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Thurlow Nunn Youth League
2012-2013 Season
Sunday, 28 November 2021
West Division :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
14 in list
Wednesday, 03 October 2012
9 1 Huntingdon Town v Chatteris Town
Huntingdon-Jubilee Park
Attendance 45
 M. Holmes  J. Partridge  M. Rayner
H: J.Cockshott(3)  J.Haycock  S.Hiscock  T.Hodgson(2)  J.Waterworth(2)  A: J.Joyce
Thursday, 04 October 2012
0 6 Blackstones v Royston Town
Blackstones-Lincoln Road
Attendance 39
 R. Parker  G. Hall
 A: M.Brennan  A.Lane  A.Sartini  C.Turner(3)
2 2 St. Ives Town v Deeping Rangers
St Ives -Westwood Road
Attendance 53
 P. Crossland  M. Crossland  A. Shaw
H: L.Besley  S.Eyre  A: F.Sturgess(2)
Monday, 08 October 2012
1 2 Chatteris Town v Royston Town
Chatteris-West Street
Attendance 45
 P. Bannister  R. Stanley  J. Crofts
H: S.Revell  A: J.Hall  D.Mullings
Wednesday, 10 October 2012
1 1 Ramsey Town v Huntingdon Town
Ramsey-Ramsey Cricket Field
Attendance 51
 A. Clenshaw  D. Bailey  J. Partridge
H: G.Webb  A: J.Cockshott
Monday, 15 October 2012
0 0 Chatteris Town v St. Ives Town
Chatteris-West Street
Attendance 35
 L. Sheldrick  J. Marks  J. Loades
Wednesday, 17 October 2012
2 0 Deeping Rangers v Ramsey Town
Deeping Rangers-Outgang Road
Attendance 37
 M. Germany
H: C.Pilbeam  F.Sturgess
6 2 Peterborough Northern Star v Huntingdon Town
Peterborough NS-The Focus Centre
Attendance 30
 D. O'Sullivan
H: J.Barbosa(2)  A.Dost(2)  H.Holt  A.Warrener  A: J.Cockshott  S.Crisp  A.Warrener
5 0 Royston Town v Blackstones
Royston - Garden Walk
Attendance 78
 K. Massey  D. Lander  J. Iggulden
H: J.Hall(2)  D.Mullings  C.Turner(2)
Monday, 22 October 2012
1 5 Chatteris Town v Peterborough Northern Star
Chatteris-West Street
Attendance 40
 P. Newton  L. Newton  M. Rayner
H: A.Revell  A: A.Clipston  A.Dost(2)  B.Mucklin  C.Weekes-Pierre  S.Wilson
Thursday, 25 October 2012
2 2 St. Ives Town v Ramsey Town
St Ives -Westwood Road
Attendance 54
 R. Cusick  A. Ward  L. Newton
H: J.Baker  L.Collins  A: K.Ferrier  K.McPartlin
1 0 St. Neots Town v Deeping Rangers
St Neots-Hunts Post Comm Stadium
Attendance 50
 P. Barnes  M. Edgell  C. Keats
H: R.Diejomaoh
Wednesday, 31 October 2012
2 3 Ramsey Town v St. Neots Town
Ramsey-Ramsey Cricket Field
Attendance 39
 A. Ward  A. Hart  R. Hart
H: K.Ferrier  J.Goodall  A: A.Farooqui  K.Felix  H.Jenkins
4 3 Royston Town v Chatteris Town
Royston - Garden Walk
Attendance 44
 M. Holmes  B. Howard  P. Howard
H: J.Hall(2)  D.Mullings(2)  A: J.Joyce(2)  S.Revell