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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2017-2018 Season
Friday, 16 April 2021
Match Day :  Saturday, 28 Oct 2017 Saturday, 04 November 2017 Thursday, 09 Nov 2017
Players Suspended
There are 36 matches
- A 018 KCS Old Boys Reserves v VOS [ Round 2 ] [ Away Win was awarded ]
2 0 032 Hilltop v Danson Sports [ Round 2 ]
Gibbons Recreation Ground
H: H.Mahadi  L.Mason  L.Mason
H - 038 North Acton v South Dulwich [ Round 2 ] [ Home Win was awarded ]
Cranford Community College
7 0 040 Fire United Christian v New River [ Round 2 ]
New River Sports Centre
H: K.Bueno Da Silva  J.de Oliveira(3)  P.Grigorio  A.Matondo Lando  F.Melgaço  J.de Oliveira
2 3 043 Centenary Park v Spanairds [ Round 2 ]
Northwick Park
H: C.Nyawo  M.Szczurzydlo  A.Szkodzinski
4 2 046 Sporting Hackney Reserves v South Kilburn 3rds [ Round 2 ]
Hackney Marshes
no result.......NOTE...AET and RESULT FROM THE ESSEX ALLIANCE FOOTBAL LEAGUE ( fix sec 5-11-17 at 9-43am )
 A: K.Kehmo  A.Woods
3 0 002 Indian Gymkhana Club v Harefield United Reserves [ Round 2 ]
Indian Gymkhana Sports Club
1 1 004 Lampton Park v AFC Spelthorne Sports [ Round 2 ] [ Away Win on penalties ]
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch 4)
AFC Spelthorne Sports won 6-5 on pens
H: J.Deville
1 0 007 Kensington Dragons v Cricklewood Wanderers [ Round 2 ]
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
H: O.Gloria  C.Pal  P.Murphy
5 3 009 Brentham v British Airways [ Round 2 ]
Brentham Club
H: R.Aitken(2)  E.Clements  J.Gohil  J.Townson  A: J.Girt  C.Jeff  A.Jones  R.Aitken  J.Girt
Jeff Nardin & Combination Cup
4 4 002 London Titans v C.B. Hounslow United 4ths [ Round 1 ] [ Away Win on penalties ]
Chiswick Boathouse
3 - 4 on pens cb won
 M. Plumridge
H: R.Barr  J.Day(2)  K.Luke  A: J.Kudjordji(2)  L.Matoko(2)
Premier Division
8 5 FC Assyria v Pitshanger Dynamo
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch #1)
 D. Jenic  M. Jenic  Marko Jenic
H: B.Butt(2)  A.Isaac  G.Isaac(3)  E.Simon(2)  A: S.Carro  A.Clark(2)  G.Flanagan  D.Jones  G.Isaac  S.Carro
1 4 Stonewall v Sporting Hackney
Barn Elms Playing Fields
Note: AR's changed 2250hrs 30/10/17 Les Morgan unavailable (JN)
 D. Samuels  G. Pope  N. Andrea
H: G.Volis  A: A.Alonso  J.Anderson  S.Edwards  L.O'Hara  A.Alonso
4 0 Tottenham Hale Rangers v Hillingdon
Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
Note: Referee changed 1430hrs 31/10/17 (JN)
 E. McKenzie  C. Love  G. Smith
H: D.Boateng  E.Dampha  C.Ebonnie  S.Jibril  T.Coffey
MCFL Saturday Division One (Central and East)
4 1 AEK London v London United
Edmonton County School (4G)
2:00 PM

Note: Referee changed 1440hrs 31/10/17 Michael Mcpherson unavailable (JN)
 R. Jacobs
H: W.Cesar Da Silva  G.Dias Ferraz  A.Dos Santos Alvarenga(2)  A: C.Lopez   L.Nunes De Araujo
5 4 London Samurai Utd v J L Rovers
North Acton Playing Fields
2:00 PM

no result
 E. Barnett
H: H.Fukuyama(2)  K.Yamane(3)  A: T.Handa  S.Sasaki(3)  H.Fukuyama
5 4 NW London FC v AFC United
Wormwood Scrubbs
2:00 PM
 F. Mansour
H: D.Emanuel Martial Cobianchi(3)  L.Jimack(2)  A: R.Cojocaru(2)  C.Molan(2)  D.Emanuel Martial Cobianchi
1 5 SJ Global United v Mile End Park Rangers
Wormwood Scrubbs
Note: Referee changed 2250hrs 30/10/17 Dani Mansour on County Cup
 D. Baily
H: V.De Carvalho  A: J.Cavey  N.Cavey(2)  H.Hale  G.Pearson  C.Da Silva
1 5 The Wilberforce Wanderers v St Panteleimon
New River Sports Centre
2:00 PM
 C. Henry
H: N.Brazil  A: R.Katsikas  A.Koumados  J.Smith(3)  I.Maluza  J.Smith
MCFL Saturday Division One West
3 3 Alpha & Omega v PFC Victoria London
Northwick Park
 T. O'Kane
H: A.Alanezi(2)  J.Ejimofor  A: L.Niemiec  A.Nowowiejski  D.Patek  A.Alanezi  A.Nowowiejski
3 2 Chape London v New Hanford
Northwick Park
no result
 J. Cannon
H: J.Balanta  L.Montoya Ospina(2)  A: R.Ahir  P.Walsh  L.Montoya Ospina  T.Munday
5 2 Kodak (Harrow) v Hounslow Wanderers
Harrow Weald Recreation Ground
 R. Reid
H: L.Burnett  R.Dos Santos  L.Krasniqi(3)  A: R.Andar  L.Matharu  L.Krasniqi  L.Matharu
4 1 Larkspur Rovers v FC IGK (formerly Indian Gymkana Res)
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
Note: Referee changed 2040hrs 3/11/17 Kanishka Paya unavailable (JN)
 P. Savva
H: M.Ashby(2)  T.Drew  E.Lima de Almeida  G.Illsley
MCFL Saturday Division Two
1 4 C.B. Hounslow United 3rds v Western Athletic
CB Hounslow Sports Club
 D. Russell
H: R.Powell  A: M.Ize  G.Onutu(3)  G.Onutu
- A Heston Bombers v Hillingdon Abbots [ Away Win was awarded ]
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch 3)
Home team unable to field(SCH)
 A. Matour
1 4 St Nicholas v Harrow Bhoys
 C. David
H: D.Richardson  A: H.Carey  S.Maguire  G.Perring  S.Sweeney  G.Perring
0 4 Sudbury Court v Cranford Park
 D. Carter
 A: M.Araujo  R.Fernandes  M.Tavares  J.Telmo  D.Pates  A.Jamanca
1 3 West SL Benfica v Harrow Rangers
Cranford Community College (Pitch 5)
 R. Hazell
H: S.Silva  A: A.Hurley  J.Johnson Linyard(2)  J.Johnson Linyard
MCFL Saturday Combination
2 6 C.B. Hounslow United 5ths v Brentham Reserves
CB Hounslow Sports Club
 G. Mangrski
 A: M.Baron(4)  C.Laurencin  OG  M.Baron
0 6 Hillingdon Reserves v Lampton Park Reserves
Brunel University Sports Complex
 A. Cox
 A: R.Murphy(3)  S.Raheman(3)  M.Reynolds  S.Raheman
0 5 LNER v Pitshanger Dynamo Reserves
LNER Sports Club
 J. Yousif
 A: D.Barber(2)  A.Marrast  J.Starmer(2)  D.Barber
2 0 Stonewall Reserves v AFC Heathrow
Barn Elms Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 C. Tan
H: J.Allen  M.Sholly  K.Evans
The Jeff Nardin Division
2 1 New Queens Park v South Kilburn Reserves
North Acton Playing Fields
 L. Tilbury
H: T.Brown  M.Panford  D.Stott
7 0 Real Rangers v Barnet and Harrow
Brunel University Sports Complex
 A. Smith
H: F.Butler(3)  A.Elsawify(3)  B.Spires  F.Butler
3 4 South Ealing Wanderers v Hendon Springfield
Ealing Central Sports Ground
 K. Rea
H: H.Abdulla  K.Dhannie(2)  A: A.Alghafagi(4)  R.Walden  A.Alghafagi
3 1 Speedy United v Kensington Dragons Reserves
Brook House FC (AFC Hayes)
 A. West
H: B.House  G.James(2)  A: K.Kaci  D.Woods  K.Kaci
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
2. South Kilburn
3. Hackney Wick Reserves
4. FC Deportivo Galicia Reserves
5. AFC Hanwell & Hayes
6. Ruislip
7. Ruislip Town