Middlesex County Football League
2002-2003 Season
Division One

Neasden 2000 Reserves  1    Signcraft  1

Saturday, 14 December 2002

A muddy wet day in Neasden, has to be a home advantage! With three key players missing we gave a good account for ourselves [even with the veteran manager needing to take to the field of play], we really did deserve all three points. The Neasden keeper was outstanding with a combination of his skill and the appalling pitch, he kept them in the game. It was a very competitive game with a few badly timed tackles that could be attributed to the ground conditions, Derek Hookway handled the game well and between the two captains and the referee the game was played in a reasonably good spirit. TOMMY GRIFFIN scoring our break away goal, which was followed by sat least eight one on ones by various Signcraft players [not the manager] that the opposition keeper had the better of. Two players, one from each side were dismissed for a slight altercation towards the end of the match, if players were to leave things to the referee to deal with there would be a lot less aggravation in football! Thank's to Neasden for their hospitality.
Bob Colwell - Signcraft FC