Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
2018-2019 Season

MCFL Saturday Division One (Central and East)

The Wilberforce Wanderers      London Samurai  

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Match Details: Participating For Football Samurai against F.C. Roast First on 26/01/2019 in Middlesex County Football League
Offence Details: E12 - (Club) Failure to comply with decision of the Association
Sanction Details: Proven: Severely warned as to future conduct
Fined: £95.00
Notes: Football Samurai are hereby charged for a breach of FA Rule E12 (Club) - Failed to comply with a decision of the
Association. Mr. Andar was suspended from All Football on 13/09/2018 for failure to pay football debt. It is alleged, as
per the attached Match Return Cards, that Mr. Andar played on 15/12/2018, 12/01/2019, 19/01/2019 and 26/01/2019,
therefore the Club are charged with playing a player whilst suspended. Middlesex FA - Case 9753071M