians
Sporting Kitz v Real Holmesdale

Whitton Villians v Ashtead
Whitton Villians v Epsom Kings
Whitton Villians v Lambeth Spartans
Whitton Villians v Old Plymouthians
Whitton Villians v Sporting Kitz


02/01/2021 Old Rutlishians v Real Holmesdale

02/01/2021 Richmond & Kew v Sporting Kitz

02/01/2021 Whitton Villians v Most Wanted Elite

Awaiting confirmation of dates ...

Lambeth Spartans v Old Rutlishians
Old Plymouthians v Whitton Villians
Real Holmesdale v Most Wanted Elite
Richmond & Kew v Ashtead
Sporting Kitz v Epsom Kings
Ashtead v Sporting Kitz
Epsom Kings v Lambeth Spartans
Old Rutlishians v Richmond & Kew
Whitton Villians v Real Holmesdale