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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2023-2024 Season
Saturday, 20 July 2024
Match Day :  Thursday, 25 Jan 2024 Saturday, 27 January 2024 Wednesday, 31 Jan 2024
Players Suspended
There are 39 matches
3 0 048 Estudiantes v Old Chigwellians Reserves [ Quarter Final ]
Enfield College ( CONEL )
No result......RESULT FROM THE AFA FOOTBALL LEAGUE WEB SITE ( fix sec at 17-40pm )
2 2 075 Camden & Islington v Hibernian SSEC FC ( London ) [ Round 4 ] [ Home Win on penalties ]
Hackney Marshes
Camden won on pens 6-5 vh
4 2 076 Soccer Stars Fennecs v Wood Lane (WITHDRAWN) [ Round 4 ]
Paddington Recreation Ground
2:00 PM
1 3 007 NPL Saturday v Indian Gymkhana Club [ Quarter Final ]
 A: OG  A.Owuadey  G.Singh  H.Taj
5 3 008 The Wilberforce Wanderers v Kodak (Harrow) [ Quarter Final ]
 A: K.Ali  R.Thorpe(2)
6 1 010 Larkspur Rovers v Brook House Reserves [ Quarter Final ]
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
H: L.McKinley  D.Mwengula(2)  L.Walford(3)  M.Camara
The Jim Rogers President's Division One Cup
1 3 025 West London Wanderers v London Cheetahs [ Round 3 ]
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee changed 22/01/2023 A. Smith unavailable (JN)
 S. Hart
 A: E.Kaabi  M.Mayah(2)  K.Kamhouri
3 1 026 OIR v Celtic [ Round 3 ]
Enfield College ( CONEL )
 R. Jacobs
H: A.Fiku  A.Nejjary  Y.Tacine  A: J.Payne  Z.Ali  J.Payne
The Eddy Mee Division Two Challenge Cup
2 2 006 Goan United (WITHDRAWN) v Kensington Dragons Reserves [ Quarter Final ] [ Away Win on penalties ]
Cranford Community College
KENSINGTON DRAGONS WON 3-2 on pens ( fix sec )
 M. Hughes
 A: P.Haynes  K.YOUNAS  K.Brahimi
- A 007 London Rangers (WITHDRAWN) v * Portobello [ Quarter Final ] [ Away Win was awarded ]
To Be Confirmed
3 1 008 Kodak (Harrow) Reserves v Acton Ealing Whistlers [ Quarter Final ]
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
 H. Chahal
H: J.Bako  R.Daca(2)  A: E.Voicu  T.Dlavlis  N.TOOGOOD
Jeff Nardin & Combination Cup
5 0 020 Eastcote British Legion v Harefield United Development [ Quarter Final ]
Brunel University Sports Complex
 D. Samuels
H: J.Adcock  L.Dawson  C.Henry(2)  R.King  B.Dawson
Premier Division
4 1 Hayes & Hillingdon v Feltham FC
Riching's Park Sports & Social Club
 Aadam Mirza  TBA1  TBA2
H: S.Baigent  C.Goodliffe  A.Okolo  S.Williams  A: K.Mahijith  C.Goodliffe
4 1 Hilltop 2nds v Slough Town (JFC)
Ark Academy
 J. Noblemunn  G. Pope  I. Bandeira
H: A.Abdi(2)  M.Abdi  J.SHARIFFU  A: D.Bailey  A.Abdi  J.Lockless
1 0 Kensington Dragons v Stonewall
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
Note: AR2 appointed 26/01/2024 (JN)
 J. Francourt  F. Al-Lamy  Y. Nicaragua
H: J.Campbell  T.Devine Mcauley  G.Watmough
2 2 London Tigers v Camden United
Spikes Bridge Park ( 3G and Grass )
London Tigers +2 points

Camden United -10 points

Away team fined and will have 10 points deducted for fielding an ineligble players, 9 for the 3 players and the 1 point they gained for the draw (AC)
 M. Shahib Shohel  N. Hickes  S. Cudner
H: G.JAMES  A: F.Canlier  M.Konte
0 1 PFC Victoria London v Shepherds Bush
Ashford Town (Middlx) FC
 A. Cox  D. Lea  A. Hughes
 A: T.Okello  Y.Kohuch  J.grey
5 4 Pitshanger Dynamo v Cricklewood Wanderers
Brentham Club
Note: Referee changed Gabriel De Leuw on County Cup 25/01/2024 (JN)
 P. Newman  TBA1  TBA2
H: B.Butt(2)  G.Isaac(2)  F.Racadio  A: A.Gonzalez Giron  T.Harding-Nathan  D.Vesho  F.Walker  G.Isaac
MCFL Saturday Division One (East & Central)
0 1 Aloysius v Hackney Wick Reserves
The Football Pad
No result
 C. Love
 A: J.Newby-Harris  A.Yesufu
3 2 FC Marylebone v FC Wood Green
Paddington Recreation Ground
4:00 PM
 H. Zeid
H: M.MOHAMED(2)  Z.PEREIRA  A: D.Alvarez  P.Bunza  M.MOHAMED  M.Ntim
4 1 Kulture Klub v Alexandra Knights
Lea Valley Academy
No result
H: M.Abubakar(2)  B.Depart  I.Rodriguez
5 2 Stonewall Reserves v Westminster & Kensington
Market Road Pitches (3G)
4:00 PM

NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE AND 4PM KO ( fix sec ): Referee appointed 24/01/2024 (JN)
 M. Yahiaoui
H: N.Duffey(2)  Y.Isiaq  L.Löttgen  K.Soyoye  A: I.Barakzai  N.HAMMAD  L.Löttgen
MCFL Saturday Division One South & West
3 1 AFC Southall v Shepherds Bush Reserves
Brunel University Sports Complex
 N. Saunders
H: A.Robert  I.Saruk  A.Sharma  A: A.Agyel  D.Rajendren
1 3 FC Deportivo Galicia Reserves v Ruislip Town
Middlesex FA ( 4G )
 P. Klosinski
 A: O.Corbyn  W.Shepherd(2)
1 6 FH Whistlers v Sporting Duet Academy
Cardinal Wiseman School
 C. Cabezas
H: J.Ashong  A: E.Arber(2)  A.HANNA AMODIO(2)  W.PUVANESAN  O.Roseberg  J.Ashong
2 1 LBS Lions v Ickenham
Ark Burlington Danes Academy
 T. Matthew
H: B.Downing(2)  A: J.Magan  Y.Lu
4 1 SL Benfica v Brentham
Springwest Academy (Feltham Community College)
 A. Barrett
H: R.Barbosa Dos Santos  W.Ewerthon Barros Souza  E.MAHMOUD(2)  A: F.Peracaula Prat  E.MAHMOUD
MCFL Saturday Division One North & West
0 2 Elite Football Club London v Hillside AFC
GEC Sports Ground
 M. Gisca
 A: W.Tobin(2)  S.Satkuruparan
3 0 Harrow United v Harrow Bhoys
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
 A. West
H: R.Agyeman  S.Guiheen  M.Tolliday  S.Guiheen
4 2 St Lawrence Seniors v Eagles Land
Chase Lodge Playing Fields
H: P.Clarke  Y.Enajar  L.Grant  A.Robb  O.Abdou
1 6 UKTSU FC v FC Irish of London
Northwick Park
 M. Sennett
H: S.Sakthivel  A: N.Dean(2)  B.O'Mahony  P.Phillips  H.Walsh(2)
MCFL The Russell Grant Division 2
0 2 Bessingby Park Rangers v Wiseman West
London Marathon Playing Field
 L. Tilbury
 A: O.Akinmade  L.Ward  J.Channell  P.Partridge
2 0 Hillingdon Abbots v Southall Athletic
Hillingdon Abbots
 P. Small
H: J.Hall  D.Stennett
7 0 * Portobello v London Europeans
London Marathon Playing Field
H: M.Anastasi  Y.Boudhar(2)  M.Darrington  B.Harris  S.Neylon  D.Turner
MCFL Saturday Combination
3 1 Hayes & Hillingdon Reserves v London Athletic
Riching's Park Sports & Social Club
 G. Eeles
H: J.Andy  M.Drew  J.Longman  A: C.Jones  J.Wordsworth  E.Oyalegan
6 2 Old Isleworthians v WOW RDM FC
Memorial Ground
No result
 R. Was
H: A.Cresswell  J.Gohil(2)  M.Saleh  K.Williams(2)  A: A.Aden  M.HEATON  K.Williams  T.St. John
9 1 Townmead v Kodak (Harrow) 3rds
Cranford Community College
 Mutually Agreed
H: Z.Azhar  Z.Belbachir(2)  J.Gordon  A.Martin  H.O'Reilly(4)  A: A.King  H.O'Reilly
The Jeff Nardin Division
- A Feltham Town v C.B. Hounslow United 4ths [ Away Win was awarded ]
Springwest Academy (Feltham Community College)
6 2 Sudbury Court v Sporting Clube De Stanmore (WITHDRAWN)
 Mutually Agreed
H: A.Caple(3)  P.Khoo  J.New(2)  A: L.Lindo(2)  M.Johnson
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Jolof Sports
2. Camden & Islington Reserves
3. FC Sunbury
4. Jamrock Shamrock
5. AFC Heathrow
6. Heston
7. New Hanford
8. Old Isleworthians Reserves