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Barnet Sunday Football League
2013-2014 Season
Friday, 20 July 2018
Match Day :  Sunday, 22 Sep 2013 Sunday, 29 September 2013 Sunday, 06 Oct 2013
Players Suspended
There are 21 matches
Premier Division
1 3 Borehamwood 2000 v Finchley United 'A'
Meadow Park
10:00 AM
H: R.Burrows  A: D.Pigden(3)  J.Taylor  D.Pigden
2 3 Highgate Albion 1st v Zenit St Whetstone
St Aloysius Playing Fields
10:30 AM
H: OG  G.White  I.Kirby
0 3 Northumberland Park Rangers v Roving Reporters
St Anne's Playing Fields
12:00 PM
 D. Richardso07445964719
 A: B.Browne(2)  L.Shanahan  B.Browne
Division One
3 2 AFC Finchley v Paddy's
Mill Hill Village
10:30 AM
 M. Cannon 07841762813
H: B.Henderson  D.Overton  M.Smith  A: G.Berko  K.Ismail  J.Morse  D.Sanford
0 6 FC Boca v AC Medz
Oakhill Park
10:30 AM
 O. Simnock 07811139645
 A: F.Isa  Y.Lambrou(2)  M.Nicolaou  P.Stylianou  M.Synesi
1 7 Finchley United 'B' v Churchill Knights
Ludgrove Playing Fields
10:30 AM
 A: A.Desmond  A.Mehmet(5)  J.Verby  A.Mehmet
4 0 Panathinaikos Whites v Highgate Albion 2nd
St Anne's Playing Fields
10:00 AM
 D. Richardso07445964719
H: S.Georgiou  A.Savva(2)  M.Savva  S.Georgiou  G.Brooks
Division Two
0 2 Apoel FC v Old Elizabethans
Aylands Open Space (Pitch 2)
12:00 PM
 J. Noblemunn07720077214
 A: G.Palser(2)  R.Ranson  S.Bull
3 1 Brotherhood v Facelad
St Aloysius Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
10:30 AM
H: C.Michael  P.Michaelides  OG  A: T.Southgate  G.Paraskeva  C.Comerford
H - Leopard United v Highgate Albion 3rd [ Home Win was awarded ]
White Hart Lane Rec (Pitch 2)
Game abandoned in the 83rd minute with the score 2-2
 J. Francourt07432286400
Division Three
4 2 Arnos Rangers v FC Lokomotiv Thunder
Oakhill Park
10:30 AM
 P. Bailey 07837598977
0 2 Hornsey & Highgate v VP FC
Highgate Woods
10:30 AM
 M. McPherson07550620161
 A: D.Sherwood  M.Webster  A.May  F.Dowling
3 3 Roving Reporters Reserves v FC Phoenix
Oakhill Park (Pitch 15)
10:30 AM
 T. Salava 07880511333
H: J.McHenry  G.Okodi  A.Poyiadzis  A: L.Dunlea  S.Hoxhaj(2)  D.Tyndale  A.Menezes
1 3 St John's DFC v Panathinaikos Greens
New River Sports Centre
12:00 PM
 M. Afxendi 07710483728
 A: A.Anastasiou  A.Nicola  J.Williams  J.Williams
Veterans Division
0 6 Allenbury Vets v Old Elizabethans Veterans
Allenbury Sports & Social Club
10:30 AM
 B. Salter 07944 721732
 A: S.Amankwali(3)  S.Baradi  L.Swain  M.Turner  J.Bevan  S.Amankwali
2 3 Globe Rangers Vets v UCL Academicals Vets
George White Ground
1:00 PM
 M. McPherson07550620161
H: N.Inanc  Y.Yilmaz  A: M.Emmerson  M.Guarnieri  S.Herbert  B.Bagunaio  D.Goldman
11 1 Old Michendinians Vets v Apoel FC Veterans
Bramley Road Ground
10:30 AM
H: N.Belgrave  D.Brown  G.Cokell(3)  A.Farrelly  K.Lyons  OG  R.Smith(3)  A: B.Bedrossian
5 1 Stanley Lions v Inter Trac [ Round 2 ]
 A: N.Dyer  O.West
- A Mighty Fine Clementines v Armenian Youth Association [ Round 1 ] [ Away Win was awarded ]
The Glebelands
10:30 AM
2 1 Shepherds Bush United v Burnt Oak Builders Merchants 'B' [ Round 1 ]
5 3 Burnt Oak Builders Merchants 'A' v FC Avanti
Belmont Football Club
10:30 AM

Moved from Premier Division to Miscellaneous. Burnt Oak have withdrawn from the league
 C. Henry 07830400944
H: M.Coffey  J.Espirit  A.Gumbs(2)  D.Saint Louis  A: J.Cerveno  M.Davies  A.Szekely  A.Gumbs  D.Zavagno
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. White Hart Lane
2. Athletic United FC
3. Barnet Hearts
4. London Turkish Masters
5. Winchmore Hill Vets
6. Woodford Town Vets