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Barnet Sunday Football League
2018-2019 Season
Sunday, 25 August 2019
Division One :  Unscheduled Matches
110 in list

Edmonton Blades v Edmonton Rovers
Edmonton Blades v Enfield United
Edmonton Blades v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Edmonton Blades v Grange Park
Edmonton Blades v GTFA
Edmonton Blades v Highgate Albion Reserves
Edmonton Blades v Hornsey & Highgate
Edmonton Blades v New Barnet
Edmonton Blades v Roving Reporters
Edmonton Blades v Zenit St Whetstone

Edmonton Rovers v Edmonton Blades
Edmonton Rovers v Enfield United
Edmonton Rovers v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Edmonton Rovers v Grange Park
Edmonton Rovers v GTFA
Edmonton Rovers v Highgate Albion Reserves
Edmonton Rovers v Hornsey & Highgate
Edmonton Rovers v New Barnet
Edmonton Rovers v Roving Reporters
Edmonton Rovers v Zenit St Whetstone

Enfield United v Edmonton Blades
Enfield United v Edmonton Rovers
Enfield United v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Enfield United v Grange Park
Enfield United v GTFA
Enfield United v Highgate Albion Reserves
Enfield United v Hornsey & Highgate
Enfield United v New Barnet
Enfield United v Roving Reporters
Enfield United v Zenit St Whetstone

FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Edmonton Blades
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Edmonton Rovers
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Enfield United
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Grange Park
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v GTFA
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Highgate Albion Reserves
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Hornsey & Highgate
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v New Barnet
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Roving Reporters
FC Lokomotiv Thunder v Zenit St Whetstone

Grange Park v Edmonton Blades
Grange Park v Edmonton Rovers
Grange Park v Enfield United
Grange Park v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Grange Park v GTFA
Grange Park v Highgate Albion Reserves
Grange Park v Hornsey & Highgate
Grange Park v New Barnet
Grange Park v Roving Reporters
Grange Park v Zenit St Whetstone

GTFA v Edmonton Blades
GTFA v Edmonton Rovers
GTFA v Enfield United
GTFA v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
GTFA v Grange Park

GTFA v Highgate Albion Reserves
GTFA v Hornsey & Highgate
GTFA v New Barnet
GTFA v Roving Reporters
GTFA v Zenit St Whetstone

Highgate Albion Reserves v Edmonton Blades
Highgate Albion Reserves v Edmonton Rovers
Highgate Albion Reserves v Enfield United
Highgate Albion Reserves v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Highgate Albion Reserves v Grange Park
Highgate Albion Reserves v GTFA
Highgate Albion Reserves v Hornsey & Highgate
Highgate Albion Reserves v New Barnet
Highgate Albion Reserves v Roving Reporters
Highgate Albion Reserves v Zenit St Whetstone

Hornsey & Highgate v Edmonton Blades
Hornsey & Highgate v Edmonton Rovers
Hornsey & Highgate v Enfield United
Hornsey & Highgate v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Hornsey & Highgate v Grange Park
Hornsey & Highgate v GTFA
Hornsey & Highgate v Highgate Albion Reserves
Hornsey & Highgate v New Barnet
Hornsey & Highgate v Roving Reporters
Hornsey & Highgate v Zenit St Whetstone

New Barnet v Edmonton Blades
New Barnet v Edmonton Rovers
New Barnet v Enfield United
New Barnet v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
New Barnet v Grange Park
New Barnet v GTFA
New Barnet v Highgate Albion Reserves
New Barnet v Hornsey & Highgate
New Barnet v Roving Reporters
New Barnet v Zenit St Whetstone

Roving Reporters v Edmonton Blades
Roving Reporters v Edmonton Rovers
Roving Reporters v Enfield United
Roving Reporters v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Roving Reporters v Grange Park
Roving Reporters v GTFA
Roving Reporters v Highgate Albion Reserves
Roving Reporters v Hornsey & Highgate
Roving Reporters v New Barnet
Roving Reporters v Zenit St Whetstone

Zenit St Whetstone v Edmonton Blades
Zenit St Whetstone v Edmonton Rovers
Zenit St Whetstone v Enfield United
Zenit St Whetstone v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Zenit St Whetstone v Grange Park
Zenit St Whetstone v GTFA
Zenit St Whetstone v Highgate Albion Reserves
Zenit St Whetstone v Hornsey & Highgate
Zenit St Whetstone v New Barnet
Zenit St Whetstone v Roving Reporters