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Barnet Sunday Football League
2018-2019 Season
Thursday, 20 February 2020
Premier Division :  Unscheduled Matches
90 in list

AC Medz v Continental
AC Medz v Enfield Athletic
AC Medz v FC Phoenix
AC Medz v Finchley United
AC Medz v Highgate Albion
AC Medz v Northumberland Park Rangers
AC Medz v Park Royals
AC Medz v The Beehive 1st
AC Medz v The Winchmore

Continental v AC Medz
Continental v Enfield Athletic
Continental v FC Phoenix
Continental v Finchley United
Continental v Highgate Albion
Continental v Northumberland Park Rangers
Continental v Park Royals
Continental v The Beehive 1st
Continental v The Winchmore

Enfield Athletic v AC Medz
Enfield Athletic v Continental
Enfield Athletic v FC Phoenix
Enfield Athletic v Finchley United
Enfield Athletic v Highgate Albion
Enfield Athletic v Northumberland Park Rangers
Enfield Athletic v Park Royals
Enfield Athletic v The Beehive 1st
Enfield Athletic v The Winchmore

FC Phoenix v AC Medz
FC Phoenix v Continental
FC Phoenix v Enfield Athletic
FC Phoenix v Finchley United
FC Phoenix v Highgate Albion
FC Phoenix v Northumberland Park Rangers
FC Phoenix v Park Royals
FC Phoenix v The Beehive 1st
FC Phoenix v The Winchmore

Finchley United v AC Medz
Finchley United v Continental
Finchley United v Enfield Athletic
Finchley United v FC Phoenix
Finchley United v Highgate Albion
Finchley United v Northumberland Park Rangers
Finchley United v Park Royals
Finchley United v The Beehive 1st
Finchley United v The Winchmore

Highgate Albion v AC Medz
Highgate Albion v Continental
Highgate Albion v Enfield Athletic
Highgate Albion v FC Phoenix
Highgate Albion v Finchley United
Highgate Albion v Northumberland Park Rangers
Highgate Albion v Park Royals
Highgate Albion v The Beehive 1st
Highgate Albion v The Winchmore

Northumberland Park Rangers v AC Medz
Northumberland Park Rangers v Continental
Northumberland Park Rangers v Enfield Athletic
Northumberland Park Rangers v FC Phoenix
Northumberland Park Rangers v Finchley United
Northumberland Park Rangers v Highgate Albion
Northumberland Park Rangers v Park Royals
Northumberland Park Rangers v The Beehive 1st
Northumberland Park Rangers v The Winchmore

Park Royals v AC Medz
Park Royals v Continental
Park Royals v Enfield Athletic
Park Royals v FC Phoenix
Park Royals v Finchley United
Park Royals v Highgate Albion
Park Royals v Northumberland Park Rangers
Park Royals v The Beehive 1st
Park Royals v The Winchmore

The Beehive 1st v AC Medz
The Beehive 1st v Continental
The Beehive 1st v Enfield Athletic
The Beehive 1st v FC Phoenix
The Beehive 1st v Finchley United
The Beehive 1st v Highgate Albion
The Beehive 1st v Northumberland Park Rangers
The Beehive 1st v Park Royals
The Beehive 1st v The Winchmore

The Winchmore v AC Medz
The Winchmore v Continental
The Winchmore v Enfield Athletic
The Winchmore v FC Phoenix
The Winchmore v Finchley United
The Winchmore v Highgate Albion
The Winchmore v Northumberland Park Rangers
The Winchmore v Park Royals
The Winchmore v The Beehive 1st