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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2023-2024 Season
Saturday, 20 July 2024
Match Day :  Saturday, 10 Feb 2024 Saturday, 17 February 2024 Tuesday, 20 Feb 2024
Players Suspended
There are 32 matches
1 0 012 Larkspur Rovers v The Wilberforce Wanderers [ Semi Final ]
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
H: D.Mwengula  T.Burchall
1 2 030 London Cheetahs v SL Benfica [ Semi Final ]
Bannister Sports Centre
 A: W.Ewerthon Barros Souza  H.Manessim  H.Manessim
1 0 014 Eastcote British Legion v FC Sunbury [ Semi Final ]
Brunel University Sports Complex
H: J.Thornborough  A.Myers
Jeff Nardin & Combination Cup
2 5 017 New Hanford v Townmead [ Quarter Final ]
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee changed 14/02/2024. A. Mirza unavailable (JN)
 J. Francourt
H: S.Owen-Edwards  A.Walsh  A: Z.Belbachir(3)  c.howes  A.Martin  Z.Belbachir
Premier Division
1 2 Camden United v PFC Victoria London
New River Sports Centre
NO RESULT / phone off @17:30. Result from referee
 J. Noblemunn  I. Bandeira  M. Byfield-D'sane
H: C.Ahmed  A: R.Al-Swaiti  O.Dari  R.Al-Swaiti
0 7 Cricklewood Wanderers v Hayes & Hillingdon
Wembley FC
Note: AR added 15/02/2024 (JN)
 R. Reid  I. Lemishka  N. Hickes
 A: T.Austin  C.Casey  J.Crotty(3)  C.Goodliffe  T.Herlihy  J.Crotty
1 2 Feltham FC v Shepherds Bush
Spelthorne Sports Club (Pitch 2)
Note: Referee changed 15/02/2024 (JN)
 A. West  L. Morgan  TBA2
H: S.Riddett  A: J.grey  G.Wright
3 1 Indian Gymkhana Club v London Tigers
Indian Gymkhana Sports Club
 M. Hughes  L. Rescorla  TBA2
H: P.Kang(2)  A.Owuadey  A: G.JAMES  P.Kang
4 0 Kodak (Harrow) v Jolof Sports
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
 A. Barrett  R. Reynolds  R. Corr
H: A.Bensliman Hamdan  R.Godfrey-Brown(2)  W.Thomas-dawkins
5 0 Pitshanger Dynamo v Kensington Dragons
Brentham Club
Note: AR1 appointed 17/02/2024 (JN)
 D. Samuels  R. Ashmore  TBA2
H: B.Butt(2)  G.Isaac  Z.MACAULEY  G.Miley  T.Fitzgerald  S.Philogene
1 4 Slough Town (JFC) v Camden & Islington
Riching's Park Sports & Social Club
 T. Matthew  D. Lea  TBA
H: J.Betts  A: C.Benhebil  J.Gruby  R.Pickles  B.Protheroe  M.Gawronski  B.Protheroe
4 2 Stonewall v Hilltop 2nds
West Ham Memorial Ground
 E. Mckenzie  D. McKenzie  I. Blake
H: J.Lemonius  C.McEwan  OG  G.Watmough  A: J.SHARIFFU(2)  G.Watmough  J.SHARIFFU
MCFL Saturday Division One (East & Central)
10 5 Camden & Islington Reserves v FC Wood Green
Regents Park
 A. Zekri
H: C.Besenyei(3)  M.Betts  J.Briars  M.Opigo  K.Thomas  S.Tommy(3)  A: D.Alvarez  P.Bunza(2)  M.Furrera(2)  S.Tommy  M.Furrera
1 5 Estudiantes v Aloysius
Enfield College ( CONEL )
 C. Henry
H: Y.Tesfameskel  A: k.gonzalez(3)  r.jordan  T.smith
2 2 Hackney Wick Reserves v Alexandra Knights
Hackney Marshes
 R. Jacobs
H: S.Calvey(2)
4 1 Soccer Stars Fennecs v FC Marylebone
Paddington Recreation Ground
4:00 PM

late result due to 4pm ko
 H. Zeid
3 3 Stonewall Reserves v Kulture Klub
Drapers Field
3:00 PM

 A. Bock
H: M.Andvik  P.Finch  Y.Isiaq  A: M.Abubakar  C.Igwe  I.Rodriguez  N.Duffey  I.Rodriguez
2 5 Westminster & Kensington v OIR
Paddington Recreation Ground
2:00 PM
 H. Zeid
H: A.Bashashdoust  G.Jones  A: M.Hussein  I.Mohamed(3)  A.Nejjary  J.Daaboul  I.Mohamed
MCFL Saturday Division One South & West
3 1 Ickenham v FC Deportivo Galicia Reserves
Brunel University Sports Complex
 A. Cox
H: M.Dent(2)  A.Fuller  A: F.TUMMINIA  K.Adamus
4 1 Ruislip Town v AFC Southall
Brunel University Sports Complex
 A. Cox
H: A.Matsimanis  W.Shepherd(3)  A: C.Rowe
- A Shepherds Bush Reserves v LBS Lions [ Away Win was awarded ]
Middlesex FA ( 4G )
Home team failed to field away win (League Secretary)
 A. Smith
2 2 West London Wanderers v Brentham
Brunel University Sports Complex
 M. Gisca
H: S.Dunhue  G.Smith  A: A.Caires Nogueira  G.Sykes  R.Minter
MCFL Saturday Division One North & West
H - FC Irish of London v Elite Football Club London [ Home Win was awarded ]
Metropolitan Police Sports Club
AWAY TEAM UNABLE TO FIELD A SIDE ( fix sec 17-2-24 )
0 2 UKTSU FC v Eagles Land
Northwick Park
 K. Ignatiuk
MCFL The Russell Grant Division 2
2 9 Acton Ealing Whistlers v Kodak (Harrow) Reserves
Shamrock Club
Note: Referee appointed 17/02/2024 (JN)
 F. Al-Lamy
H: L.HINDS  J.Innis  A: R.Daca  M.Green(3)  M.Hassan  B.Hopkins  Q.Khan  A.Osei-Wusu  A.Raphael  R.De Pina Fonseca
1 5 Kensington Dragons Reserves v Portobello
Linford Christie Stadium
 C. Cabezas
H: S.Philogene  A: A.Cass  M.Darrington  B.Harris  S.Neylon  M.Uba  S.Philogene
3 12 London Europeans v Hillingdon Abbots
London Marathon Playing Field
 L. Tilbury
H: G.Bangura(2)  C.Kepple  A: I.Ehui(5)  J.Hall  K.Richardson(2)  M.Smith  D.Stennett(3)
MCFL Saturday Combination
3 8 WOW RDM FC v Jamrock Shamrock
Cranford Community College
 D. Jenic
H: M.ENUBUJE(3)  A: Z.Coleman  T.Elterraz(4)  T.Fearn(3)  M.ENUBUJE  T.Elterraz
The Jeff Nardin Division
- A C.B. Hounslow United 4ths v AFC Heathrow [ Away Win was awarded ]
Green Lane Sports Club
Score 0-3 match abandoned home team walked off (League Secretary)
 N. Saunders
1 0 Feltham Town v Sudbury Court
Springwest Academy (Feltham Community College)
 R. Was
H: C.SUTTON  T.Simons
A Celtic v Hillside AFC [ Abandoned ]
Cardinal Wiseman School
Moved from MCFL Saturday Division One North & West to Miscellaneous. Injured player (League Secretary) Seems injury to player score at the time 2-2 (League Secretary)
 G. Eeles
- A Wood Lane (WITHDRAWN) v FH Whistlers [ Away Win was awarded ]
Spikes Bridge Park ( 3G and Grass )
postponed (ac) REFE TO DISCIP ( fix sec )
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Sporting Duet Academy
2. Harrow Bhoys
3. Harrow United
4. St Lawrence Seniors
5. Bessingby Park Rangers
6. Southall Athletic
7. Wiseman West
8. Hayes & Hillingdon Reserves
9. Kodak (Harrow) 3rds
10. London Athletic
11. Old Isleworthians
12. Harefield United Development
13. Heston
14. Old Isleworthians Reserves