2021-2022 Season
Watford Friendly League
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Covid-19   As you are no doubt aware, as of 24 February the Government have moved to the 'Living with COVID-19' phase of their response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This means that there are now no longer any Coronavirus related legal restrictions in place.   All forms of sporting activity can take place with no Coronavirus related restrictions on how many people can participate, and all sports facilities can open. The Government has also confirmed that sport specific COVID-19 Guidance is no longer required.   However there are there are still steps we can all can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 and The FA urges all participants to continue to follow this Government advice to protect themselves and others.   Read the latest COVID-19 advice from The FA   Publishing non-competitive age group score lines and being mindful or wording used to indicate the scores on social media   Please remember that under FA rules: p123 Re Publishing of leagues and results U11 and below, league and results must not be published - U12-U18 there are no restrictions on publication of leagues and results. FA state THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS REQUIRED TO FULFIL A FIXTURE is 5-A-SIDE FIXTURE IS 4 7-A-SIDE FIXTURE IS 5 9-A-SIDE FIXTURE IS 6 11-A-SIDE FIXTURE IS 7 Les go back before Covid Teams say they cannot play, couple with a stomach bug, one with a migraine, one with sickness, a couple with injuries, the game would NOT be rescheduled.They would be fined, and have the right of appeal, at an appeal they would have to produce evidence to uphold the appeal.