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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2016-2017 Season
Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Match Day :  Saturday, 25 Mar 2017 Saturday, 01 April 2017 Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017
Players Suspended
There are 33 matches
Intermediate Division 1
4 0 Hanworth Sports v Wandgas Sport
Hanworth Airparc
 P. Legg
H: R.Borcuch  J.De Lima(3)
7 0 Old Rutlishians v Ashtead
Old Rutlishians Association
 M. Thomas
H: C.Beard  M.Beard(3)  D.Fraser  Z.Graham  P.Whitthread  M.Beard
2 2 West Fulham v Chessington K C
Weston Green Sports Ground
 R. Brum
H: T.Harper  R.Mcdowell  A: S.Cheeseman  R.Jones  R.Mcdowell
Intermediate Division 2
6 3 Frenches Athletic v A.M.Y
2:00 PM
 K. Horn
H: R.Blyth  D.Gellett  M.Georgiadis  A.Hilton  B.Johnson(2)  A: K.Ahmed(2)  Z.Bashir  R.Khan
H - Oxted & District v Crescent Rovers [ Home Win was awarded ]
Master Park
Crescent Rovers
1 0 TFT South West v Godstone
Morden Rec
 N. Buckle
H: O.Eyong  O.Eyong
0 1 Trinity v Merton Social
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
3:00 PM
 N. Patterson
 A: OG
0 1 011 Fulham Deaf v Barnet Deaf [ Semi Final ]
Sir Joseph Hood
Junior Division 1
1 4 Cheam Village Warriors v Kew Park Rangers
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 M. Riches
H: L.Carr  A: O.Coates(2)  O.Golding  U.Umotong  S.Casanova
- A Epsom Athletic Reserves v Wanderers [ Away Win was awarded ]
Kingswood Rec
1 0 N P L Reserves v Chessington K C Reserves
N P L Sports Club
 D. Collyer
H: M.McLoughlin  M.McLoughlin  A.Parke
1 1 Raynes Park Vale 'A' v Shaftesbury Town
Prince Georges Playing Fields
 E. Delaney
H: K.Wetton  A: D.Beaumont  J.Tesfamariam  B.Patel
2 0 Westside Reserves v Battersea Ironsides 'A'
Raynes Park Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
 A. Absolon
H: I.Amir  A.Kayongo  A.Kayongo  D.Dill
Junior Division 2
2 2 Melwood v Supercala
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 5)
 M. Jennings
H: J.Olusanya(2)  A: D.Barrett  J.Tallant  D.Barrett
- A Overton Athletic v Sutton High [ Away Win was awarded ]
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
Overton Athletic can not field a team
H - * Sporting 50 v * Walworth Knights [ Home Win was awarded ]
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
Double Header

Walworth Knights unable to field a team
- A * Walworth Knights v * Sporting 50 [ Away Win was awarded ]
Goals Deckers Tolworth
Double Header
1 0 Wilf Kroucher v Colliers Wood United Reserves
Nursery Rec
 F. Akanga
H: M.Igbavboa
Junior Division 3
3 1 * Crescent Rovers 'A' v * Worcester Park 'A'
Wallington Sports & Social Club
Double Header
 S. Pike
H: J.Browning  J.Forsyth  J.Matthias  A: R.Evans  D.Langley
3 0 Old Plymouthians Reserves v Motspur Park Reserves
Croygas Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 B. Knipe
H: G.Barton  B.James(2)  J.Peck
0 1 Oxted & District Reserves v Cheam Village Warriors Reserves
Master Park
 W. Douglas
 A: S.Penfold  S.Moffatt
1 2 Reigate Priory 'A' v Merton Social Reserves
Netherne Sports Ground
 P. Horne
H: W.Harries  A: S.Morton  J.Tovey  S.Morton
2 1 Shaftesbury Town 'A' v Old Rutlishians 'A'
Roehampton Playing Fields
 T. Shaw
H: M.Bath  D.Mesure  A: B.Kennett  C.Burfield
5 0 Trinity Reserves v Diaspora Sports
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
1:00 PM
 P. Richards
H: A.Benwell  L.Etherington  T.Hancock  S.Rivers  R.Wood  C.Rabu
0 1 * Worcester Park 'A' v * Crescent Rovers 'A'
Wallington Sports & Social Club
Double Header
 S. Pike
 A: L.Merritt  D.Langley
Junior Division 4
4 5 Battlebridge v Kew Park Rangers Reserves
Queens Park
 G. Bird
H: J.Brandon(2)  N.Creighton  A.Weetman  A: S.Abedrabo  C.Gilead(3)  D.Zoujoul  A.Weetman
2 0 * Chessington K C 'A' v * RH Athletic
King Edwards Rec
Double Header
 D. Sanford
H: C.Lidyard  C.Miller  A.Eksigian
3 1 Merton Social 'A' v Beckenham
King George's Park
 J. Thompson
H: O.Cape  T.Leach(2)  A: M.Laxton  T.Leach
0 1 Motspur Park 'A' v Rollers Athletic
Sir Joseph Hood (Pitch 2)
 J. Conlon
 A: A.Maray  A.Banks  M.Saleh
0 1 * RH Athletic v * Chessington K C 'A'
King Edwards Rec
Double Header
 D. Sanford
 A: C.Lidyard  A.Eksigian
2 2 Wallington Casuals v Tooting Bec 'A'
Wimbledon Common Extension (Pitch 3)
 R. Sergiev
H: A.Church  OG  A: A.Allingham(2)
1 5 Wanderers Reserves v Real Holmesdale Reserves
Croydon Athletic
 W. Shin
H: R.O'Neill  A: D.Cox(3)  A.Cross  J.Dartnell  A.Clay  D.Cox
Geoff Ellis Premier Shield
5 1 014 Tolworth United v Motspur Park [ Semi Final ]
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 P. Rogers  P. Bumstead  M. Bumstead
 A: W.OSei  L.Spindola
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Hayes Town
2. Old Plymouthians
3. Westminster Casuals
4. AC Malden
5. Acts 29
6. AFC Ewell
7. Southwark Borough 2009
8. Old Rutlishians Reserves
9. AFC Ewell Reserves
10. Old Boys Clapham
11. Frenches Athletic Reserves