United Counties Football League
2007-2008 Season

Division One

Huntingdon Town  1    Northampton Sileby Rangers  1

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Huntingdon's promotion prospects suffered a setback as Sileby rallied to claim a point after the break.

Richard Moore gave Huntingdon the lead nine minutes before half time with an individual effort  which saw him leave a trail of defenders in his wake but Rangers picked up a point thanks to a 57th minute equaliser from in form marksman Sam Callear.

Huntingdon: Chris Benton, Michael Duroe, Mark Hackett, Tom Moran (James Waterworth), Richard Moore, Darren Ray, Nathan Roberts (Ricky Dear), Eddie Mills, Adam Taylor, Danny White, James Edwards (Gibson Kupfuma)

Sileby: Niall Cooper, Brett Parry, Emmanuel Bella, Barry Mead, Keith Morson, Josh Croxford, Glenn Walker, Nicky Ling, Sam Callear, Clive Thompson (Mark Wilson (Mohammed Al-Haj)), Lewis Haycock (Christian Tombling-Peart)