United Counties Football League
2007-2008 Season

Premier Division

Yaxley  1    Potton United  0

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Yaxley increased the distance between themselves and the relegation battle with this narrow win over the Royals at Leading Drove.

Mark Paul's fifteenth domestic goal of the season after 19 minutes settled the contest in the Cuckoos' favour.

For Potton Nathan Frater twice went close from free kicks while John Mulholland had a header cleared off the home goalline.

Yaxley: Phil Dunn, Danny Steward, Ben Russell, Matt Parrott, Anthony Thomas, Jimmy Dean, Teddy Rimmell, Lee Blewett, Mark Paul, Ricky Hailstone, Ian Edge.

Potton: Joe Pursell, Nick Doherty, Carl Simm, John Mulholland, Daniel O'Farrell, Craig Lanham (Simon Carmichael), Rob Cornfoot (Kwame Hoyte), Nathan Frater, Shilbu Miah, Damon Pickering, Jermaine Daley.