United Counties Football League
2007-2008 Season

Division One

Burton Park Wanderers  0    Bugbrooke St Michaels  0

Saturday, 03 November 2007

This draw wasn't sufficient to lift Burton Park off the foot of the table but coming as it did against a high riding Badgers side it should prove a confidence booster for Park Wanderers.

The bulk of the contest was played in midfield with chances at a premium at either end.

Burton: Liam Fox, Marco Giacobbe, Gary Butcher, Jon Dean., Andy Lambert (Gary Owen), Spencer Newcombe, Matty Coles, Gary Clark (Mike Houghton), Grant Mawby (Paul Chisholm), Mark Pallett, Michael Coles.

Bugbrooke: Steve Spruels, Glen Smith, Adam Godfrey, Tim Knowles (Nick Spruels), Mike Anker, Dave Weedon (Will Briscoe), Jimmy Moore, Steve Aslett, Ben Thompson, Dan Brown,John Dawson (Rob Frost).