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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2020-2021 Season
Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Match Day :  Wednesday, 28 Apr 2021 Saturday, 01 May 2021 Sunday, 02 May 2021
Players Suspended
There are 48 matches
Intermediate Division 1
8 1 Balham B v AFC Ewell
Archbishop Lanfranc Academy
 C. Mckoy
H: I.Drawara(2)  H.Junior(2)  S.Negassi(3)  S.Pagano  A: K.Jackson
2 0 Frenches Athletic v Earlsfield United
Merstham Fc
2:00 PM
 N. Patterson
H: V.Garrec  M.Georgiadis  L.Powell  A.Holden
2 1 Goldfingers v FC Tooting Bec
Wimbledon Common Extensions
 B. Walsh
H: D.Cameron  M.Hanid  A: T.Field
0 6 Wandgas Sport v Sporting 50
Wandgas Sports Club
 S. Pike
 A: S.Blake(2)  S.Mowatt  J.Sentamu  B.Seymour  A.Thomson  G.Storey
3 1 West Fulham v AFC Walcountians
Weston Green Sports Ground
 A. Goldsmith
H: T.Harper  R.Mcdowell  T.Quinn  A: S.Grosser  C.Tillman  J.Farthing
1 1 Westminster Casuals v Kew Park Rangers
Chessington & Hook Utd F C (Pitch 2)
 P. Dowell
H: D.Maunsell  A: O.Kersey
Intermediate Division 2
2 1 * Earlsfield 2018 v * Raynes Park Vale Reserves
Prince Georges Playing Fields
Double Header
 P. Rogers
H: W.Poole  J.Rendall  A: A.Noble  K.Nicholas
0 1 * Oxted & District v * Wimbledon Casuals
Master Park
Double Header
 T. Bone
 A: A.Harlington
1 3 * Raynes Park Vale Reserves v * Earlsfield 2018
Prince Georges Playing Fields
Double Header
 P. Rogers
H: J.Vinart  A: B.Anderson  T.Kirby-Hogarty  W.Poole  R.Noonan
2 7 SCR Development v Woodmansterne Hyde
Hannibal Way
 D. Hepburn
 A: A.Ellis-Lucas  R.Joyce(4)  K.Melius  J.Sidell  R.Joyce
2 1 * Wimbledon Casuals v * Oxted & District
Master Park
Double Header
 T. Bone
H: M.Golby  T.Phillipson  A: L.McClean  Z.Fairchild
Intermediate Division 3
1 2 * Ashtead v * Richmond & Kew
Ham Playing Fields
Double Header
 M. Sullivan
H: B.Amos  A: G.Bonfante  J.Simmonds
1 6 Epsom Kings v Real Holmesdale
 D. Trout
H: T.Housen  A: J.Dartnell  J.Josephs  E.Morgan  A.Palmas(3)  J.Thompson  A.Palmas
2 2 * Lambeth Spartans v * Whitton Villians
Spring West Acad
Double Header
 D. Rowland
 A: L.Phillips  D.Ranger
1 1 Most Wanted Elite v Old Rutlishians
Nuffield Health Centre
 M. Thomas
H: D.Robinson  A: B.Liffen  B.Liffen
5 1 * Old Plymouthians v * Sporting Kitz
Ashtead Recreation Ground
Double Header
 D. Sanford
H: S.Clarke  G.Codd(2)  N.Oldridge  S.Tayler  A: P.Meredith
2 1 * Richmond & Kew v * Ashtead
Ham Playing Fields
Double Header
 M. Sullivan
H: D.Ayres  S.Saunders  A: J.Jenkins  A.Sillett
0 4 * Sporting Kitz v * Old Plymouthians
Ashtead Recreation Ground
Double Header
 D. Sanford
 A: G.Codd  E.Freeman  N.Oldridge  C.Smith
1 1 * Whitton Villians v * Lambeth Spartans
Spring West Acad
Double Header
 D. Rowland
H: L.Phillips
Junior Division 1
1 9 Chessington K C v Old Boys Clapham
Chessington Cricket & Sports Ground
 J. Goodhall
 A: J.Arasa Villar(3)  O.Baixas  J.Chun(3)  M.Fairbrother  C.Hyland
4 7 FC Tooting Bec 'A' v Tolworth United
Tooting & Mitcham 3G Back pitch
 C. Blair
H: A.Bouybayoune(3)  B.Church  A: A.Boreland(2)  L.Giovanni Morena  W.McKay(4)  W.McKay
0 1 Peckham Town Reserves v Selhurst
Pyners Close Playing Fields
 R. Brum
 A: H.Williams  L.Mcevoy
2 1 Wanderers v Thames United
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 S. Tuohy
H: L.Sternberg  E.Winspear  A: C.Bulmer  B.Ngoma
Junior Division 2
3 1 Croygas Falcons v Westside Reserves
 S. Tyler
H: A.Pop  J.Tutt  B.White  A: J.Sarpong
3 2 OW Shaftesbury v Motspur Park
Old Wimbledonians Sports Ground
 E. White
H: M.Healy  J.Nunez  OG  A: K.Ackerson  N.Best  R.Ajibola
- A Wandgas Vets v SC Wandsworth [ Away Win was awarded ]
1 2 Woodmansterne Hyde Reserves v Banstead Rovers
Croydon Postal Sports Ground
 P. Bumstead
H: T.Sliz  A: O.Jenkins  OG  T.Sliz
Junior Division 3
3 1 FC Tooting Bec 'B' v Junction Elite Saturday 1st
Tooting & Mitcham 3G Back pitch
 D. Banks
H: L.Johnson  S.Mortimer  T.Scriven  A.Bridie
2 1 * Frenches Athletic Reserves v * Motspur Park Reserves
Wimbledon Common Extensions
Double Header
 G. Damji
H: D.Carter  J.Woolsey  A: A.Warner  D.Porto  S.Taylor
0 1 * Motspur Park Reserves v * Frenches Athletic Reserves
Wimbledon Common Extensions (Pitch 2)
Double Header
 G. Damji
 A: D.Carter  S.Turner  D.Carter
6 1 South Croydon v Oxted & District Reserves
John Fisher Sports Ground
 B. Chaffe
H: L.Barker  H.Morton(2)  T.Newson(3)  A: S.Peacock  L.Barker  S.Dabin
1 1 * Sutton High v * Worcester Park 'A'
Manor Park
Double Header
 P. Agboula
H: J.Almeida-Onate  A: C.Wood  W.Druce
1 2 Wilf Kroucher v Old Rutlishians Reserves
2:00 PM
H: J.Cragg  A: S.Berry  S.Leatherby  J.Cragg  S.Berry
1 3 * Worcester Park 'A' v * Sutton High
Manor Park
Double Header
 P. Agboula
H: C.Goodwin  A: B.Berthe-Kone  S.James(2)  S.James
Junior Division 4
H - AFC Walcountians Reserves v OW Shaftesbury Reserves [ Home Win was awarded ]
Old Walcountians Sport Ground
OW can not get a team out
4 1 Cheam Village Warriors v N P L 'A'
Cheam Sports club
 T. Saunders
H: C.Keeley  J.Prichard(2)  G.Rolfe  A: S.Riddett  J.MacLeod
2 1 Old Boys Clapham Reserves v Merton Social
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
H: M.Evans  J.Thomson  A: T.Leach
3 0 Sporting 50 Reserves v Old Rutlishians 'A'
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 J. Gunn-Smith
H: M.Cooke  K.Hiscock  A.Osborne  O.Riches  C.Blenkinsop
1 1 Wandgas Worcester Park Vets v AFC North Leatherhead
Bridge Rec (Pitch 2)
 T. Hall
H: O.Sales  A: D.Barna
Junior Division 5
1 6 Jak's v Shelton Athletic
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 I. Bryant
H: K.Seferaj  A: A.Crittall  K.Kasidy(2)  C.Pepper-Giamandree  J.Tickner  M.Tyler  F.Garrett
2 1 Kew Park Rangers Reserves v Parkside
Marble Hill Park
 T. Shaw
H: O.Golding  U.Umotong  A: B.McDougall  D.Humphrey
5 0 N P L 'B' v Sutton High Reserves
 T. Burton
H: S.Baillie  J.Reed(2)  S.Richards  J.Terry  J.Terry
Junior Division 6
7 1 * Inter Star v * South London Elite
Goals Deckers Tolworth
Double Header
 N. Smith
H: B.Bennett  R.Lavrado(2)  A.Longman  A.Nelson  T.Rigby(2)  A: A.Selvakumar
0 1 Old Rutlishians 'B' v Purley Old Boys
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 7)
 C. Williams
 A: D.Fadipe  S.Rowlands  K.Fadipe
0 7 * South London Elite v * Inter Star
Goals Deckers Tolworth
Double Header
 N. Smith
 A: B.Bennett  R.Lavrado(2)  A.Nelson  T.Rigby(3)
13 0 Trinity v Waddon Wanderers
Edgehill Playing Fields
 T. McIntosh
H: A.Chambers(3)  J.Hall  S.Hessey  M.Naughton  A.Tait  J.Uzun(6)
2 3 Wanderers Reserves v Surrey Casuals
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 T. Morgan
H: T.Bamigbade  D.Ferreira  A: L.Forrester  L.Parker  A.White  D.Grad  L.Forrester
4 1 101 Crayford Wanderers v Battersea Boys [ Round 3 ]
 A: J.Hinds  T.Rhoden
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Chelsea Rovers
2. MC South West
3. N P L Reserves
4. Warlingham
5. Oxted & District 'A'
6. Warlingham Reserves
7. London Olympia
8. Panthers Reserves