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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2016-2017 Season
Saturday, 13 August 2022
Match Day :  Saturday, 17 Sep 2016 Saturday, 24 September 2016 Saturday, 01 Oct 2016
Players Suspended
There are 35 matches
Intermediate Division 1
1 1 Ashtead v Westminster Casuals
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 R. Brum
H: J.Kurdziel  A: D.Maunsell  J.Kurdziel  R.Salisbury
0 7 Fulham Deaf v Old Rutlishians
Wimbledon Common Extension (Pitch 9)
 D. Hepburn
 A: D.Fraser  Z.Graham  R.Jackson  B.Liffen  P.Mears  N.Raggett  P.Whitthread  A.Kenward  P.Whitthread
2 1 Wandgas Sport v Hanworth Sports
Wandgas Sports Club
 J. Crichlow
H: W.Cathcart(2)  A: M.Almtida  W.Cathcart
4 1 West Fulham v Old Plymouthians
Weston Green Sports Ground
 P. Rogers
H: l.Bart  K.Fallon  T.Harper(2)  A: J.Clapham  M.Smith  E.Wood
Intermediate Division 2
2 1 Crescent Rovers v Godstone
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 E. Delaney
H: C.Douglas(2)  A: J.Fuller  A.Brewer
1 0 Merton Social v Frenches Athletic
Fishponds Playing Fields
 N. Buckle
H: P.Whittingham
5 2 Southwark Borough 2009 v AC Malden
Prince Georges Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 P. Brooks
H: B.Handcook  J.Hanson  L.Lawrence  P.Smith  J.Thompson-Lee  A: J.Bias  B.Stephenson  J.Bias
2 0 Trinity v TFT South West
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
 D. Sanford
H: S.Smith(2)  D.McHugh
Junior Division 1
5 1 Kew Park Rangers v Westside Reserves
Marble Hill Park
 S. Pike
H: B.Canaj  A.Poole  B.Sweeney(2)  U.Umotong  A: S.Spasov
2 1 Old Rutlishians Reserves v Shaftesbury Town
Old Rutlishians Association
 M. Thomas
H: O.Hicks  K.Moore  A: J.Alexander  K.Moore
3 1 Raynes Park Vale 'A' v Battersea Ironsides 'A'
Prince Georges Playing Fields
 C. Maughan
H: L.Harkness  K.Stoodley  K.Wetton  A: L.Azevedo  J.Tesfamariam
6 4 Wanderers v Epsom Athletic Reserves
Croydon Athletic
 G. Bird
H: J.Reynolds(5)  J.Vizaino-Luque  A: L.Dynan  D.Jones(3)  J.Reynolds  R.Newton
Junior Division 2
1 6 Sporting 50 v Tolworth United
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 M. Riches
H: T.Paulino  A: C.Grant  M.Mathurin(3)  D.Roberts(2)  M.Mathurin
1 2 Supercala v Old Boys Clapham
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
3:00 PM
 P. Horne
H: J.Dahman  A: L.Skelly  T.Stranieri  D.Thomson  M.Kenny
4 2 Walworth Knights v Overton Athletic
Dulwich Park
 A. Absolon
H: A.Conteh(2)  I.Nkwocha  P.Songa  A: R.Burnett  D.Garnett  M.Kamara
Junior Division 3
5 0 Cheam Village Warriors Reserves v Worcester Park 'A'
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
 M. Sullivan
H: A.Carvill  A.Dignan(3)  B.Whitear  B.Whitear
3 1 Diaspora Sports v Merton Social Reserves
Garratt Park
 C. Mckoy
H: M.Nwaubani(2)  S.Oladipo  A: M.Elwell  S.Oladipo
0 2 Motspur Park Reserves v Old Plymouthians Reserves
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 T. Smith
 A: S.Frost(2)  M.Taylor
3 6 Reigate Priory 'A' v Trinity Reserves
Netherne Sports Ground
 P. Richards
H: J.Hanmer  A.Morris  C.Nnemete  A: K.Gordon  T.Hancock  M.Steer  D.Sullivan(2)  G.Toner
2 5 Shaftesbury Town 'A' v Oxted & District Reserves
Roehampton Playing Fields
 T. Shaw
H: E.McDonough(2)  A: s.Bartholmew(2)  B.Hoy  B.Jones  H.Pearce  M.Jones
Junior Division 4
0 3 Chessington K C 'A' v Rollers Athletic
Long Ditton Rec
2:00 PM
 F. Akanga
 A: A.Maray(2)  M.Pasta  R.Lockwood
0 6 Frenches Athletic Reserves v Real Holmesdale Reserves
 K. Corrick
 A: D.Hartnup(2)  D.Naish  K.Simpson(3)  D.Naish
2 5 Kew Park Rangers Reserves v Beckenham
Marble Hill Park
 J. Conlon
H: T.Nicholas  D.Tomkins  A: R.Blackwood(2)  D.Faluyi  A.Otchere(2)  D.Tomkins  R.Blackwood
1 2 Merton Social 'A' v Tooting Bec 'A'
King George's Park
 M. Malin
H: T.Kenny  A: R.Wolinski(2)  B.Tindall  R.Wolinski
3 0 RH Athletic v Battlebridge
Queens Park
2:00 PM
 S. Allen
H: J.Pennicard  B.Wiggins(2)  B.Wiggins  A.Creighton
2 3 Wallington Casuals v Motspur Park 'A'
Nescot Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
 M. Bumstead
H: A.Church  K.Davies  A: M.Ferncombe(2)  L.Martins  M.Ferncombe
0 1 001 Barnlake v Cheam Village Warriors [ Round 1 ]
 A: A.Gibbs  M.Kirby
1 1 002 Crescent Rovers 'A' v Colliers Wood United Reserves [ Round 1 ] [ Away Win on penalties ]
Wallington Sports & Social Club
2-4 pens
 P. Bumstead
H: S.Cross  A: M.Rogers  B.Macey  R.Humphrey
3 0 003 Melwood v AFC Ewell Reserves [ Round 1 ]
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 5)
 P. Walker
H: C.Haddad  J.Kakavoyiannis  A.Okuromade  A.Harrison  A.Steele
2 3 004 Merrow Reserves v Motspur Park [ Round 1 ]
Weston Green Sports Ground
 P. Legg
 A: F.Franchino(2)  N.Upton  F.Franchino
3 2 005 Sutton High v Chessington K C Reserves [ Round 1 ]
Priest Hill Playing Fields
 C. Angol
H: J.Jenson  D.Lynham  d.McPherson  A: A.Garrett  A.Riches  B.Sinclair  A.Garrett
3 6 001 N P L Reserves v Lpossa Reserves [ Round 1 ]
N P L Sports Club
H: G.Gomez  H.July  OG
5 2 001 Economicals 3rd v Wanderers Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 A: M.Fairhurst  D.Flash  H.Lepin
5 0 Chessington K C v Real Holmesdale
Tolworth Court Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
Moved from Intermediate Division 1 to Miscellaneous. Real Holmesdale folded RB
 M. Coughlan
H: M.Howard-Ekum  J.Johnson  R.Jones(2)  S.Smith  W.Clark
5 0 Kingsbrook v Old Rutlishians 'A'
Roehampton Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
Moved from Junior Division 3 to Miscellaneous. Kingsbrook have folded Rb
 W. Shin
H: R.Barnes  T.Barnes  S.Bryne  K.Higgins  P.Nash  T.Barnes  G.Costa
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Hayes Town
2. A.M.Y
3. Acts 29
4. AFC Ewell
5. Oxted & District
6. Wilf Kroucher