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Peter Smith Recruitment Northampton Town Football League
Member of the National League System
2006-2007 Season
Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Match Day :  Saturday, 16 Dec 2006 Saturday, 30 December 2006 Saturday, 06 Jan 2007
Players Suspended
There are 8 matches
Premier Division
12 0 Duston United v Ashley Rovers
Attendance 15
 S.Adkins  S.Slinn  I. Simmonds (Ashley)
H: S.Chilton(3)  B.Lovesy(7)  OG  A.Seaton  J.White  R.Long
6 3 Northampton Harlequins v Airflow
Attendance 12
 A. Haynes  C.Fleming  J. Broadbent (Airflow)
H: J.Allcock(4)  G.Moore  A.O'Grady  A: L.Wilson(3)  J.Allcock  L.Wilson
2 4 TACT F.C. v Birchfield Rovers
Attendance 9
 S.R.Moss  S.Marson (TWS)  M.Slinn
H: J.Caeser  J.Driver  A: D.Carley(2)  M.Constantinedes  N.Garofalo  J.Driver  J.Moss
Division One
5 4 Airflow Reserves v FC Crispin
Attendance 8
 I.W.Bandey  D.Matthews  P. Hyde (F.C.Crispin)
H: OG  E.Ryan(2)  L.Ryan  N.Wood  A: A.Lovell  N.Renda(3)
1 2 Ashley Rovers Reserves v Delapre Old Boys
Attendance 8
 R. Moss  D. Tebbutt (Ashley)  T.Johnson
H: J.Westbrook  A: A.Barrett  P.Cranswick
2 3 Northampton Exiles v Double Four
Attendance 11
 R.Gardner  J.watts  T.Gurnham (D.Four)
H: D.Cibulskij  M.Slancik  A: C.Gale  D.Poole(2)
6 4 Obelisk United v Denton
Attendance 7
 R.demond  J. Middle (Obelisk)  J. Johnston
H: R.Aitken  J.Kirton(2)  J.Parnell(2)  M.Sibley  A: J.Johnston  OG  M.Roberts(2)
1 3 Thorpland United Reserves v Asda George
Attendance 8
 P.Hutchinson  C. Smith (Thorpland)  L.Chambers
H: S.Carol  A: T.Dunk(3)
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Thorpland United
2. University of Northampton
3. Blufish F.C.
4. Kingsthorpe Wanderers
5. Northampton Diamonds
6. Northants Police