2010-2011 Season
Sportsmans Senior Sunday Football League
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Vacancies for new teams.  New teams wishing to join the Sportsman's League should contact League Secretary, Ron Halfacre, on 020 7385 0154.  There are still vacancies for new teams for the 2011/2012 season.  Existing member teams wishing to stay with the League should ensure that their forms are returned as soon as possible.

League HQ open every Monday evening (except bank holidays).  LEAGUE HQ is at Twynholm Residents Hall, Laundry Rd (via Brecon Road), London W6 8PZ. League officers are available to deal with all league business. All club secretaries are encouraged to attend and secretaries of teams with home fixtures on the following Sunday are expected to attend to confirm their pitch and referee.  League pitch bookings must be confirmed and paid for by 8.15 pm.  Please note that League HQ is on a housing estate where parking is very restricted and vehicles may be towed away.  Ample parking is available on surrounding streets where restrictions finish at 5 pm. Please click herefor a map showing our location.  See Map link below.




Sportsman’s League Cup Competitions - 2011/2012 

 Gladys Perry Challenge Cup – SA and Division 1

 25 September (Round 1)

1   Topsham Rovers v Pearscroft Utd B

2   The Ship v Wig Sporting Club Santar

3   Fulham Utd v Mass

4   Wig Army v Clapham Rovers

5   Lionhead v Cool Oak Rangers

6   Talina v Pearscroft United

 Byes: Real Northern, Notting Dale, Cultural, Swinbrook 07, Parklife, London Eagles, West London Select, Dynamo Clapham, London XI and Shoots & Leaves

 23 October (Round 2)

7   Winners match 2 v Swinbrook 07

8   Shoots & Leaves v London XI

9   Cultural v Winners match 3

10 Dynamo Clapham v Parklife

11 Real Northern v Notting Dale

12 London Eagles v West London Select

13 Winners match 6 v Winners match 4

14 Winners match 1 v Winners match 5


27 November (Round 3)

15 winners match 10 v winners match 9

16 winners match 12 v winners match 7

17 winners match 8 v winners match 14

18 winners match 11 v winners match 13


Date TBA (semi-finals)

19 winners match 15 v winners match 16

20 winners match 18 v winners match 17



General meetings in the 2011/12 season will be held on 19 September 2011, 21 November 2011, 20 February 2012 and 14 May 2012 (AGM).  The next League General Meeting will be on Monday 19 September 2011 - 8 pm at League HQ.


If you are a footballer looking to play for a team in the Sportsman's League, email your details to sssfl@aol.com.  Please give details of age, playing position, the part of London you live in and any relevant experience. Please include a telephone or email contact.  Details will be placed on a list that is available to Sportsman's League teams.  Only potentail players who supply the details requested will be put on the list.  Sportsman's League teams are based mainly in south west and west London.  To find a club in your area look on the FA website www.thefa.com in the 'find a club' section.


The League often receives requests from players looking for teams, either directly to the League General Secretary or by email. Sportsman's League club secretaries requiring details of players currently available should request the latest list at League HQ or send an email to sssfl@aol.com to receive it as an attachment for downloading.
PITCHES - See page 52 of league handbook for instructions on how to obtain information on the state of pitches in bad weather situations.  Please follow the instructions for advising opponents and referees.
Training courses for referees are held at Southfields Community College, 333 Merton Road, Wandsworth SW18 5JU.  Courses take place from 7 pm until 9 pm on Thursdays.  Further details (including dates of the next course, cost and the requirement for a Criminal Record Bureau check) can be obtained from the LFA Course Co-ordinator, Dick Caylor, on 020 7388 1919 (afternoons) or from Course Instructor, Richard Kinner on 07917 402049.

Westminster Schools Ground – To prevent damage by foxes, teams are now required to erect and take down goal nets.  Teams who do not comply will be removed from this ground.

Wandsworth Pitches (including Kimber Road, Roehampton and Wandsworth Common) – Under the contract covering these grounds, all matches must kick off not later than 10 am.

King’s House Sports Ground (Civil Service) – The League has three pitches each week at this ground.  Works to improve the pavilion and changing rooms are scheduled to commence on Monday 5 October 2010 and is expected to take around 6 weeks.


League HQ Map
League HQ MAP