United Counties Football League
2007-2008 Season

Division One

Olney Town  2    Buckingham Town  0

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Olney repeated their earlier county cup defeat of the Robins with league points at stake.

Tim Mason put the Nurserymen on the way to a fourth successive win after 67 minutes and Jamie Harris sealed the victory from the penalty spot ten minutes from time.

Olney: Jason Wright, Andy Mason, Adam Risby, Jamie Harris, Guy Stewart, Scott Wrighting, Toim Collins (Ian King), Tim Mason, Fionn Hart, Alec Watts (Chris Waugh), Pete Latham.

Buckingham: Josh McAdoo, Massimo Lagioia (Adam Harwood), Tony Joyce, Dan Hart, Keith Newby, Giuseppe Lagioia, Jamie O'Grady (Gianfranco Amoroso), Ellis Spence, Reuben Max-Grant (Paul Dart), Joel McCormick, Nick Bines.