Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
2017-2018 Season

Premier Division

Indian Gymkhana Club  1    Sporting Hackney  2

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Match Details: Participating For Indian Gymkhana against Sporting Hackney First on 12/08/2017 in Middlesex County Football League Offence Details: E12 - (Club) Failure to comply with decision of the Association Sanction Details: Proven: Case Proved Fined: Notes: Indian Gymkhana are charged with FA RULE E12 - (Club) Failed to comply with a decision of the Association. Namely by playing Parvendep Kang in a fixture against Sporting Hackney on 12th August 2017.When he was supposed to be suspended Please see the evidence supplied by the Middlesex County League attached If found proven of this offence you will be given a standard  fine Middlesex FA - Case 9082334M