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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2018-2019 Season
Sunday, 07 August 2022
Match Day :  Saturday, 05 Jan 2019 Saturday, 12 January 2019 Saturday, 19 Jan 2019
Players Suspended
There are 30 matches
3 2 083 HFSP Ten-Em-Bee v Hilltop [ Quarter Final ]
Ten-Em-Bee Sports Centre.
 A: A.Assoweh(2)  A.Assoweh
0 3 013 Parkfield v Western Athletic [ Quarter Final ]
 A: B.Ahmadzai  A.Hayle  M.Hayle  A.Hayle
2 5 014 Hillingdon Abbots v Rayners Lane Reserves [ Quarter Final ]
Hillingdon Abbots
- A 015 London Samurai v FC Deportivo Galicia Reserves [ Quarter Final ] [ Away Win was awarded ]
Spikes Bridge Park
Score 4-0 subject to an FA Appeal SCH...…….MATCH AWARDED TO FC.DEPORTIVO GALICIA RES AS PER MIDDX FA. ( fix sec ) original score was 4-0

Match Report
H: R.Andar  R.Cullen(2)  K.Takeuchi
Premier Division
4 2 Brentham v Hillingdon
Brentham Club
Note: Referee changed 1350hrs 10/01/19 (AC) AR1 added 10/01/19 AR2 added 11/01/19
 J. Noblemunn  M. Partridge  N. Bleakley
H: R.Charles-Jones  J.Gohil  O.Jones  J.Townson  A: G.Berry(2)  R.Aitken  F.Altomare
0 2 Cricklewood Wanderers v C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
Wembley FC
 J. Cannon  G. Pope  N. Andrea
 A: w.williams(2)
2 3 Indian Gymkhana Club v Pitshanger Dynamo
Indian Gymkhana Sports Club
AR1 added 10/01/19
 R. Simon  J. Kobrzynski  TBA2
H: G.Singh  H.Taj  A: D.Owen  T.Pudney  L.Wretham  T.Pudney
0 3 Kensington Dragons v PFC Victoria London
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
Away team suspension lifted 7/1/19 SCH Andy Mirza Unavailable informed club 11/01/19 Gary Smith I’ll 11/01/19. REF added 11/01/19 (AC)
 S. Toki  TBA2  TBA
 A: P.Kwiatek  K.Wrobel(2)  P.Bartkow
1 1 Larkspur Rovers v Sporting Hackney
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
AR added 10/01/19
 D. Mansour  C. Azzouz  TBA2
H: R.Charles  A: J.Brown
1 12 South Kilburn v St Panteleimon
Capital City Academy
AR2 added 10/01/19
 J. Yousif  R. Reid  F. Mitchell
H: J.Starkey  A: A.Albadri  B.Dunkwu  C.Massay(6)  J.Molloy  A.Nasai  N.Tajbakhsh(2)  C.Massay
MCFL Saturday Division One (Central and East)
1 3 Eastfield v FC Star London
Ive Farm Sports Ground
Home team requested AR's. New AR2 appointed 1700hrs 9/1/19 (AC)
 E. Mckenzie  R. Jacobs  M. Matthew
H: T.Gordon  A: I.Chirciu(3)  I.Chirciu
3 5 FC Roast v NW London
Market Road Pitches (3G)
4:00 PM

Requested Linesman (AC)
 F. Al-Lamy  S. Kellet  C. Henry
H: M.Tagliapietra(3)  A: P.Cotelo  I.Dorronsoro  D.Emanuel Martial Cobianchi  E.Franchi  J.Oliveira  M.Tagliapietra  P.Cotelo
4 0 Stonewall v Clapton Community
Barn Elms Playing Fields
Attendance 147

Clapton requested linesman, none available at present. 10/01/19. Rob Lindsey bringing 2 AR’s with him.
 R. Lindsay  TBA1  TBA2
H: J.Baker  N.Nakhli  O.Rabie(2)  G.Sato  E.Crosbie
5 3 The Wilberforce Wanderers v Ealing Town
New River Sports Centre
 C. Henry
H: J.Pak(2)  T.Pereira(2)  C.White  A: W.Gadinala  W.Hirsi  M.Shaun  J.Pak  M.Shaun
MCFL Saturday Division One West
3 0 Kodak (Harrow) v Eagles FC
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
C.Mcinerney County Cup 02/01/19
 L. Morgan
H: K.Campbell  M.Connors  L.Krasniqi  A.Andrei
0 2 London Rangers v Yeading Town
Stonebridge Recreation Ground
 G. Eeles
 A: M.Caulfield  M.Mohamud  N.Yearwood
MCFL Saturday Division Two
3 1 AFC Hanwell & Hayes v Brentham Reserves
London Marathon Playing Field
 R. Alderton
H: D.Parillon  D.Warner  M.Warner  A: L.Wilson  P.Casey  A.Hunter
2 3 Global Diplomats v Sudbury Court
Northwick Park
 T. Silverston
H: O.Akande  C.Mctaggart  A: S.Cole  J.McAlinden  S.Wilson  M.Mbema
0 0 LPOSSA v Heston Bombers
K.Rea county cup 02/01/19
 A. Smith
4 2 Pitshanger Dynamo Reserves v Harrow Bhoys
West London Sports Ground
 A. Matour
H: D.Barber(2)  C.Boyce(2)  A: H.Carey  B.Weiss
MCFL Saturday Combination
4 1 London Titans v LNER
Chiswick Boathouse
 L. Tilbury
H: J.Bernal Ortiz  J.Dharampal-Hornby  O.James Parr(2)  A: D.O'Rourke
1 7 New Queens Park v Ruislip
Dukes Meadow
Home team cleared to play 8 Jan 2019 Middlesex FA - Case 9533936C
 Mutually Agreed
H: A.White  A: J.Knapp  S.Scott  B.Shilling  M.Sorrell  L.Sparks  T.Spencer(2)  B.Curran  M.Sorrell
1 3 Ruislip Town v Centenary Park
Brunel University Sports Complex
A.Goodhall County Cup 02/01/19
 M. Jenic
H: K.Best-Morris  A: E.McHugh(2)  S.Mussell  E.McHugh
1 1 Stonewall Reserves v Kensington Dragons Reserves
Barn Elms Playing Fields
 N. Myers
H: J.Brooks  A: O.Debbagh  J.Brooks
1 5 West SL Benfica v Speedy United
Tudor Park Education Trust
Note: Referee changed 1350hrs 10/01/19 Adam Chadi unavailable (AC)
 D. Jenic
H: A.Moreira Da Silva  A: C.Henry(3)  F.McGlinchey  M.Perry  A.Queiros ribeiro
The Jeff Nardin Division
0 7 AFC Heathrow v Hillingdon Reserves
Cranford Community College
 A. Mckay
 A: R.Adams  S.Bisgaard  A.Brown(2)  H.Messiou(2)  J.Mohammed  J.Hatcher  J.Williams
3 0 Kinja v Valhalla Sports & Social
Vale Farm Sports Centre
 D. Russell
H: J.Garcia Jalil  P.Sichali(2)  A.Hogas  A.El-debss
0 3 Wiseman West FC v Kodak (Harrow) Reserves
Grosvenor Vale
R.Hazell County Cup 02/01/19
 A. West
 A: A.Raphael(3)  R.Moore
7 1 Lampton Park v Tottenham Hale Rangers (WITHDRAWN)
Middlesex FA
N.Saunders County Cup 02/01/19 AR2 added 10/01/19
 M. Sellars  B. Capel  M. Barat
H: A.Barnett Shakespeare  F.Mir  B.Morris  J.Winter(4)  A: K.Vata  J.Winter
0 4 South Kilburn Res (WITHDRAWN) v FC IGK (formerly Indian Gymkana Res)
 E. Barnett
 A: P.Kang  J.Sidhu  K.Sidhu  D.Virk  J.Smith
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Hereford Palace
2. The Curve
3. Alpha & Omega
4. New Hanford
5. C.B. Hounslow United 3rds
6. Ickenham