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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2016-2017 Season
Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Match Day :  Sunday, 19 Feb 2017 Saturday, 25 February 2017 Saturday, 04 Mar 2017
Players Suspended
There are 34 matches
Intermediate Division 1
1 5 Ashtead v Old Rutlishians
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 D. Sanford
H: J.Cook  A: C.Beard  M.Beard(2)  Z.Graham(2)  P.Mears
2 1 Chessington K C v Hanworth Sports
Tolworth Court Sports Ground
 C. Mckoy
H: R.Jones  M.Sterne  A: J.Hamlet
2 2 Hayes Town v Fulham Deaf
Coney Hall FC
 M. Sullivan
H: J.Mewes  L.Stevens  A: S.Evans  J.Stally  J.Chandler  S.Evans
4 4 Wandgas Sport v Old Plymouthians
Wandgas Sports Club
 N. Patterson
H: A.Cathcart  W.Cathcart  J.Wilson(2)  A: C.Hart  J.Moore  E.Wood(2)  J.Wilson  E.Wood
3 0 West Fulham v Westminster Casuals
Weston Green Sports Ground
 M. Thomas
H: T.Harper  R.Mcdowell  S.Powel  C.Thomas
Intermediate Division 2
4 3 A.M.Y v Crescent Rovers
Alexandra Recreation Ground
 J. Besagni
H: K.Ahmed(3)  L.Dean  A: M.Griffiths  OG  J.Taylor  S.Shah
- A Acts 29 v Southwark Borough 2009 [ Away Win was awarded ]
Prince Georges Playing Fields
Acts 29 unable to field a team
5 2 Godstone v AC Malden
Godstone Green
 K. Horn
H: J.Fuller  D.Guscott(2)  W.Morgan  P.Wise  A: J.Bias  R.Harrison
1 0 Merton Social v AFC Ewell
Fishponds Playing Fields
 C. Edgecombe
H: J.Massey  S.Clancy
2 3 Oxted & District v Frenches Athletic
Master Park
 P. Horne
H: s.Bartholmew  J.Chart  A: B.Johnson  F.Johnson  C.Kaseke
H - TFT South West v Trinity [ Home Win was awarded ]
Morden Rec
Trinity unable to get a team out
Junior Division 1
4 0 Kew Park Rangers v N P L Reserves
Marble Hill Park
 R. Sergiev
H: S.McCormac  B.Sweeney  U.Umotong(2)
3 2 Motspur Park v Epsom Athletic Reserves
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 A. Absolon
H: T.Barchue  O.Bilski  W.OSei  A: D.Jones  B.Letts
1 3 Old Rutlishians Reserves v Battersea Ironsides 'A'
King George's Rec
 T. Shaw
H: K.Moore  A: L.Azevedo  A.Bishop(2)  L.Maslin
0 3 Wanderers v Shaftesbury Town
Croydon Athletic
2:00 PM
 F. Akanga
 A: T.Malley(2)  J.Swain  C.Wolf  A.Davey
1 0 Westside Reserves v Cheam Village Warriors
Raynes Park Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 J. Conlon
H: J.Walton-Gould  J.Walton-Gould  M.Kirby
Junior Division 2
0 2 Overton Athletic v AFC Ewell Reserves
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
 K. Corrick
 A: C.Sharp(2)  M.Vigor  C.Sharp
4 1 Sporting 50 v Wilf Kroucher
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
 P. Bumstead
H: B.Seymore(2)  J.Thomas(2)  A: G.Johnson  J.Thomas  R.Dooley
1 2 Supercala v Sutton High
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 D. Collyer
H: G.Cooper  A: B.Sinclair  R.Wicks  W.Druce
2 2 Tolworth United v Old Boys Clapham
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 E. Delaney
H: K.Higgins  D.Roberts  A: J.Arasa Villar  M.Fairbrother
1 2 Walworth Knights v Melwood
Dulwich Park
 P. Brooks
H: C.Condrai  A: J.Kakavoyiannis  J.Olusanya  D.Koula
Junior Division 3
0 3 Crescent Rovers 'A' v Oxted & District Reserves
Wallington Sports & Social Club
 D. Norman
 A: J.Heyburn(3)  L.Merritt
2 2 Diaspora Sports v Worcester Park 'A'
Garratt Park
 P. Agboula
H: P.Beckett  P.Maguire  A: S.Fagan  O.Lewis
2 1 Old Plymouthians Reserves v Merton Social Reserves
Croygas Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 M. Harris
H: A.Callender-Ferrier  A: A.Loveday
4 2 Old Rutlishians 'A' v Trinity Reserves
Nursery Rec (Pitch 3)
 M. Malin
H: C.Borrowdale  B.Kennett  S.MacLean(2)  A: A.Benwell  K.Gordon  S.MacLean
2 1 Shaftesbury Town 'A' v Motspur Park Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields
 W. Shin
H: S.Davey  K.Simpson  A: M.Ferncombe  G.Yann  N.Fares
Junior Division 4
2 1 Chessington K C 'A' v Beckenham
King Edwards Rec
 B. Whiteman
H: M.Connolly  C.Miller  A: C.Deighton
0 3 Frenches Athletic Reserves v Tooting Bec 'A'
 P. Walker
 A: A.Allingham  L.Sampson(2)  O.Hawkins
3 2 Real Holmesdale Reserves v RH Athletic
John Ruskin Playing Fields
 P. Curran
H: J.Dartnell(2)  D.Naish  A: B.Wiggins(2)  J.Dartnell  B.Wiggins
2 1 Rollers Athletic v Battlebridge
Edenham High School
1:30 PM
 M. Pepin
H: R.Henry  M.Pasta  A: J.Brandon  A.Saffarizadeh  D.Gutierrez
2 4 Wanderers Reserves v Kew Park Rangers Reserves
Croydon Athletic
1:30 PM
 M. Martinez
H: J.Higgins  A.Salako  A: C.Gilead(4)  J.Higgins
League Junior Cup
6 4 051 Chessington K C Reserves v Raynes Park Vale 'A' [ Semi Final ]
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 S. Pike  J. Pike  M. Bumstead
H: S.Harding(3)  A.Riches(3)  A: C.Caldwell-Smith(2)  J.Tesfamariam  W.Tomlinson  S.Harding  J.Salmon
Geoff Ellis Intermediate Shield
6 4 012 Cheam Village Warriors Reserves v Colliers Wood United Reserves [ Quarter Final ]
Nescot Sports Ground
3-3 ft
 P. Legg
H: M.Barwell  A.Dignan(2)  S.Penfold  G.Rodrigues  D.Scott-Peter  A: A.Langley  S.Langley(2)  OG  M.Barwell
Geoff Ellis Junior Shield
0 1 013 Motspur Park 'A' v Wallington Casuals [ Semi Final ]
Wimbledon Common Extension (Pitch 5)
2:00 PM

0-0 at full time. 0-1 AET
 D. Merrick  E. White  B. Knipe
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