2005-2006 Season
Frank Armitt Liverpool County Combination
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Speke win Lancashire Amateur Cup. After going two goals down early in the game, Speke fought back with goals from Steve Cavanagh and Lee Poland, but again fell behing just before half time. Paul Lamb scored the all important equaliser mid way through the second half. The County Combination side were reduced to ten men when captain Dave McGhee was sent off after being the victim of a bad tackle. The 10 men hung on and were the more impressive side during extra time. Winning the Cup on penalties by 5 - 4
National League System Cup Semi Finals
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1 Cambridgeshire County League v Guernsey Prilaux League
2 Kent County League v Isle of Man League
Final Sunday 7th May 2006

Challenge Cup Final
The Liverpool County F.A. Challenge Cup Final is:
Aintree Villa v. Waterloo Dock
To be played on Tuesday 9th May 2006 at Walton Hall Avenue, kick off 7-00pm

County Premier League
The formation of a Liverpool County Premier League for season 2006/07 has now been confirmed after Clubs in membership of the Liverpool County Combination and I Zingari League unanimously agreed to the proposal of the Liverpool County F.A. at a meeting at Everton F.C., Goodison Park on Monday 26th November 2005. Officials of both leagues had been in negotiations over the past two and a half years to form the new league. The original proposal was to formulate a Liverpool County Premier League from Clubs within the Liverpool County Combination and the I Zingari League together with other Clubs affiliated to the Liverpool County F.A., but currently playing in other Step 7 National League System Leagues. A meeting was held in March, at which the F.A. National Leagues Manager, Mike Appleby attended and from that meeting it was quite apparent that if the project were to proceed, the Clubs in the Liverpool County Combination and I Zingari League would have to go it alone. The new league will not be restricted to Clubs that are only in the Liverpool County Combination and I Zingari League. One of the aims of the new league is to attract Clubs on the fringes of the Liverpool County F.A. boundary together with those currently playing in competitions affiliated to other County Associations. All applications for Membership should be made to the Liverpool County F.A. The new competition will be placed at Step 7 of the National League System and will feed into the North West Counties League. This move is the first step in the Football Association?s bid to extend the Pyramid by bringing leagues not previously in the system into the restructuring blueprint. The Liverpool County Combination have been at Step 7 for a number of years and this groundbreaking merger will be linked to the F.A. ground grading criteria, which in time, will allow automatic promotion and relegation to the North West Counties League. The F.A. eventually hope to create a Step 8 to include competitions in, and to cover areas not currently in the National League System. To date 55 Clubs have applied for membership. The number of Clubs in the Premier Division will be as per National League System agreements and comply with the minimum ground grade. The probability will be that this Division will consist of 16 Clubs. It has been agreed that will be the top 9 of the Liverpool County Combination and the top 7 of the I Zingari League. This Division will also be the County?s Supply League for Referees. Assistant Referees will be appointed to all Premier Division matches. A First, Second and Third Division will consist of up to 16 Clubs in each Division. This would give room for a total membership of 64 Clubs. However, it is expected that those Divisions will operate with 14 Clubs with promotion and relegation being linked with ground standards. When the Liverpool County Premier League is formed, it could be extended to include other Liverpool County F.A. Affiliated Leagues. The Liverpool County F.A. area covers a boundary of 18 miles from Liverpool Town Hall on the Lancashire side and 8 miles on the Cheshire side. This includes Southport, most of Wigan, St. Helens, Warrington and the Wirral. Although there is still a considerable amount of organisation to be undertaken. A Steering Committee has been appointed which consists of: Liverpool County F.A. (G. Swinnerton, C. Welsh, S. Catterall) Liverpool County Combination (G. Parry, J. Deal, P. Carter) I Zingari League (I. Munro, D. Thornton, W. Carroll) This is an exciting project and will unite two long established leagues and help to protect the status and interests of the Clubs and ensure that the Liverpool County F.A. has a Senior League from which Clubs and Referees can progress up the football pyramid. There can be no doubt that the demise of Leagues and loss of facilities in the area is of great concern. The Liverpool County F.A. is fully committed in supporting the new league and will be working along with the League Management Committee to ensure that it is successful in reversing the recent decline in standards.
County F.A. announce Premier League Proposals
Restructuring of the National League System

1. The Football Association is in the process of a total restructure of the National League System.
2. The Levels 1 - 4 have been changed to Steps 1 - 7.
3. Step 1: The Conference (National)
4. Step 2: The Conference North (Semi-National)
5. Step 3: Northern Premier League Premier Division (North)
6. Step 4: Northern Premier League First Division (North)
Steps 1 - 4 have been agreed and are in operation as and from season 2004/05
7. Step 5: North West Counties League First Division (North West)
8. Step 6: North West Counties League Second Division (North West)
Steps 5 & 6 are currently under discussion and await final agreements
9. Step 7: Liverpool County Combination
Step 7 leagues have had a number of regional meetings and some suggestions are:

Elevate some Leagues to Step 6.
Introduce a Step 8.
Form County Leagues.
No Reserve Teams in the National League System.
All Step 7 Leagues to be County F.A. Supply Leagues for Referees.

The Football Association have produced a draft National League System Ground Grading Document for all Steps.

The idea is that any Club in the Country has the same number of promotion steps regardless of the area in which it is situated. The whole concept of the National League System is for a promotion and relegation system which allows a Club to progress as it's ground, financial, and playing strength allow and to minimise disruption to leagues.

Liverpool County Football Association position

The fact that so many Liverpool County F.A. affiliated Clubs are currently playing outside the area is detrimental to the remaining member Clubs and Referees and has a long term effect on an area already suffering from a shortage of suitable facilities. The departure of these Clubs not only affects other local leagues but also threatens the fabric of football in the area and the Liverpool County F.A. itself.
The Liverpool County Football Association is concerned that over recent years, for various reasons, including, closure of factory grounds, loss of Leagues, a reduction of Referees, disciplinary reasons etc., the number of Clubs has been in steady decline. It is essential, in the circumstances, that the Association takes appropriate action to safeguard its status. Discussions between the Liverpool County Combination and I Zingari League were, therefore, instigated for the purpose of forming a Liverpool County Premier League. Both leagues have been receptive to the idea and a working Committee has been formed to progress the suggestion. Discussions have also been held with representatives of Liverpool City Council concerning ground standards and an agreement in principle that future projects should if possible include facilities up to the minimum standards of the National League System ground grading.

Criteria for entry into Premier Division:

1. Clubs shall be affiliated to the Liverpool County F.A. and be members of either the Liverpool County Combination First Division, I Zingari League Premier Division or the Highest Division of a Step 7 League.
2. Clubs shall comply with the National League System Minimum Ground Grade for Step 7 Leagues.
3. In the event of more than 16 Clubs having the minimum ground grade. Final League positions at the end of season 2005/06 will decide the membership of the Premier Division on the premise that all the leagues are of equal playing standard.
4. In the event of one or more Clubs having an equal Final League placing the League Management Committee shall decide as to which Club / s shall be placed in the Premier Division.
5. In the event of there not being 16 Clubs with the minimum ground grade, Clubs with ground improvement plans approved by the League Management Committee shall be considered for membership of the Premier Division.
6. In the event of there being less than 16 Clubs eligible after taking into account the above criteria the League Management Committee shall decide which Clubs shall be Members of the Premier Division taking into account ground standards and playing strength.

40 Clubs currently playing in those Leagues:
Aigburth Peoples Hall Alsop Old Boys Aintree Villa Birchfield B.R.N.E.S.C. Crosfields Bootle Collegiate Old Boys Eagle Sports Cheshire Lines East Villa Fleetwood Hesketh Ford Motors Hill Athletic Garswood United Halewood Village Liverpool Nalgo Greenalls Padgate Kingsley United Mackets Maghull Lucas Sports N.E.L.T.C. Merseyside Police Mossley Hill Athletic Old Xaverians Pilkington Penlake Quarry Bank Old Boys Rylands South Liverpool Red Rum South Sefton Borough Roma Speke Turpins St. Aloysius Warbreck St. Dominics Waterloo Dock

Entry criteria for First Divisions

Minimum ground standards to be agreed. Roping of pitches required
2 Divisions of up to 16 Clubs in each Division
24 Clubs from those above not accepted into the Premier Division to be assigned on an equal basis on Final League positions.
8 Clubs to be selected from the Step 7 League Second Divisions and I Zingari First Division and other Clubs currently accepted into the LCFA Challenge Cup on Final League positions.
Albany Billinge Southport Trinity Blueline Fearnhead Albion Copperas Hill Manweb Edge Hill B.C.O.B. Monk Sports Essemmay Old Boys Finn Harps Old Holts Padua Page Celtic Rolls Royce Sacre Coeur F.P. St. Ambrose Stoneycroft The Angus Vision

Entry criteria for Second Divisions
Minimum ground standards to be agreed.
2 Divisions of up to 16 Clubs in each Division 11 Clubs not accepted into the First Divisions from those listed above plus (9) I Zingari League Second Division Clubs, (1) Step 7 League Third Division Club and other 11 suitable Clubs invited by the LCFA.
Downholland Focus Eli Lilly Jubilee Triangle Leisure Sports Orchard Lydiate Weld Redgate Rovers R.E.M.Y.C.A. United Rockville (Wallasey) Rhein

Note: Clearly, the above criteria pre-supposes that applications will be received from Clubs currently in membership of other Step 7 leagues. Please see later note for details of the proposed Constitution in the likely event that no such applications are received.

In the event of applications only being received from the Liverpool County Combination and I Zingari League Clubs the following constitution of the Divisions would be:
Premier Division: 9 Liverpool County Combination Clubs and 7 I Zingari League Premier Division Clubs giving a division of 16 Clubs.
First Division: The remaining 7 Liverpool County Combination and 7 I Zingari Premier Division Clubs giving a division of 14 Clubs
Second Division: The 14 I Zingari League First Division Clubs
Third Division: I Zingari League Second Division Clubs and new applicants would form a division of up to 14 Clubs.
Ground grading would take effect for season 2007/08.

It was recognised that re-structuring of the National League System at Step 7 is to take place and that a re-organisation of the County Premier League may have to take place at some future date.

The structure of the Management Committee would be considered in the near future, but at present it was agreed for the first season the main Officers would be Iain Munro, Chairman, John Deal, Secretary and Mrs. P. Carter, Treasurer.

Formation of Liverpool County Premier League
Course of action
1. Leagues to be given 7 days notice of the LCFA's intention to approach LCFA affiliated Clubs in view of joining the County Premier League.

2. All Clubs listed to be issued with the explanation document and an application / entry form to be returned to LCFA by a set date.

3. Press Release to be issued.

4. From the Clubs applying to join a Meeting to be called a.s.a.p. after the set application date.

5. Special General Meetings of the I Zingari League and Liverpool County Combination to be called on the same evening at the same venue to pass by resolution the winding up of both leagues.

6. County F.A. to take a major part in the setting up of the League.
BR> 7. First season to be 2006/07

Application forms are available from The Liverpool County F.A., Walton Hall Avenue, Liverpool, L4 9XP Tel: 0151 523 4488