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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2020-2021 Season
Thursday, 21 October 2021
Match Day :  Saturday, 03 Oct 2020 Saturday, 10 October 2020 Saturday, 17 Oct 2020
Players Suspended
There are 43 matches
Intermediate Division 1
1 3 AFC Ewell v Sporting 50
Banstead Football Club
 D. Sanford
H: C.Sharp  A: S.Lewington  S.Mowatt(2)  E.Ransom
4 0 AFC Walcountians v Goldfingers
Old Walcountians Sport Ground
 S. Evans
H: S.Grosser  R.Thomas(3)  R.Thomas
1 6 Balham B v West Fulham
Barn Elms (Pitch 4)
 N. Patterson
H: S.Negassi  A: D.Blake  S.Chute  T.Harper(3)  D.Lewis  T.Harper
2 1 Earlsfield United v Westminster Casuals
Raynes Park Vale F C
 D. Hepburn
H: J.Freeman  A.Holden  A: M.Brown  A.Austin  L.Hutton
3 2 FC Tooting Bec v Wandgas Sport
Tooting & Mitcham 3G Back pitch
 P. Rogers
H: S.Jogee(2)  J.Kemp  A: J.Eastwood(2)  S.Jogee  J.Hill
Intermediate Division 2
5 2 Battersea Boys v Chelsea Rovers
Wimbledon Common Extensions (Pitch 2)
 B. Walsh
H: C.Fago(2)  J.Hamsher(2)  L.Worley  A: A.Chopra  M.Dickerson  T.Rhoden  A.Chopra
1 1 Earlsfield 2018 v Oxted & District
Abbey Rec
 P. Agboula
H: J.Thompson  A: R.Flitton  J.Naraine
6 0 Wimbledon Casuals v MC South West
King's House Sports Ground (Pitch 4)
1:00 PM
 M. Coatsworth
H: A.Harlington(2)  M.Lane(2)  T.Phillipson(2)  A.Harlington  J.De Sousa Abreu
3 2 Woodmansterne Hyde v SCR Development
Woodmansterne Sports Club
 D. Rowland
H: D.Pasukevicius  P.Vogado(2)  A: M.Debrah  R.Taylor  A.Auston
Intermediate Division 3
3 0 Ashtead v Most Wanted Elite
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 . T.B.A
H: B.Franklin  J.Jenkins  M.Sillett  D.Amos
1 7 Real Holmesdale v Richmond & Kew
John Ruskin Playing Fields
 P. Brooks
H: J.Dartnell  A: D.Adeoye  K.Douglas  C.Goff(2)  J.Pocock(2)  J.Simmonds  M.Gardner
1 3 Sporting Kitz v Old Rutlishians
Wimbledon Common Extensions (Pitch 4)
 D. Trout
H: T.Batten  A: K.Foster  B.Liffen  P.Whitthread  B.Liffen
Junior Division 1
2 3 Old Boys Clapham v Chessington K C
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 5)
 A. Goldsmith
H: J.Chun  J.Kubik  A: S.Cheeseman  L.Ireland(2)
1 1 Selhurst v Peckham Town Reserves
Archbishop Lanfranc Academy
 C. Mckoy
H: H.Williams  A: A.Sweeney  R.Cowley
3 2 Thames United v FC Tooting Bec 'A'
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
 N. Smith
H: C.Bulmer(2)  L.Mutima  A: B.Church  D.Outred  D.Hitchin
4 0 Tolworth United v N P L Reserves
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 3)
 J. Gunn-Smith
H: L.Anastasov  A.Boreland(2)  D.Purdy  R.Taylor
Junior Division 2
2 3 Croygas Falcons v Warlingham
Croygas Sports Ground
 A. Keats
H: S.Harper  B.White  A: K.Humpherston(2)  J.Torlot  K.Humpherston
0 7 Motspur Park v Woodmansterne Hyde Reserves
Sir Joseph Hood (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 G. Damji
 A: C.Beard  K.Nesbeth  G.Purvey  B.Snelling(4)  B.Snelling
1 2 OW Shaftesbury v Banstead Rovers
Old Wimbledonians Sports Ground
 A. Mohamud
H: D.Beaumont  A: J.Allison  L.Goymer
6 2 SC Wandsworth v Wandgas Vets
Barn Elms (Pitch 5)
 T. Shaw
H: J.Buckley  D.Hoey  D.Hunter  M.Leng  C.Matthews  S.Smith  A: J.Phillips(2)  J.Brewer  J.Phillips
Junior Division 3
1 4 Frenches Athletic Reserves v Worcester Park 'A'
2:30 PM
 W. King
H: B.May  A: C.Goodwin(3)  R.Moth  B.May
4 6 Old Rutlishians Reserves v South Croydon
Old Rutlishians Association
 T. Saunders
H: S.Leatherby(3)  D.Riordan  A: M.Bellevue(3)  A.Clements  H.Morton(2)  S.Leatherby  J.Elouadan
2 0 Oxted & District Reserves v Junction Elite Saturday 1st
Master Park
2:00 PM
 T. Bone
H: J.Fountain  M.Thurbin  T.Vaughan  M.Young
3 1 Sutton High v Motspur Park Reserves
Wallington Sports & Social Club
 P. Horne
H: J.Almeida-Onate  C.Andrews  A.Brewer  A: A.Piggott  R.Barnes  D.Rolfe
1 1 Wilf Kroucher v FC Tooting Bec 'B'
Nursery Rec (Pitch 2)
H: OG  A: M.Sztyber  M.Sztyber
Junior Division 4
2 3 AFC North Leatherhead v Cheam Village Warriors
Bridge Rec
 J. Goodhall
H: D.Goksu  D.Walker  A: S.Ewin  C.Keeley  J.Prichard  C.Keeley
4 0 Merton Social v Old Boys Clapham Reserves
Fishponds Playing Fields
 A. Nasiri
H: T.Kenny  F.Leach  T.Leach  S.Witney  T.Kenny
0 8 N P L 'A' v AFC Walcountians Reserves
N P L Sports Club (Pitch 2)
 T. Burton
 A: J.Allen  D.Bell(3)  L.Bolton(2)  J.Bradnick  C.Kenway
1 6 Old Rutlishians 'A' v Sporting 50 Reserves
King George's Park
 T. Smith
H: P.Gleeson  A: M.Cooke(3)  S.Curtis  K.Hiscock  J.Massarella  M.Cooke
1 1 Wandgas Worcester Park Vets v OW Shaftesbury Reserves
Wandgas Sports Club (Pitch 2)
 C. Blair
H: L.Green  A: A.Khaleel  B.Patel
Junior Division 5
0 0 Oxted & District 'A' v N P L 'B'
Master Park (Pitch 2)
1:30 PM
 C. Rowland
6 3 Sutton High Reserves v Jak's
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 P. Horne
H: D.Allen  K.Griffin  S.Kwenda(2)  Z.Mughal  J.Wilkins  A: A.Arias(2)  S.Bhatti  D.Allen
0 2 Warlingham Reserves v Parkside
Warlingham Sports Ground
 A: L.Curtin(2)  D.Hood  J.Butler
Junior Division 6
4 0 Inter Star v Wanderers Reserves
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 B. Chaffe
H: H.Howell  A.Longman  J.Nimmo(2)  C.Makekodunmi-O'Hara
1 1 Old Rutlishians 'B' v Waddon Wanderers
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 5)
 S. Pike
H: J.Hughes  A: S.`Shergold  B.Quickenden
2 12 Panthers Reserves v Surrey Casuals
Wimbledon Common Extensions (Pitch 4)
 M. Sullivan
H: A.Chirila  J.Nhuku  A: J.Ballard(2)  H.Baxter  J.Cousins  S.Goulding  H.Maneh(4)  T.Millard(2)  C.Palmer  J.Quansah  J.Ballard
6 3 Purley Old Boys v London Olympia
John Fisher Sports Ground
 L. Boateng
H: C.Devlin(3)  D.Fadipe  K.Fadipe  D.Fernee  A: OG  C.Devlin
9 0 Trinity v South London Elite
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
 F. Howe
17 0 Kew Park Rangers Reserves v Real Holmesdale Reserves
Marble Hill Park
Moved from Junior Division 5 to Miscellaneous. Real Holmesdale folded RB
 . T.B.A
H: W.Bloomfield(4)  D.Cain(3)  N.Harper  D.Jimenez  F.Ortmatns  A.Rahman  S.Stojsavljevic  U.Umotong(2)  D.Urry(3)  T.Strange
6 0 Raynes Park Vale Reserves v A.M.Y
Prince Georges Playing Fields
Moved from Intermediate Division 2 to Miscellaneous. A.M.Y folded due to virus worries RB
 C. Williams
H: J.Nevin(4)  A.Noble(2)  J.Nevin
4 2 Shelton Athletic v A.M.Y Reserves
Edgehill Playing Fields
Moved from Junior Division 5 to Miscellaneous. A.M.Y folded due to virus worries RB
 T. McIntosh
H: J.Phillips(3)  M.Tyler  A: Z.Malik  H.Mirza  J.Phillips  H.Mirza
2 4 Westside Reserves v Colliers Wood Town
The Memorial Ground
Moved from Junior Division 2 to Miscellaneous. Colliers wood town folded RB
H: A.Salmi(2)  A: L.Hunte-Brown(2)  B.Kenneth  O.Stokes  C.Yaxley
10 0 Whitton Villians v Fulham Deaf
Spring West Acad
Moved from Intermediate Division 3 to Miscellaneous. Fulham Deaf folded 22/12/20 Rb
 B. Smith
H: D.Broderick  F.Camis(2)  B.Dinan  M.Salem(2)  B.Wainwright(4)  R.Cordell-Edwards
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1. Frenches Athletic
2. Kew Park Rangers
3. Epsom Kings
4. Lambeth Spartans
5. Old Plymouthians
6. Wanderers