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Watford Friendly League
2021-2022 Season
Monday, 15 July 2024
Club Information
To highlight your club in all screens click on its name in the list below.
  AC Finchley U07 North
  AC Finchley U08 North
  AC Finchley U08 South
  AC Finchley U09 North
  AC Finchley U09 South
  AC Finchley U10 North
  AC Finchley U10 West
  AC Finchley U11 North
  AC Finchley U11 North-East
  AC Finchley U11 South
  AC Finchley U11 West
  AC Finchley U12 South
  AC Finchley U12 West
  AC Finchley U13 East
  AC Finchley U13 South
  AC Finchley U13 West
  AC Finchley U14 South
  AC Finchley U14 West
  AC Finchley U15 West
  AC Finchley U16 South
  AC Finchley U16 West
  AC Finchley U18 North-West
  AEK U13 Eagles
  AEK U15 Black
  AFC Southgate U12 Dragons
  AFC Southgate U12 Knights
  AFC Southgate U13 Dragons
  AFC Southgate U13 Knights
  AFC Southgate U14 Dragons
  AFC Southgate U14 Knights
  AFC Southgate U18
  Aldenham FC U09 *
  Aldenham FC U10
  Aldenham FC U11
  Aldenham FC U18 Raptors
  Alexandra Park U08 North
  Alexandra Park U08 South
  Alexandra Park U08 West
  Alexandra Park U09 North
  Alexandra Park U09 South
  Alexandra Park U09 West
  Alexandra Park U10 North
  Alexandra Park U10 South
  Alexandra Park U10 West
  Alexandra Park U11 North
  Alexandra Park U11 South
  Alexandra Park U12 North
  Alexandra Park U12 South
  Alexandra Park U12 West
  Alexandra Park U13 North
  Alexandra Park U13 South
  Alexandra Park U13 West
  Alexandra Park U14 South
  Alexandra Park U14 West
  Alexandra Park U15 North
  Alexandra Park U15 South
  Alexandra Park U16 South
  Alexandra Park U18 Central
  Alexandra Park U18 East
  Alexandra Park U18 North
  Alexandra Park U18 South
  Alexandra Park U18 West
  Alyth Belsize U11
  Alyth Belsize U12
  Alyth Belsize U16 Black
  APB FC Barnet U07 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U07 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U08 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U08 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U08 Raptors
  APB FC Barnet U08 Ravens
  APB FC Barnet U09 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U09 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U10 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U10 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U11 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U11 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U11 Ravens
  APB FC Barnet U12 Raiders
  APB FC Barnet U12 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U13 Rams
  APB FC Barnet U14 Rams
  Bedmond Youth FC U15 Reds
  Belsize Park U07
  Belsize Park U08
  Belsize Park U09 Bucks Black
  Belsize Park U09 Bucks Yellow
  Belsize Park U10
  Belsize Park U14 Panthers
  Belstone U10 Red
  Belstone U14
  Belstone U18
  Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Reds
  Berkhamsted Raiders U15 Red
  Bloomsbury FA U16
  Borehamwood 2000 U11 Blue
  Borehamwood 2000 U12 Blue
  Borehamwood 2000 U13 Blue
  Borehamwood Youth U07 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U08 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U08 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U09 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U10 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U10 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U11 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U11 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U11 Templars
  Borehamwood Youth U12 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U13 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U14 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U14 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U15 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U15 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U16 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U18 Crusaders
  Borehamwood Youth U18 Knights
  Borehamwood Youth U18 Templars
  Bushey Rangers U07
  Bushey Rangers U08
  Bushey Rangers U09
  Bushey Rangers U10
  Bushey Rangers U11
  Bushey Rangers U12
  Bushey Rangers U13
  Bushey Rangers U14
  Bushey Rangers U16
  Cassiobury Rangers U11 Reds
  Cassiobury Rangers U14 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U16 Clarets
  Club SFC U07 Blue
  Club SFC U07 Red
  Club SFC U07 Whites
  Club SFC U07 Yellow
  Club SFC U08 Blue
  Club SFC U08 Red
  Club SFC U08 White
  Club SFC U08 Yellow
  Club SFC U09 Blue
  Club SFC U09 Red
  Club SFC U09 Whites
  Club SFC U09 Yellow
  Club SFC U10 Blue *
  Club SFC U10 Red
  Club SFC U10 Yellow
  Club SFC U11 White
  Colney Heath U14 Magpies
  Croxley Green U15
  Croxley Green U18
  Edgware Tigers U14
  Edgware Tigers U16
  Edgware Town FC U11
  Edgware Town FC U13
  Edmonton Rangers U09 Panthers
  Edmonton Rangers U10 Eagles
  Edmonton Rangers U11 Scorpions
  Edmonton Rangers U12 Falcons
  Edmonton Rangers U13 Cougars
  Edmonton Rangers U14 Foxes
  Edmonton Rangers U14 Tigers
  Edmonton Rangers U15 Dragons
  Edmonton Rangers U16 Lions
  Edmonton Rangers U18 Sharks
  Edmonton United U12
  Edmonton United U14
  Enfield Rangers U07 Green
  Enfield Rangers U08 Green
  Enfield Rangers U10 Black
  Enfield Rangers U10 Green
  Enfield Rangers U11 Black
  Enfield Rangers U11 White
  Enfield Rangers U12 Black
  Enfield Rangers U12 Green
  Enfield Rangers U13 Green
  Enfield Rangers U14 Green
  Enfield Town Youth FC FC U07
  Enfield Town Youth FC FC U08
  Enfield Town Youth FC U09
  Enfield Town Youth FC U10 Blue
  Enfield Town Youth FC U10 White
  Enfield Town Youth FC U10 Yellow
  Enfield Town Youth FC U11
  Enfield Town Youth FC U12 Blue
  Enfield Town Youth FC U12 White
  Enfield Town Youth FC U13
  Enfield Town Youth FC U14 Blue
  Enfield Town Youth FC U14 White
  Enfield Town Youth FC U15
  Enfield Town Youth FC U16
  Enfield Town Youth FC U18
  GFA Enfield U08 Lions
  GFA Enfield U09 Lions
  GFA Enfield U10 Lions
  GFA Enfield U11 Lions
  GFA Enfield U12 Lions
  GFA Enfield U13 Lions
  GFA Enfield U14 Bears
  GFA Enfield U14 Lions
  GFA Enfield U14 Tigers
  GFA Enfield U15 SSW
  GFA Enfield U16 Lions
  GFA Enfield U16 SSW
  GFA Enfield U18 Lions
  Global FA U07 Santos
  Global FA U08 Santos
  Global FA U09 Santos
  Global FA U10 Santos
  Global FA U11 Flamengo
  Global FA U12 Santos
  Global FA U13 Flamengo
  Global FA U13 Santos
  Global FA U15 Santos
  Global FA U16 Flamengo
  Global FA U16 Santos
  Go Stars U09
  Go Stars U10
  Go Stars U11
  Hadley Rangers U08
  Hadley Rangers U10
  Hadley Rangers U14
  Hadley Rangers U15
  Hadley Rangers U18
  Hampstead U16
  Harrow Stars U11
  Harrow Stars U12
  Harrow Stars U13
  Harrow Stars U14
  Harrow Stars U16
  Harrow Stars U18
  Harvesters U08 Galaxy
  Harvesters U08 Stars
  Harvesters U09 Jupiter
  Harvesters U10 Grasshoppers
  Harvesters U10 Scorpions
  Harvesters U11 North
  Harvesters U11 South
  Harvesters U13 North
  Harvesters U13 South
  Harvesters U16 Blue
  Harvesters U17-U18 North
  Harvesters U17-U18 South
  Harvesters U18 South
  Hendon United U11 Blue
  Hendon United U11 Gold
  Hendon United U11 Green
  Hendon United U12 Silver
  Hendon United U12 White
  Hendon United U13 Blue
  Hendon United U13 Gold
  Hendon United U14 Green
  Hendon United U15
  Hendon United U15 Blue
  Hendon United U15 Gold
  Hendon United U18 Blue
  Hendon United U18 Rovers
  Hendon United U18 White
  HGS Academy U07 Raiders
  HGS Academy U07 Vipers
  HGS Academy U08 Raiders
  HGS Academy U09 Barca *
  HGS Academy U09 Raiders *
  HGS Academy U09 Vipers *
  HGS Academy U10 Tigers *
  HGS Academy U10 Vipers *
  HGS Academy U11 Raiders
  HGS Academy U12 Raiders
  HGS Academy U12 Rebels
  HGS Academy U12 Vipers
  HGS Academy U14 Tigers
  HGS Academy U18 Dynamo
  HGS Academy U18 Rangers
  Hinton-Finchley U07
  Hinton-Finchley U08 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U08 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U09 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U09 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U10 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U10 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U10 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U11 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U11 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U12 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U12 Hotshots
  Hinton-Finchley U12 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U12 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U13 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U13 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U14 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U14 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U15 Heroes
  Hinton-Finchley U15 Legends
  Hinton-Finchley U15 Stars
  Hinton-Finchley U18
  HMH U08 Rangers
  HMH U09 United *
  HMH U11 Eagles
  HMH U11 Real
  HMH U12 Athletico
  HMH U13 Eagles
  HMH U13 Harriers
  HMH U13 Hawks
  HMH U14 Avengers
  HMH U14 Galaxy
  HMH U14 Tigers
  HMH U14 Wolves
  HMH U15 Panthers
  HMH U15 Pumas
  HMH U16 Dynamo
  HMH U16 Wanderers
  HMH U17-U18 All Stars
  HMH U17-U18 Foxes
  HMH U17-U18 Rangers
  HMH U18 Galaxy
  HMH U18 Tigers
  Little Heath FC U18
  London Colney Colts U07 Blue
  London Colney Colts U08 Blues
  London Colney Colts U08 Reds
  London Colney Colts U08 Whites
  London Colney Colts U09 Reds
  London Colney Colts U09 White
  London Colney Colts U10 Blue
  London Colney Colts U10 Reds
  London Colney Colts U10 Whites
  London Colney Colts U11 Blues
  London Colney Colts U11 Reds
  London Colney Colts U11 Whites
  London Colney Colts U12 Blue
  London Colney Colts U12 Reds
  London Colney Colts U12 White
  London Colney Colts U13 Blues
  London Colney Colts U13 Reds
  London Colney Colts U14 Reds
  London Colney Youth U07 Lions
  London Colney Youth U07 Pumas
  London Colney Youth U08 Lions
  London Colney Youth U08 Pumas
  London Colney Youth U09 Lions
  London Colney Youth U09 Pumas
  London Colney Youth U10 Lions
  London Colney Youth U11 Lions
  London Colney Youth U11 Pumas
  London Colney Youth U12 Pumas
  London Colney Youth U13 Tigers
  London Colney Youth U18 Lions
  Maccabi London U07 Buffalos
  Maccabi London U07 Leopards
  Maccabi London U07 Pumas
  Maccabi London U08 Blue
  Maccabi London U08 Green
  Maccabi London U08 Purple
  Maccabi London U08 White
  Maccabi London U08 Yellow
  Maccabi London U09 Blue *
  Maccabi London U09 Green *
  Maccabi London U09 White *
  Maccabi London U10 Blue *
  Maccabi London U10 Green *
  Maccabi London U10 Purple *
  Maccabi London U10 White *
  Maccabi London U10 Yellow *
  Maccabi London U11 Blue
  Maccabi London U11 Green
  Maccabi London U11 Purple
  Maccabi London U11 Silver
  Maccabi London U11 White
  Maccabi London U11 Yellow
  Maccabi London U12 Gold
  Maccabi London U12 Purple
  Maccabi London U12 Red
  Maccabi London U12 White
  Maccabi London U13 Blue
  Maccabi London U13 Green
  Maccabi London U13 Yellow
  Maccabi London U14 Blue
  Maccabi London U14 Green
  Maccabi London U14 White
  Maccabi London U15 Blue
  Maccabi London U15 Gold
  Maccabi London U15 White
  Maccabi London U16 Blue
  Maccabi London U16 White
  Maccabi London U18 Blue
  Maccabi London U18 White
  Mill Hill Youth U16 Broadway
  Mill Hill Youth U16 East
  MLS Football U07 Pumas
  MLS Football U08 Panthers
  New Salamis U07
  New Salamis U08
  New Salamis U12
  New Salamis U16 Red
  New Salamis U16 White
  Norsemen U09
  Norsemen U10
  Norsemen U11 Red
  Norsemen U11 Yellow
  Norsemen U12
  Norsemen U14 Hawks
  Norsemen U18
  North West London Jets U13
  Northwood U07 Blue
  Northwood U07 Green
  Northwood U07 Red
  Northwood U07 White
  Northwood U08 Blue
  Northwood U08 Green
  Northwood U08 Red
  Northwood U08 White
  Northwood U09 Blue
  Northwood U09 Green
  Northwood U09 Red
  Northwood U09 White
  Northwood U10 Black
  Northwood U10 Blue
  Northwood U10 Red
  Northwood U10 White
  Northwood U11 Red
  Northwood U12 Red
  Northwood U12 White
  Northwood U13 Black
  Northwood U13 Red
  Northwood U13 White
  Northwood U14 Blue
  Northwood U14 White
  Northwood U15 Elite
  Northwood U15 Red
  Northwood U16 Red
  Northwood U16 White
  Northwood U18 Blue
  Northwood U18 Red
  Oakhill Tigers U09 Hawks
  Oakhill Tigers U10 Eagles
  Oakhill Tigers U12 Wolves
  Oakhill Tigers U13 Sharks
  Oakhill Tigers U13 Tornados
  Oakhill Tigers U14 Raiders
  Oakhill Tigers U14 Warriors
  Oakhill Tigers U16 Falcons
  Oakhill Tigers U16 Pumas
  Omonia Youth U08 Green
  Omonia Youth U09 Green
  Omonia Youth U09 White
  Omonia Youth U10 Gold
  Omonia Youth U10 Green
  Omonia Youth U10 Silver
  Omonia Youth U11 Gold
  Omonia Youth U11 Green
  Omonia Youth U11 White
  Omonia Youth U12 Green
  Omonia Youth U12 White
  Omonia Youth U13 Gold
  Omonia Youth U13 Green
  Omonia Youth U13 White
  Omonia Youth U14 Gold
  Omonia Youth U14 Green
  Omonia Youth U14 White
  Omonia Youth U15 Gold
  Omonia Youth U15 White
  Omonia Youth U16 Gold
  Omonia Youth U16 Silver
  Omonia Youth U18 Gold
  Omonia Youth U18 Silver
  Omonia Youth U18 White
  Omonia Youth U18 White Plus
  Panthera FC U08 Blue
  Panthera FC U08 Red
  Panthera FC U08 White
  Panthera FC U09 Red
  Panthera FC U10 Red
  Panthera FC U12 Red
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U07 Blue
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U07 Red
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U08
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U10 Blue
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U10 Red
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U12
  Pro FA Borehamwood FC U14
  Pro Football London U10
  Pro Football London U12 Blue
  Pro Football London U12 White
  Rap-Aid U07 Eaglets
  Rap-Aid U07 Lions
  Rap-Aid U08 Lions
  Rap-Aid U09 Tigers
  Rap-Aid U10 Eaglets
  Rap-Aid U11 Lions
  Rap-Aid U11 Reds
  Rap-Aid U11 Yellows
  Rap-Aid U12 Yellows
  Rap-Aid U16 Elite
  St Albans City U07 South
  St Albans City U08 Central
  St Albans City U08 East
  St Albans City U09 North
  St Albans City U10 North
  St Albans City U12 Centurions
  St Albans City U12 East
  St Albans City U13 East
  St Albans City U13 South
  St Albans City U13 West
  St Albans City U14 Victoria
  St Albans City U15 Spartans
  St Albans City U16 South
  St Gregory's United U18 Lions
  Turnstyles U09
  Turnstyles U10
  Turnstyles U12
  Turnstyles U13
  Turnstyles U15
  Verulam Wolves FC U12
  Whetstone U07 Eagles
  Whetstone U07 Harriers
  Whetstone U08 Jaguars
  Whetstone U08 Lions
  Whetstone U08 Panthers
  Whetstone U08 Pumas
  Whetstone U09 Jaguars
  Whetstone U09 Lions
  Whetstone U09 Pumas
  Whetstone U10 Jaguars
  Whetstone U10 Lynx
  Whetstone U10 Panthers
  Whetstone U10 Pumas
  Whetstone U10 Tigers
  Whetstone U11 Jaguars
  Whetstone U11 Lions
  Whetstone U11 Pumas
  Whetstone U11 Tigers
  Whetstone U12 Lions
  Whetstone U12 Panthers
  Whetstone U12 Tigers
  Whetstone U13 Jaguars
  Whetstone U13 Leopards
  Whetstone U13 Panthers
  Whetstone U13 Pumas
  Whetstone U13 Tigers
  Whetstone U14 Leopards
  Whetstone U14 Tigers
  Whetstone U15 Cougars
  Whetstone U15 Lions
  Whetstone U15 Pumas
  Whetstone U16 Jaguars
  Whetstone U16 Panthers
  Whetstone U18 Panthers
  Wingate & Finchley U07 Blue
  Wingate & Finchley U07 White
  Wingate & Finchley U08 Blue
  Wingate & Finchley U08 White
  Wingate & Finchley U09 White
  Wingate & Finchley U10 Blue *
  Wingate & Finchley U10 Purples
  Wingate & Finchley U10 White
  Wingate & Finchley U10 Yellow
  Wingate & Finchley U11 Blue
  Wingate & Finchley U11 White
  Wingate & Finchley U12 Blue
  Wingate & Finchley U12 White
  Wingate & Finchley U18 White
  Woodys & Ebogs U07 Vapors
  Woodys & Ebogs U08 Vapors
  Woodys & Ebogs U09 Vapors
  Woodys & Ebogs U10 Vapors
  Woodys & Ebogs U11 Phantoms
  Woodys & Ebogs U11 Vapors
  Woodys & Ebogs U15 Mercurials
  Woodys & Ebogs U15 Phantoms
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