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West Herts Youth League
2018-2019 Season
Sunday, 07 August 2022
Match Day :  Sunday, 03 Mar 2019 Sunday, 10 March 2019 Sunday, 17 Mar 2019
Players Suspended
There are 229 matches
Division 1 (Under 18's)
H - Chorleywood U18 Hurricane v Croxley Green U18 White [ Home Win was awarded ]
Chorleywood House Estate
10:00 AM
1 4 Croxley Green U18 Emerald v Bushey & Oxhey U18 Youth
Croxley Guild of Sport
 P. Sangster
H: O.Sibley  A: K.Davies-Taylor  B.Foley(2)  T.Lewis
- A * Everett Rovers U18 Blue v * Harpenden Colts U18 Blues [ Away Win was awarded ]
North Western Avenue
Double Header
H - * Harpenden Colts U18 Blues v * Everett Rovers U18 Blue [ Home Win was awarded ]
Rothamsted Park
Double Header

10:00 AM

To be played at Harpenden
Division 2 (Under 18's)
3 3 Harpenden Colts U18 Whitecaps v Chorleywood U18 Archers
Rothamsted Park
Good game despite the windy conditions
H: H.Lind  F.Meredith  OG  A: S.Casali  A.Meaker  T.Woodward
3 0 Park St Village U18 v Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Makos
Verulam Park
10:00 AM
 J. Keya
H: D.Earl  J.Micklewright  T.Pope  B.King
Division 3 (Under 18's)
4 5 Watford Youth Sports U18 v Hemel Aces U18 Hornets
Woodside Playing Fields
10:00 AM
H: E.Brewer  L.McCall  J.Young(2)  A: A.Burchell  N.Dowsett(4)  E.Brewer
Division 4 (Under 18's)
0 1 Cassiobury Rangers U18 Leopards v Abbots Youth U18 Blue
Parmiters School
10:00 AM
 A: S.Vigneswaran  A.McMahon
6 1 St Albans City U18 Orient v Hemel Youth U18 Blue
Park St Recreation Park
10:30 AM
H: F.Lafbery(2)  Z.Quinn  K.Takahashi(3)  A: E.Territt  R.Rahho
U18 Challenge Cup
0 7 Totternhoe Youth U18 v Garston Boys U18 [ Round 2 ]
Totternhoe Recreation Ground
1:30 PM
 A: L.Carter  A.Clarke  R.Emmanuel(2)  C.Harvey(2)  T.Mauree  J.Clarke  J.Millman
U18 Intermediate League Cup
4 2 Evergreen Youth U18 Colts v St Albans City U18 North [ Round 2 ]
South Way
12:00 PM
 R. Soussou
H: A.Hardman  R.Lewis  A.Marchant  W.Mcmanus  A: J.Hughes  H.Piekarczyk
U18 Junior League Cup
3 1 Harpenden Colts U18 Jaguars v Harpenden Colts U18 Lions [ Semi Final ]
Rothamsted Park
10:00 AM
 Home Club Referee
H: C.Norton(2)  B.Whitehead  A: T.Harris  C.Norton  H.Humphreys
Division 1 (Under 16's)
1 7 Croxley Green U16 White v St Albans City U16 Central
Croxley Guild of Sport
9:30 AM
H: W.Redman  A: M.Donkin  O.Gilmour  L.Johnston  J.Penning  J.Percy(2)  M.Roome  W.Redman  J.Penning
Division 2 (Under 16's)
10 3 EB Lions U16 v Hemel Youth U16 White
10:30 AM
H: L.Conner(2)  H.Fry  D.Kalabza  H.Price  A.Priestley(4)  C.Taylor  A: C.Dadd  F.Taylor-Richardson  B.Warren  D.Kalabza  L.Russell
2 0 * Evergreen Youth U16 Youth v * Park St Village U16
Park St Recreation Park
Double Header
 M. Emmerson
H: S.Balasingam  E.Williams  R.Hopping  O.Ben
4 0 Hemel Youth U16 Red v Watford Youth Sports U16 White
10:00 AM
 S. Meager
H: M.Allen  T.Miller  J.Tomkins(2)  M.Allen
2 5 * Park St Village U16 v * Evergreen Youth U16 Youth
Park St Recreation Park
Double Header
 M. Emmerson
H: O.Allison  O.Parker  A: A.Andreas  S.Balasingam(2)  J.Goodall  R.Smith  K.Alles-Shah
1 3 St Albans City U16 West v St Albans City U16 Orient
Greenwood Park
10:30 AM
 P. McCarthy
 A: S.Beasley  H.Turner(2)  S.Beasley
2 3 Wheathampstead Wanderers U16 Sharks v Kings Langley U16 Red
Memorial Hall Playing Fields
10:30 AM
H: C.Alexander  L.Hammond  A: A.Chester  W.Hodgins  W.Wilcox  E.Burr
Division 3 (Under 16's)
1 4 Berkhamsted Raiders U16 Black v Sun Sports Youth U16
Ashlyns School - Pitch 4 (Pitch 4)
10:00 AM
H: E.Gibson  A: R.Howe  A.Osunsedo(3)  T.Smith
1 5 Harpenden Colts U16 Falcons v Cassiobury Rangers U16 Blues
Roundwood Park School - Astro
9:45 AM
 A. Marsh
H: C.Lamb  A: R.Ahir  C.Mensah(2)  W.Russel-Page  K.Sharkey  C.Lamb  J.Maboreke
- A St Albans City U16 North v FC Hemel U16 [ Away Win was awarded ]
Verulam Park
10:00 AM

Game awarded to FC Hemel- St Albans Forfeit.
Division 1 (Under 15's)
1 4 Harpenden Colts U15 Hawks v St Albans City U15 Boreal
Roundwood Park School - Astro
H: A.Carberry  A: G.hall  G.Pedder  T.Randall(2)  D.Joyce  R.Murray
0 2 Hemel Youth U15 Red v Evergreen Youth U15 Youth
 A: T.Channer  R.Ricketts  N.Casey
0 8 St Albans City U15 South v Chorleywood U15 Hurricanes
Verulam Park
10:00 AM
 N. Marsh
 A: F.Bohler  j.Davies(5)  W.Day  S.Kato  L.Ferrara
1 1 Watford Youth Sports U15 v Bovingdon U15 Storm
Woodside Playing Fields
12:00 PM
 P. Brown
H: P.Wieczorek  A: W.Pritchard  T.Brooker  J.Ashton
Division 2 (Under 15's)
1 1 Echoes U15 Amber v Harpenden Colts U15 Eagles
Pennine Way
11:30 AM
H: D.Smith  A: J.Bright  D.Smith  J.Bright
6 2 Gadeside Rangers U15 Black v Berkhamsted Raiders U15 Blue
Westfield Academy
12:00 PM
H: L.Biddle(2)  C.Mallord(2)  OG  H.Youden  A: T.Dewick  O.Sanders  H.Youden
1 2 Tring Tornadoes U15 Leopards v Sun Sports Youth U15 Blue
Cow Lane
H: C.Gutsell  A: O.Colborne  O.Winter
Division 3 (Under 15's)
5 2 Abbots Youth U15 Yellow v Harpenden Colts U15 Falcons
Leavesden Country Park
11:00 AM
H: S.Breadin  M.Hale(2)  F.Mallord(2)  A: H.Fleming  A.Sanusi  M.Hale
1 2 Aston Clinton U15 Colts v Everett Rovers U15
School Approach
10:30 AM
H: J.Disberry  A: A.Hall  A.Samani  C.Davis  D.Capocci
11 2 Chorleywood U15 Thunder v Bovingdon U15 Lightning
Chorleywood House Estate
H: A.Chadha  M.Jones  B.O'Sullivan(3)  Y.Ruparelia  K.Russel  C.Wright  W.Young(3)  A: J.Couldridge  R.Donaldson  D.Ackenson-Sargeant  A.Brennan
U15 Senior League Cup
0 4 Sun Sports Youth U15 Yellow v Sarratt Rebels U15 [ Semi Final ]
Sun Sports & Social
1:00 PM
 E. Linnegar
 A: D.Ormsby  S.Patten(2)  O.Sills  R.Turner
U15 Intermediate League Cup
6 1 FC Hemel U15 v Croxley Green U15 White [ Semi Final ]
Galley Hill Playing Fields
12:15 PM
 R. Nicholson
H: H.Ahmed  A.Heard  M.Kuffour  E.Power(3)  A: h.styles  H.Ahmed  l.powney
Division 1 (Under 14's)
2 1 Evergreen Youth U14 Youth v Chorleywood U14 Chiefs
10:45 AM
H: B.Omotoye(2)  A: M.Tarrant  F.Mclean
8 0 Harpenden Colts U14 Thunder v Hemel Youth U14 White
Rothamsted Park
10:00 AM
H: D.Ahern(2)  L.Jenkins  M.Kenny(3)  B.Ononye(2)  M.Kenny
1 1 Hemel Athletic U14 Blue v Kings Langley U14 Red
Westwick Field
11:00 AM
 L. McCarthy
H: E.Thackeray  A: J.Wicks  A.Middleton  C.Lee
Division 2 (Under 14's)
2 4 Berkhamsted Raiders U14 Green v St Albans City U14 South
Ashlyns School - Pitch 8 (Pitch 8)
H: N.Dix  J.Dunlop  A: M.Gibson  N.Sivakumar  O.Wynne(2)  O.Wynne
H - Langleybury U14 v Abbots Youth U14 Blue [ Home Win was awarded ]
Langleybury CC
10:00 AM
- A Sarratt Rebels U14 v Little Gaddesden U14 [ Away Win was awarded ]
King George V Playing Fields
2 1 Tring Tornadoes U14 Eagles v Harpenden Colts U14 Lightning
Cow Lane
9:30 AM
H: J.Parker  P.Stokes  A: M.Mayer  J.Nathan  J.Grice
Division 3 (Under 14's)
0 4 Harpenden Colts U14 Tornadoes v Cassiobury Rangers U14 Clarets
Rothamsted Park
10:00 AM
 A: P.Bird(2)  J.Dharmesh Shah  M.GRAY  J.Moran
1 7 Watford Youth Sports U14 Black v Evergreen Youth U14 Colts
Woodside Playing Fields
H: R.Brandy  A: H.Castillo-Alonso  J.Heredia(2)  L.John(3)  J.Kempson  D.Baldwin  J.Bibby
Division 4 (Under 14's)
6 2 Abbots Youth U14 Red v Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Tigers
St Michaels School
11:30 AM
H: T.Bishop  A.Chettri  R.Elliott(4)  A: J.Crawley  O.Knight  C.Gard
2 2 Aston Clinton U14 Colts v Berkhamsted Raiders U14 White
Aston Park
 L. Townsend
H: J.Davies  A.Wright  A: C.Clifford  Z.Shoesmith  J.Davies  Z.Shoesmith
10 1 Berkhamsted Raiders U14 Yellow v St Albans Rangers U14 Harriers
Ashlyns School - Pitch 1
11:30 AM
H: H.Lines(2)  F.Luter(3)  J.Parslow(2)  N.Preston(3)  A: J.Pedder  F.Hobbis
4 2 Harpenden Colts U14 Cyclones v Harpenden Colts U14 Typhoons
Rothamsted Park
H: A.Farnham  J.Gladdis  F.Mathews  L.Pollard  A: I.Chowdhury  N.Perritt  J.Gladdis  N.Perritt
Division 1 (Under 13's)
2 2 Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Red v Chorleywood U13 Dragons
Ashlyns School - Pitch 1
10:00 AM
H: O.Painter  K.Warren  A: L.Anderson-Griffiths  G.Edwards
Division 2 (Under 13's)
5 0 Sun Sports Youth U13 Blue v Park St Village U13
Sun Sports & Social
H: C.Craft  M.DAVIES(2)  J.McGregor  L.Roberts
Division 3 (Under 13's)
8 2 Hemel Youth U13 White v Bushey & Oxhey U13 Sharks
10:00 AM
H: A.Cooke  S.McAlinden(5)  OG  H.Slater  A: L.Byford  J.McDermott
Division 4 (Under 13's)
4 1 Evergreen Youth U13 Jaguars v Aston Clinton U13 Colts
9:30 AM
5 0 Sandridge Rovers U13 Stormtroopers v Premierskills U13 Red
Redbourn Recreational Ground
H: J.McKinstry  S.Pinkham  B.Winter(3)  B.Winter  W.Ransfor
1 7 St Albans City U13 Boreal v Abbots Youth U13 Red
St Albans Girls School
10:00 AM
 A: F.Hague  C.Howard  A.Pope  G.Slater  L.Wright(3)  F.Hague
2 0 St Albans City U13 Central v Watford Youth Sports U13
St Albans Girls School
10:00 AM
H: S.Hunt  T.Tank  T.Tank  M.Murphy
Division 5 (Under 13's)
1 2 Harpenden Colts U13 Jets v Sandridge Rovers U13 Tigers
Rothamsted Park
H: O.Evans  A: M.Barnett  J.Field  M.Malan  T.Edwards
0 9 Tring Tornadoes U13 Tigers v Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Yellow
Mortimer Hill
 A: H.Caradec(2)  D.Connett  P.Nicholls  A.Stephens(2)  L.Tse  J.Wilcock(2)  C.Beard
U13 Challenge Cup
2 5 FC Hemel U13 v St Albans City U13 Victoria [ Quarter Final ]
Galley Hill Playing Fields
10:30 AM
 R. Nicholson
H: G.Dunleavey(2)  A: R.J  A.Latter  O.Mullen  F.Roe(2)  M.Evans  F.Roe
7 4 St Albans City U13 West v St Albans City U13 Orient [ Round 3 ]
Highfield Park
H: C.Clark(3)  A.Connolly  D.Doyle  B.Mitchell  I.Templeton  A: J.Dean(4)  A.Connolly  A.Merriden
3 1 Sun Sports Youth U13 Yellow v Harpenden Colts U13 Hurricanes [ Quarter Final ]
Sun Sports & Social
10:30 AM
 E. Linnegar
H: N.Harvey  M.Powell  A.Scozzafava  A: J.Robinson  E.Francis  J.Hollier
3 2 Tring Tornadoes U13 Titans v Bushey & Oxhey U13 Cobras [ Quarter Final ]
Mortimer Hill
9:30 AM
 R. Young
H: J.Dye  J.Farrant(2)  A: OG  C.Sharpe  J.Farrant  E.Bradford
Division 2 (Under 12's)
1 0 Abbots Youth U12 Red v Nascot Wood Rangers U12
Leavesden Country Park
11:00 AM
H: S.Young  R.Moore
3 3 Chorleywood U12 Eagles v Echoes U12
Chorleywood House Estate
H: R.Emery  W.Minns  J.Walsh  A: R.Hunt  J.Owusu(2)  L.Tang
1 1 Sarratt Rebels U12 v Evergreen Youth U12 Eagles
King George V Playing Fields
9:30 AM
 A. Smiton
H: D.Tucker
Division 3 (Under 12's)
4 3 * Bushey & Oxhey U12 Herons v * Sun Sports Youth U12 Blue
Bushey Sports Club
Double Header

9:30 AM

H: J.Tredler(3)  D.Watson  A: J.Beveridge(2)  M.Russell  J.Tredler  J.Beveridge
3 0 Croxley Green U12 White v St Albans City U12 Arrows
King George V Watford
10:00 AM
H: s.gili ross  k.somaia(2)  s.gili ross  O.Denyer
0 1 * Harpenden Colts U12 Leopards v * Oxhey Jets U12
Rothamsted Park
Double Header

 A: S.De-Bruce
0 2 * Hemel Aces U12 Lions v * Hemel Youth U12 Red
Yew Tree School
Double Header

9:30 AM

 A: S.Dearman  H.George  J.Rall  H.Fell
1 0 * Hemel Youth U12 Red v * Hemel Aces U12 Lions
Double Header

H: B.Soos  H.Fell  O.Fogden
0 0 * Oxhey Jets U12 v * Harpenden Colts U12 Leopards
Boundary Way Stadium
Double Header

3 1 * Sun Sports Youth U12 Blue v * Bushey & Oxhey U12 Herons
Sun Sports & Social
Double Header

H: S.Hulbert  M.Russell(2)  A: G.Williamson  M.Hooker  D.Watson
Division 4 (Under 12's)
0 1 * Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Black v * St Albans City U12 Dragons
Ashlyns School - TC 9v9
Double Header

 A: M.Napier  F.MacDonald  A.Hussain
3 0 * Bovingdon U12 Thunder v * Croxley Green U12 Emerald
Green Lane
Double Header

H: j.craig  j.langton(2)
0 9 * Chipperfield U12 v * Sun Sports Youth U12 Yellow
Chipperfield Corinthinians Youth FC
Double Header

 A: J.Batchelor(2)  C.Cother(2)  A.Herring(2)  L.Rawal(2)  H.Yaqoob  L.Rawal
1 1 * Croxley Green U12 Emerald v * Bovingdon U12 Thunder
Rickmansworth School
Double Header

H: O.Walford  A: j.langton  O.Walford
3 2 Herons U12 v Hemel Youth U12 Green
Harebreaks Recreational Ground
H: K.Jackson-Small(2)  A.Shepperd  A: S.Dale  J.Danks
2 3 * St Albans City U12 Central v * St Albans City U12 West
Highfield Park
Double Header

H: S.Tchoudi(2)  A: J.Button  C.Fletcher  C.Rose  S.Tchoudi
1 0 * St Albans City U12 Dragons v * Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Black
Margaret Wix School
Double Header

10:00 AM

H: D.Norman  A.Hussain  F.MacDonald
1 1 * St Albans City U12 West v * St Albans City U12 Central
Highfield Park
Double Header

H: C.Rose  A: S.Tchoudi  E.Mosima
2 1 * Sun Sports Youth U12 Yellow v * Chipperfield U12
Sun Sports & Social
Double Header

H: C.Cother  A.Fisher  A: N.Mukherjee  C.Cother
Division 5 (under 12s)
1 2 * Cassiobury Rangers U12 Blues v * FC Hemel U12
Parmiters School
Double Header

10:00 AM

 B. Brophy
H: B.Hurwood  A: J.Boser  L.Peck  A.Ewart  D.Gately
2 0 * Chorleywood U12 Hawks v * Sandridge Rovers U12
Chorleywood House Estate
Double Header

H: W.Barrett  T.Kirkman-Cairns  S.Newman
1 2 Croxley Green U12 Yellow v Aston Clinton U12 Colts
Rickmansworth School
H: F.Gardiner  A: W.Storey(2)  S.Patel
3 1 * FC Hemel U12 v * Cassiobury Rangers U12 Blues
Parmiters School
Double Header

 B. Brophy
H: D.Gately  O.Pulis(2)  A: N.Mitchell  D.Gately  B.Hurwood
2 0 * Hemel Youth U12 Blue v * St Albans Rangers U12 Hawks
Double Header

H: o.mcleod  j.reeve
0 1 * Sandridge Rovers U12 v * Chorleywood U12 Hawks
Spencer Playing Fields
Double Header

 A: W.Barrett  O.Kirkham
1 3 * St Albans Rangers U12 Hawks v * Hemel Youth U12 Blue
Harperbury Hospital
Double Header

H: T.Kalejaiye  A: s.Hitchcock  j.reeve(2)  T.Kalejaiye  a.Gulfraz
U12 Challenge Cup
2 1 Aston Clinton U12 Pumas v Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Sharks [ Quarter Final ]
Aston Park
10:45 AM
 L. Townsend
H: S.Slade  D.Smith  A: J.Vickers  S.Slade
2 1 Bedmond Youth U12 v Watford Youth Sports U12 [ Quarter Final ]
Bedmond Sports & Social Club
9:30 AM
 J. Ellis
H: B.Hitchcock  E.Porter  A: E.Bishop  R.Jesinger
6 2 Everett Rovers U12 Yellow v Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Blue [ Quarter Final ]
North Western Avenue
 T. Fogden
H: B.Bowie(2)  R.Hirani  B.Riley(2)  J.Weidner  A: G.Doyle  W.Sudbery  C.Thomas
U12 Junior League Cup
0 2 Gadeside Rangers U12 v Everett Rovers U12 Black [ Semi Final ]
Westfield Academy
9:45 AM
 H. Griffin
 A: K.Allen  C.Murray  A.Mohamed  c.murray
2 7 Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Pumas v Hemel Youth U12 White [ Semi Final ]
Heartwood Gardens Playing Fields
10:00 AM
H: C.Chapple Norman  J.Williams  A: S.Collins(3)  A.Gaywood-George  K.Housein  R.Khan  OG  C.Williams
U11 Euston
Played Bedmond Youth U11 Red v Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Blue
  Bushey & Oxhey U11 Vipers v Harpenden Colts U11 Raiders
Bushey Sports Club
Played Chorleywood U11 Sharks v Sun Sports Youth U11 Blue
Played Evergreen Youth U11 Falcons v Hemel Aces U11 Stingers
Played Harpenden Colts U11 Bucaneers v Bushey & Oxhey U11 Piranhas
Played Hemel Aces U11 Panthers v Chorleywood U11 Marlins
Longdean School
 L. Cole
Played Hemel Youth U11 Red v Evergreen Youth U11 Eagles
10:00 AM
  Hemel Youth U11 White v Hemel Aces U11 Hornets
U11 Kings Cross
Played Abbots Youth U11 Yellow v Watford Town U11 Red
Played Aston Clinton U11 Colts v Hemel Athletic U11
Played Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Green v Sarratt Rebels U11
Berkhamsted Sports Club (Pitch 3)
Played Bushey & Oxhey U11 Scorpions v Watford Town U11 Black
Bushey Sports Club
Played Chipperfield U11 v Evergreen Youth U11 Hawks
Played Echoes U11 Amber v Garston Boys U11
10:30 AM
Played Harpenden Colts U11 Titans v Little Gaddesden U11
  Hemel Aces U11 Tigers v Watford Youth Sports U11 White
Longdean School
Played Hemel Youth U11 Yellow v Berkhamsted Raiders U11 White
U11 Victoria
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Black v FC Hemel U11
Ashlyns School - TC 9v9
Played Croxley Green U11 Emerald v Harpenden Colts U11 Saints
Played Hemel Youth U11 Green v Hemel Youth U11 Blue
Played Kings Langley U11 Red v St Albans Rangers U11 Tigers
U11 Waterloo
  Abbots Youth U11 Red v Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Yellow
Played Chorleywood U11 Piranhas v Echoes U11 Orange
Played Harpenden Colts U11 Eagles v Hemel Aces U11 Wasps
10:00 AM
Played Harpenden Colts U11 Vikings v Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Purple
  Oxhey Jets U11 Hornets v Tornado JSC U11
U10 Pool Ford Model-T
Played Bushey & Oxhey U10 Stags v Harpenden Colts U10 Jaguars
Bushey Sports Club
10:30 AM
Played Chorleywood U10 Lions v Little Gaddesden U10
Played Croxley Green U10 White v Oxhey Jets U10 Rangers
Played Harpenden Colts U10 Tigers v Kings Langley U10 Red
Played Hemel Rovers U10 v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Red
U10 Pool Honda Accord
P Bedmond Youth U10 Red v Premierskills U10 Red [ Postponed ]
Played Cassiobury Rangers U10 Clarets v Evergreen Youth U10 Cobras
Played Chorleywood U10 Stags v Cassiobury Rangers U10 Blues
Played Hemel Aces U10 Wasps v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Green
Galley Hill Playing Fields
9:45 AM
Played Watford Town U10 Tigers v Sun Sports Youth U10 Yellow
U10 Pool Lada Rada
P Bovingdon U10 Thunder v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Blue [ Postponed ]
P Bushey & Oxhey U10 Bulldogs v Nascot Wood Rangers U10 [ Postponed ]
Bushey Sports Club
10:30 AM
Played Croxley Green U10 Emerald v Bushey & Oxhey U10 Bobcats
Played Evergreen Youth U10 Sharks v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 White
Played Watford Youth Sports U10 v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Purple
U10 Pool Toyota Corolla
Played Aston Clinton U10 Colts v Hemel Youth U10 Blue
P Everett Rovers U10 Yellow v Harpenden Colts U10 Lions [ Postponed ]
P Hemel Aces U10 Pumas v Everett Rovers U10 Blue [ Postponed ]
Galley Hill Playing Fields
Played Hemel Youth U10 Green v Bushey & Oxhey U10 Rhinos
Played Sun Sports Youth U10 Blue v Hemel Youth U10 White
Sun Sports & Social
U10 Pool VW Golf
Played Harpenden Colts U10 Panthers v Evergreen Youth U10 Crocodiles
Played Hemel Youth U10 Orange v Hemel Aces U10 Hornets
  Sandridge Rovers U10 v Echoes U10 Amber
Played Sarratt Rebels U10 v Harpenden Colts U10 Pumas
 D. Jones
U10 Pool Ford F-Series
P Abbots Youth U10 v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Orange [ Postponed ]
Played Chipperfield U10 v Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Yellow
Played Evergreen Youth U10 Tigers v Echoes U10 Orange
  Hemel Athletic U10 v Hemel Youth U10 Yellow
U9 Battersea Pool 2
P Bushey & Oxhey U9 Pythons v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Blue [ Postponed ]
Bushey Sports Club
Played Harpenden Colts U9 Lions v Sandridge Rovers U9
Played Harpenden Colts U9 Tigers v Chorleywood U9 Hurricane
Played Hemel Youth U9 Red v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Red
Played Hemel Youth U9 Yellow v Tring Tornadoes U9 Harriers
Played Kings Langley U9 Red v Evergreen Youth U9 Falcons
P Sarratt Rebels U9 v Tring Tornadoes U9 Eagles [ Postponed ]
U9 Millenium Pool 2
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Green v Bovingdon U9 Rangers
Played Chorleywood U9 Storm v Evergreen Youth U9 Tigers
Played Everett Rovers U9 Blue v Abbots Youth U9 Black
  Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Hawks v Hemel Youth U9 Green
  Watford Town U9 Black v Chorleywood U9 Cyclone
  Watford Town U9 Red v Everett Rovers U9 Yellow
U9 Southwark Pool 2
Played Evergreen Youth U9 Eagles v FC Hemel U9
Played Harpenden Colts U9 Cowboys v Hemel Athletic U9 White
  Hemel Youth U9 White v Potten End Youth U9
Played Tring Tornadoes U9 Kestrels v Cassiobury Rangers U9 Clarets
U9 Tower Pool 2
P Chipperfield U9 v Hemel Aces U9 Wasps [ Postponed ]
  Echoes U9 v Hemel Aces U9 Tigers
P Hemel Youth U9 Blue v Harpenden Colts U9 Foxes [ Postponed ]
  Kings Langley U9 Blue v Sun Sports Youth U9 Yellow
Played Watford Youth Sports U9 v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 White
U9 Vauxhall Pool 2
Played Bushey & Oxhey U9 Kestrels v St Albans Rangers U9 Falcons
Bushey Sports Club
P Hemel Youth U9 Orange v Harpenden Colts U9 Rhinos [ Postponed ]
Played Little Gaddesden U09 v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Yellow
Played Oxhey Jets U9 v Harpenden Colts U9 Rockets
U9 Waterloo Pool 2
Played Chorleywood U9 Tornado v Evergreen Youth U9 Hawks
Played Everett Rovers U9 Black v Echoes U9 Amber
Played Harpenden Colts U9 Vikings v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Purple
Played Hemel Athletic U9 Blue v Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Orange
Played Tring Tornadoes U9 Falcons v Herons U9
Played Tring Tornadoes U9 Hawks v Aston Clinton U9 Colts
U8 Cup Pool A
Played Chorleywood U8 Leopards v Harpenden Colts U8 Tigers
Played Hemel Youth U8 Red v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Red
Played Kings Langley U8 Blue v Hemel Aces U8 Tigers
U8 Cup Pool B
  Bushey & Oxhey U8 Jackals v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Green
Bushey Sports Club
Played Evergreen Youth U8 Eagles v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Blue
Played Kings Langley U8 Red v Harpenden Colts U8 Lions
U8 Trophy Pool A
Played Evergreen Youth U8 Sharks v Chipperfield U8 Black
Played Hemel Aces U8 Scorpions v Chorleywood U8 Panthers
Longdean School
Played Hemel Youth U8 Yellow v Abbots Youth U8 Yellow
12:00 PM
U8 Trophy Pool B
Played Aston Clinton U8 Colts v Chorleywood U8 Pumas
Played Echoes U8 Amber v Hemel Youth U8 White
Played Tring Tornadoes U8 Jaguars v Harpenden Colts U8 Leopards
U8 Shield Pool A
Played Berkhamsted Raiders U8 White v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Purple
8:30 AM
P Everett Rovers U8 Black v Hemel Youth U8 Blue [ Postponed ]
Played Kings Langley U8 Green v Hemel Aces U8 Wasps
U8 Shield Pool B
Played Sandridge Rovers U8 Terriers v Bushey & Oxhey U8 Pumas
Played Tring Tornadoes U8 Tigers v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Yellow
Played Watford Youth Sports U8 v Bedmond Youth U8 Red
U8 Vase Pool A
Played EB Lions U8 v Harpenden Colts U8 Foxes
Played Echoes U8 Blue v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Orange
U8 Vase Pool B
P Bovingdon U8 Thunder v Harpenden Colts U8 Rockets [ Postponed ]
Played Cassiobury Rangers U8 Blue v Evergreen Youth U8 Dragons Red
U8 Vase Pool C
Played Aston Clinton U8 Cobras v Bushey & Oxhey U8 Broncos
P Kings Langley U8 White v Everett Rovers U8 Blue [ Postponed ]
U8 Plate Pool A
Played Abbots Youth U8 Blue v Chipperfield U8 Red
Played Hemel Aces U8 Hornets v Harpenden Colts U8 Vikings
Longdean School
U8 Plate Pool B
Played Chorleywood U8 Lions v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Black
Played Evergreen Youth U8 Dragons Blue v Harpenden Colts U8 Cowboys
U8 Plate Pool C
P Bovingdon U8 Lightning v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Emeralds [ Postponed ]
Played Sandridge Rovers U8 Centurions v St Albans Rangers U8 Raptors
U8 Plate Pool D
Played Herons U8 v Little Gaddesden U08
Harebreaks Recreational Ground
Played Tring Tornadoes U8 Panthers v Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Grey
U8 Pool Mix & Match
Played Echoes U8 Orange v Watford Town U8
U7 Pool Austin FX4
Played Abbots Youth U7 Blue v Hemel Youth U7 Red
Played Bedmond Youth U7 Red v Evergreen Youth U7 Eagles
U7 Pool Bersey Hummingbird
Played Aston Clinton U7 Colts v Bovingdon U7 Turtles
Played Bedmond Youth U7 Green v Bushey & Oxhey U7 Bears
Played Everett Rovers U7 Yellow v Hemel Youth U7 White
U7 Pool LTI TX1
Played Chorleywood U7 Aces v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Purple
Sun Sports & Social
P Hemel Youth U7 Yellow v Everett Rovers U7 Blue [ Postponed ]
  Kings Langley U7 Blue v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Yellow
U7 Pool Hansom Cab
Played Abbots Youth U7 Black v Bushey & Oxhey U7 Eagles
Played Chorleywood U7 Raiders v Everett Rovers U7 Black
Sun Sports & Social
P Hemel Aces U7 Leopards v Chorleywood U7 Comets [ Postponed ]
Played Oxhey Jets U7 v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Red
Played Watford Town U7 v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Green
10:30 AM
U07 Pool Mix & Match
Played Chorleywood U7 Rockets v Bushey & Oxhey U7 Hawks
Played Evergreen Youth U7 Tigers v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 White
Played Hemel Aces U7 Lions v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Orange
Hemel Hempstead School
Played Hemel Aces U7 Panthers v Hemel Youth U7 Blue
Hemel Hempstead School
Played Hemel Youth U7 Green v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Blue
P Kings Langley U7 Red v Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Black [ Postponed ]
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Aston Clinton U18 Colts Blue
2. Harpenden Colts U18 Sporting
3. Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Sharks
4. Abbots Youth U18 Yellow
5. Berkhamsted Raiders U18 Blue
6. Bushey & Oxhey U18 Dragons
7. Chorleywood U18 Lightning
8. Aston Clinton U18 Colts Black
9. Harpenden Colts U18 Hawks
10. Oxhey Jets U18
11. St Albans City U18 West
12. Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Tigers
13. Chorleywood U18 Thunder
14. Aston Clinton U16 Colts
15. Berkhamsted Raiders U16 Red
16. Everett Rovers U16
17. Harpenden Colts U16 Tornadoes
18. Hemel Youth U16 Yellow
19. Watford Youth Sports U16 Red
20. Chorleywood U16 Vipers
21. St Albans City U16 East
22. Tornado JSC U16
23. Bushey & Oxhey U16 Lions
24. Bushey & Oxhey U16 Tigers
25. Chorleywood U16 Pythons
26. Harpenden Colts U16 Magpies
27. Herons U16
28. Kings Langley U16 Blue
29. Wheathampstead Wanderers U16 Tigers
30. Kings Langley U15 Red
31. St Albans Rangers U15 Blue
32. Wheathampstead Wanderers U15 Tigers
33. Bushey & Oxhey U15 Wolves
34. Echoes U15 Orange
35. Harpenden Colts U15 Hurricanes
36. Herons U15
37. Bushey & Oxhey U14 Jaguars
38. Sun Sports Youth U14 Blue
39. Sun Sports Youth U14 Yellow
40. Chorleywood U14 Pumas
41. Watford Youth Sports U14 White
42. Bovingdon U14 Lightning
43. Bushey & Oxhey U14 Cougars
44. Nascot Wood Rangers U14
45. St Albans Rangers U14 Kites
46. Watford Town U14
47. Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Sharks
48. Kings Langley U14 Blue
49. St Albans City U14 West
50. Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Pumas
51. Everett Rovers U13 Red
52. Evergreen Youth U13 Wolves
53. Hemel Aces U13 Lions
54. Kings Langley U13 Red
55. Echoes U13
56. Hemel Youth U13 Blue
57. Nascot Wood Rangers U13
58. Watford Town U13
59. Wheathampstead Wanderers U13 Tigers
60. Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Green
61. Chorleywood U13 Griffins
62. Evergreen Youth U13 Jackals
63. Harpenden Colts U13 Hornets
64. Hemel Aces U13 Tigers
65. Harpenden Colts U13 Harriers
66. Kinsbourne Youth U13
67. Cassiobury Rangers U13 Blues
68. Chipperfield U13
69. Harpenden Colts U13 Mustangs
70. Hemel Youth U13 Yellow
71. Wheathampstead Wanderers U13 Pumas
72. Chorleywood U12 Harriers
73. Harpenden Colts U12 Lions
74. Harpenden Colts U12 Pumas
75. St Albans City U12 South
76. Bushey & Oxhey U12 Hornets
77. Hemel Aces U12 Tigers
78. Kings Langley U12 Red
79. Abbots Youth U12 Blue
80. Everett Rovers U12 Blue
81. Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Tigers
82. Harpenden Colts U12 Tigers
83. Watford Town U12
84. Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Jaguars
85. Harpenden Colts U12 Jaguars
86. Kings Langley U12 Blue
87. Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Orange
88. Herons U11
89. Watford Youth Sports U11 Red
90. Herons U11
91. Watford Youth Sports U11 Red
92. Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Orange
93. Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Orange
94. Herons U11
95. Watford Youth Sports U11 Red
96. Watford Youth Sports U11 Red
97. Herons U11
98. Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Orange
99. Bedmond Youth U10 Green
100. Bedmond Youth U10 Green
101. Bedmond Youth U10 Green
102. Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
103. Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
104. Abbots Youth U9 Blue
105. Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Falcons
106. Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
107. Abbots Youth U9 Blue
108. Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
109. Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Falcons
110. Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Falcons
111. Abbots Youth U9 Blue
112. Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
113. Harpenden Colts U09 Rhinos
114. Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Falcons
115. Hemel Youth U8 Green
116. Hemel Youth U8 Green
117. Hemel Youth U8 Green
118. Hemel Youth U8 Green
119. Hemel Youth U8 Green
120. Hemel Youth U8 Green
121. Hemel Youth U8 Green
122. Watford Youth Sports U7 (disbanded)
123. Everett Rovers U7 Red
124. Everett Rovers U7 Red
125. Watford Youth Sports U7 (disbanded)