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Middlesex County Football League (Sundays)
2018-2019 Season
Tuesday, 13 April 2021
Match Day :  Sunday, 14 Oct 2018 Sunday, 21 October 2018 Sunday, 28 Oct 2018
Players Suspended
There are 26 matches
2 3 009 Willow Park v Sandgate [ Round 2 ]
Willow Tree Open Space
H: J.Haynes  R.Maclennan  A.Davies  J.Young
2 1 013 UB6 United v Manor Lions First [ Round 2 ]
Cranford Community College (Pitch 5)
H: G.Crack  H.Mohamed  G.Crack
0 3 014 Club Assyria v AFC Hammersmith Town First [ Round 2 ]
London Tigers Sports Complex
10:30 AM

No result Result from MFA website 26th Oct HH
5 0 016 Zenit St. Whetstone Second v Court Park Utd Reserves [ Round 2 ]
10:30 AM

No result Court Park Res. Result from Court Park 23/10/18 08.21am HH
4 1 017 Bedfont & Feltham (Sundays) v Ashford Town (Middlesex) [ Round 2 ]
Bedfont & Feltham Football & Social Club
H: J.Stacey(4)  A: R.Mark  C.Shepherd  E.Blue
5 2 018 Highgate Albion 3rds v Grenfell Athletic [ Round 2 ]
 A: J.Lord Garnett  A.Sheehan Cozens
0 2 019 Arnos Rangers First v BAA Heathrow (Sunday) 3rd [ Round 2 ]
2 3 020 Ruislip Rangers v St Marys Harefield First [ Round 2 ]
Kings College Playing Fields
H: S.Braybrook(2)  C.Donovan
1 1 021 Wishing Well Wanderers v Larkspur Rovers Sunday Reserves [ Round 2 ] [ Away Win on penalties ]
Harlington Community School Sports Centre
No result Wishing Well 1-1 F/T 4-5 pens
H: J.Kielthy
1 5 009 Surbiton Sports 1st v Hanworth Sports [ Round 1 ]
 A: J.Hamlet(2)  C.West(2)  D.Whyman
Greg Ward Senior Open Cup
7 12 004 Court Park Utd v SNM [ Round 1 ]
Cranford Community College (Pitch 2)
 C. Tan
H: D.Gordon(2)  R.Kane  S.Reah(2)  J.Swain(2)  A: A.Adeeko(2)  S.Chipunza(6)  W.De almeida chipunganz(3)  G.Wright  D.Gordon
0 2 008 Ruislip Rovers v FC Bengals (WITHDRAWN) [ Round 1 ]
Coney Green
 J. Singh  C. Hartley  D. Hartley
 A: H.Aitben Abdelliah(2)  S.Montaut
Premier Division
3 6 Barnes AFC (CHIS) v Old Southall
Hanworth Villa FC
 J. Green
 A: B.Butt  G.Isaac(4)  K.Kharas
2 4 Chiswick Griffin Albion (CHIS) v Barnes Eagles Seniors (CHIS)
Riverside Lands Playing Fields
 P. Andrews
Division One
2 0 Barnhill Club v Brentford St. Georges
Barnhill Community Centre
D Mansour N/A 15/10 CCH
 S. Stirrett
H: R.Frape  R.Makepeace
3 5 Cool Oak Rangers v BAA Heathrow (Sunday) 1st
Kings House Sports Ground
 R. Was
H: C.Ferris  B.O'Halloran  D.Peniecooke  A: C.Johnson(3)  J.Kanua-Perez  P.Murphy  C.Johnson
2 2 Heathrow Club 1st v Abbey
Richings Park Sports Club
 W. Jaso
H: S.Brown  E.Cottol  A: T.Royer  R.Singh  S.Brown
Division Two
5 3 Ivy Leaf WD v Hare & Hounds
Cranford Community College (Pitch 3)
 J. Was
H: S.Fardell  M.Hubbard(4)  A: B.Brennan(2)  G.Harris  A.Rea  G.Harris
Division Three
3 4 AFC Heathrow v Roxeth District Albion
Cranford Community College
 S. Pordes
H: D.Boually  A.Pierre-Louis(2)  A: B.Bird  I.Randall  A.Robinson(2)  A.Pierre-Louis  A.Robinson
7 1 Heston Celtic v Greenford Globetrotters
Tudor Park (Feltham Community College (grass)
 K. Rea
H: T.Chowdhury(3)  A.Elsdon(2)  J.Ramkumar(2)  A: D.Mac Dermot  T.Chowdhury
10 2 Reality v Lord Hill
Cranford Community College
 J. Kobrzynski
H: R.Akinlawon(3)  J.Cornish  M.Davies  D.Elstone  D.Everley  N.Everley(3)  A: W.Little  J.Tony  R.Sherwood  J.Tony
Division Four
5 2 Lampton Park (Sunday) v Ashford Town Wanderers
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 M. Broughton
H: R.Milne  J.Newman  I.Raheman  S.Raheman  A.Smith  A: K.Barnett  R.Drummond  C.Murray  G.Birch
3 3 West Drayton Reserves v J L Rovers (Sunday)
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 N. Myers
H: C.Downey(3)  A: J.Bataller  J.Brennan(2)  A.Matharu
Barnes Albion (CHIS) v Putney Athletic (WITHDRAWN)
Kings Georges Field
NOTE.....PUTNEY ATHLETIC HAVE FOLDED original score 2-0 ( fix sec )
 M. Ahmed
5 4 CB Hounslow United (Sunday) v West London Athletic (WITHDRAWN)
CB Hounslow Sports Club
Moved from Division Three to Miscellaneous. Game abandoned to be replayed SCH 6 November 2018
match abandoned 86 minutes due to injury. CB leading 5-4 a the time
 S. Russell
H: L.Faulkner(2)  A.Knight  D.Knight(2)  A: S.Alfred(2)  S.El Sarki  A.Semlali  S.Alfred
3 2 King William IV (WITHDRAWN) v West Drayton 1st
Brunel University Sports Centre
 D. Jenic
H: S.Goreham(3)  A: OG  C.Williams  S.Goreham
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. BAA Heathrow (Sunday) Reserves
2. Heathrow Club Reserves
3. Royal Park
4. Osterley FC
5. Richmond Saints
6. AFC Heathrow Reserves