ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties Football League
2012-2013 Season

Division One

Bugbrooke St Michaels  2    Olney Town  0

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bugbrooke extended their winning run at home to the Nurserymen to five with this victory.

One of last term's successful reserve squad Lee Wilson broke the deadlock for the Badgers after 14 minutes.

Assistant manager Pete Smith led by example with the decisive second goal on 46 minutes.

Bugbrooke: Steve Spruels, Ryan Nash, Jamie Jollands, Damon Black, Jack Lee (Craig Hyde), Chris Griffin, Pete Smith, Brad Janes, Lee Wilson (Ben Collins), Lance Allen (Ryan Waldock), Will Briscoe.

Olney: Stuart Dorrill, Paul Blackwell, James Pacifici, Chezney Johnson (Ed Wheatley), Jason Goldman, Luke Hefferon (Ian Lindop), Sam Marven (Shaun Winconek), Sam Parrish, Seun Soetan, Marc Umney, Dean Torto.