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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2023-2024 Season
Sunday, 14 July 2024
Match Day :  Saturday, 16 Sep 2023 Saturday, 23 September 2023 Saturday, 30 Sep 2023
Players Suspended
There are 38 matches
1 3 003 UKTSU FC v Casa Benfica Londres [ Round 1 ]
Northwick Park
3 2 016 Westminster & Kensington v London Hibernian SSEC FC [ Round 1 ]
Paddington Recreation Ground
H: M.El Ghandour  N.HAMMAD  M.Ibrahim  M.Ibrahim
2 1 018 Jamrock Shamrock v Tooting Bec [ Round 1 ]
Cranford Community College
H: T.Fearn  A.Minehan  S.Wedlock
The Alec Smith Premier Division Cup
5 1 003 PFC Victoria London v Shepherds Bush [ Round 2 ]
Ashford Town (Middlx) FC
 A. Rafique  N. Hickes  R. Beck
H: O.Dari  K.Komosinski(2)  M.Potyrala  J.WELNA  A: J.Jakes-Mackay  J.grey
4 2 004 Feltham FC v London Tigers [ Round 2 ]
Spelthorne Sports Club (Pitch 2)
 Andy Mirza  F. Al-Lamy  TBA2
H: J.Deabreau  A.Flower  M.Jadunath  R.Patel  A: A.El Achkar Azizi  V.Mourakaev Vieira  A.Saunders  V.Mourakaev Vieira
1 4 006 Kensington Dragons v Slough Town (JFC) [ Round 2 ]
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
Note: AR2 appointed 21/09/2023 (JN)
 D. Jenic  I. Lemishka  TBA
H: A.Baldwin  A: I.Ayubi  V.Brill  D.Sines  N.Solomon  J.Hughes
4 3 007 Stonewall v Cricklewood Wanderers [ Round 2 ]
London Marathon Community Track
 C. Henry  M. Byfield-D'sane  M. Yahiaoui
H: M.Seitler  D.Shaw  A.Sulaiman  D.Whitehouse  A: L.Moor  J.Nyang  OG  D.Whitehouse
2 7 008 Pitshanger Dynamo v Camden & Islington [ Round 2 ]
Brentham Club
 J. Noblemunn  D. Lea  P. Newman
H: B.Butt(2)  A: J.Ding  J.Gruby  H.Mehdaoui(2)  R.Pickles(2)  K.Usher Williams  B.Butt  R.Pickles
3 0 009 Hayes & Hillingdon v Indian Gymkhana Club [ Round 2 ]
Riching's Park Sports & Social Club
 A. Hughes  L. Mills  F. Dennis
H: C.Casey  C.Odell  O.Shodipo  L.Boakye-Mensa  H.Taj
Premier Division
3 1 Hilltop 2nds v Camden United
Ark Academy
Note: AR2 appointed 20/09/2023 (JN)
 P. Klosinski  R. Imane  D. Maragh
4 0 Jolof Sports v Kodak (Harrow)
West Ham Memorial Ground
Jolof Sports -3 points

Kodak (Harrow) +3 points

Home team played two ineligible players (AC)
 E. Mckenzie  D. McKenzie  I. Blake
MCFL Saturday Division One (East & Central)
5 2 Aloysius v Alexandra Knights
Woodhouse College (artificial pitch)
 J. Kay
H: a.anumba(2)  R.Cauldwell  C.McDonald  G.Reeves  A: J.Joe-Ofili(2)
0 5 Camden & Islington Reserves v Soccer Stars Fennecs
Regents Park
 H. Zeid
 A: M.AYOUNI  A.Kara Abdellah  A.Messaoudi(2)  M.Rahmoune
4 2 Hackney Wick Reserves v FC Wood Green
Mabley Green (4G)
 J. Francourt
H: V.Akam(2)  C.Mumganga  J.Newby-Harris  A: P.Kalwango(2)  P.Skaperas
3 0 OIR v Stonewall Reserves
Enfield College ( CONEL )
 R. Jacobs
H: I.Al-Thamir  A.Jaamac  C.Khalif  C.Caister  S.Naulls
MCFL Saturday Division One South & West
0 3 AFC Southall v Brentham
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee appointed 20/09/2023 (JN)
 M. James
 A: F.Peracaula Prat(2)  G.Sykes  F.Peracaula Prat
2 1 FC Deportivo Galicia Reserves v West London Wanderers
Middlesex FA ( 4G )
 M. Kausar
H: Z.elmoummi  A.Oleka  A: S.Dunhue  S.Cheshire
2 1 SL Benfica v Ickenham
Springwest Academy (Feltham Community College)
 A. West
H: E.MAHMOUD  L.Sangare  A: J.Mohammad  L.MONTEIRO SILVA
4 2 Sporting Duet Academy v Ruislip Town
Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub (Pitch 2)
Sporting Duet Academy -3 points

Ruislip Town +3 points

Home team fielded an ineligible player, points adjusted (AC)
 K. Ignatiuk
H: R.CECILLON(2)  W.PUVANESAN(2)  A: O.Corbyn  H.Sturgeon
MCFL Saturday Division One North & West
H - Harrow Bhoys v Elite Football Club London [ Home Win was awarded ]
2 2 Harrow United v Eagles Land
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
Harrow United +2 points

Eagles Land -1 point

eagles land played ineligible players, points adjusted (AC)
 R. Was
H: S.Gordon-Weller  K.Mentesh  L.Peace
1 0 London Cheetahs v Celtic
Bannister Sports Centre
 D. De Silva
H: L.Krasniqi  J.Payne
1 3 St Lawrence Seniors v Hillside AFC
Chase Lodge Playing Fields
MATCH NOW OK ( fix sec 19-9-23 )
 C. Cabezas
H: L.Grant  A: W.Hezb  D.Smith  S.Verrill  S.FITZGERALD  H.Ahmad
MCFL The Russell Grant Division 2
14 1 Bessingby Park Rangers v London Europeans
London Marathon Playing Field
Note: Referee appointed 20/09/2023 (JN)
 R. Reid
H: A.Afrah(2)  S.Ahmed(2)  S.Drake(2)  J.Lewis(3)  J.Thorne  L.Thorne  J.Willingham  L.Wilson(2)  A: S.Benedit Trejos  S.Drake
9 0 Portobello v Acton Ealing Whistlers
London Marathon Playing Field
 L. Tilbury
H: P.Ging  D.Grant  B.Harris(3)  S.Neylon(2)  J.Smith  M.Uba  A.Steppat
4 1 Wiseman West v Southall Athletic
Cranford Community College
 N. Saunders
H: B.Johnston(3)  J.Wiseman  A: R.Salhotra  L.Ward  J.Fishwick
MCFL Saturday Combination
1 4 Kodak (Harrow) 3rds v WOW RDM FC
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
Note: Referee appointed 20/09/2023 (JN)
 M. Shahib Shohel
H: B.Lawrence  A: M.ENUBUJE(2)  K.Frederick  K.Vallance  D.Day Lewis  K.Vallance
2 6 London Athletic v FC Sunbury
London Academy
 E. Lury
H: O.Badru  A.Sagadi  A: H.Brown  J.HART(2)  D.King  M.Light  C.Southall  A.Sagadi
3 1 Old Isleworthians v Hayes & Hillingdon Reserves
Memorial Ground
 P. Small
H: J.Gohil  N.Noonan(2)  A: T.Austin  N.Noonan  T.Austin
The Jeff Nardin Division
3 2 AFC Heathrow v Old Isleworthians Reserves
Cranford Community College
NOTE....CHANGE OF OPPONENTS ( fix sec 17-9-23 )
 S. Fernandes
H: M.Abbas(2)  R.James  A: I.Murphy  A.Scarborough  A.Nur
3 1 Eastcote British Legion v Sudbury Court
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee appointed 22/09/2023 (JN)
 I. Bandeira
H: R.King  j.Worley(2)  A: A.Caple  j.Worley
6 1 Feltham Town v New Hanford
Springwest Academy (Feltham Community College)
Note: Referee appointed 20/09/2023 (JN)
 A. Barrett
H: M.Manneh(2)  D.Patrick  W.Scott  C.SUTTON(2)  A: R.Ahir  D.Gabriel Panda
H - Heston v Harefield United Development [ Home Win was awarded ]
Heston Community School
0 1 C.B. Hounslow United 4ths v Sporting Clube De Stanmore (WITHDRAWN)
Green Lane Sports Club
 M. Hughes
 A: K.Johnson  G.Schena
3 3 FH Whistlers v Wood Lane (WITHDRAWN)
Cardinal Wiseman School
 H. Chahal
H: S.Aran  L.Chung  H.Hutnell  A: T.Butler  O.Parsons(2)  J.Hallett  O.Parsons
5 6 Goan United (WITHDRAWN) v Hillingdon Abbots
Cranford Community College
 T. Matthew
H: E.MENDES(2)  S.Pereria  S.Rodrigues(2)  A: J.Hall  J.Morrison-Chase  OG  A.Woods(3)
H - Kodak (Harrow) Reserves v London Rangers (WITHDRAWN) [ Home Win was awarded ]
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
Away team unable to field (League Secretary)
10 1 Townmead v Ealing Trailfinders (WITHDRAWN)
Cranford Community College
 L. Morgan
H: K.Batth  c.howes  A.Martin(2)  H.O'Reilly(3)  M.Rowland  A.Stone(2)  A.Martin
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Larkspur Rovers
2. Estudiantes
3. FC Marylebone
4. Kulture Klub
5. LBS Lions
6. Shepherds Bush Reserves
7. FC Irish of London
8. Kensington Dragons Reserves