Middlesex County Football League
2002-2003 Season
Middlesex Federation Football League Cup
Round 2

Spelthorne Sports Reserves  4    C.B. Hounslow United Reserves  0

Saturday, 14 December 2002

Both sides worked hard to create a fast flowing game with plenty of chances, but once Spelthorne had gained a clear advantage the game?s outcome was never in doubt.The home side, having had the pleasure of a seventy-mile round trip to an away game that didn?t happen the week before, were just glad to play, and it showed.

The game started at a high tempo, with both sides battling for superiority in the middle of the pitch. Richy Pirez was winning in the air by virtue of being fouled every time he went up for a header.After a couple of corners had come to nothing, it was the first of DB?s ?significant contributions? that saw Spelly take the lead. The corner beautifully swung on to the big guy?s head, and he managed an effort which saw the ball bounce towards Mel, who with the speed of thought of a Kung-Fu master, leapt forth, and lashed it home.

A 1-0 scoreline that stayed unchanged up to half time..

The second half was incident packed.The war of attrition had been won, and the floodgates opened.

Richy picked up the ball mid way inside the Hounslow half, and engineered a run and shot, that those betting men on the sidelines predicted would go the same way as his half dozen other efforts ? hardly anywhere or steeply upwards, instead, seeing there wasn?t enough room between goal-keeper and post, he played it first off the post, then the keeper, class. 2-0.

With job done. Richy was duly substituted at the ?First Vic Substitution Point?- you can set your watch by the timing of this (even quartz crystal has nothing on the accuracy of the ?FSVP?)

This seemed like bad decision at the time, as the game still wasn?t won, but with Stef and DB forging an excellent central partnership, Nick his usual reliable self, and Gorgeous starting to look every bit a Left Back without a left foot. Hounslow were going to have to come up with something special to unlock it. Added to this, we had the Club?s player?s player making his return from a self-inflicted finger crushing injury, in between the sticks. A formidable defensive wall was in place.

Mart-the-dart had been running selflessly throughout the game, and then running a bit more just for the sake it. The ball stayed at his feet like it was on a string, and despite both Hounslow, and half his team mates, trying to tackle him there was no way he was going to unload unless something drastic happened. So when he started his latest run from the centre circle, with several Spelly players taking up first class positions, it was clear ? if you don?t pass it you?d better score or get lynched. At about 30 yards out, the chorus of ?Pass it? reached new levels from team mates, people watching, and from passers-by. Okay, so he scored a thirty-yard thunderbolt. He was lucky. 3-0.

You would have thought this would have been what everyone would have been talking about afterwards, but no, the fourth goal, yet to come was. Why ? how could this goal be topped? Was it from even further out ? did it involve all eleven payers before being passed into the net. No, it was just scored by DB. All the talking afterwards was done by him.

In what was a corner-taking master class all afternoon, the dead ball specialist swung in the delivery at pace. DB seeing used his upper body strength wrestled Martin to the deck, before powering in a text book header. Those of us, who didn?t quite get a full view, were lucky enough to treated to full changing room, then bar room, then press conference description. We don?t think DB scores many goals?

With the four goal cushion, Vic felt he could make another pre-ordained substitution, and Spelly were on the cigars.

Tony Turner tried to spice up things in the latter stages by treating Hounslow to one his special two-footed lunges. Unfortunately the ref allowed Hounslow the advantage even though their player had stopped wanted more punishment to be metered. This stopping allowed Tony to really annoy by robbing the ball and haring off. He was brought to a sudden brutal stop by the Hounslow defensive. Martin, who just happened to be running by, reacted like Tony was one of his dissed ladies.

We had a brief scrum, with a general trading of unrelated facts: Hounslow player: ?I?m a first team player?
Mel: ?The score is four nil.?

Late pressure from Hounslow could have bagged a consolational, but Wils was looking safe as a house ? well, as big as one, at least.

Credit to Woody throughout, even though the ball scarcely ran for him, he never stopped moaning right up to final whistle. If we can just teach how to do something different than the ?left foot flick ? turn into defender? we might get something out of him yet.

Right, who wants to hear about DB?s goal??