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Middlesex County Football League (Sundays)
2012-2013 Season
Thursday, 20 January 2022
Match Day :  Sunday, 16 Sep 2012 Sunday, 23 September 2012 Sunday, 30 Sep 2012
Players Suspended
There are 24 matches
Premier Division
8 2 Athletico Bil Plough v Firm Foundations
London Marathon Playing Fields
 A. Kowalski
H: R.Ahir  R.Giles  D.Hunt  A.Meakes(2)  T.Moseley(2)  G.Wooden  A: B.Olweny  L.Phillips
3 3 Brentford St. Georges v CB Hounslow United (Sunday) III
London Marathon Playing Fields
 R. Shields
H: J.Fanneran  K.Munro  R.Newman  A: H.Kaoud  J.Marquis  F.Williams
1 2 Southall Rangers v Larkspur Rovers
Brunel University Sports Centre
 A. Rafique
H: A.Mahay  A: T.Cutts  J.Smyth  S.Ahmed  L.McKinley
4 3 West Park United v Old Southall
Osterley Sports Club
 D. Hartley
H: N.Barrett(3)  S.Nor  A: A.Chand  M.Nazari  A.Toor  N.Barrett
Division One
0 2 British Airways (Sunday) v AFC Hammersmith Town
British Airways Concorde Club
 H. Mirza
 A: D.Mark  N.Toulson  G.Tackley  D.Banks
4 1 Hayes End Wanderers v Indian Gymkhana Club (Sunday)
Willow Tree Open Space (Pitch 3)
 K. Rea
H: A.Honey  S.Leacock(2)  J.Louison  A: P.Kang  R.Dingley
5 2 Manor v Old Greenfordians
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 N. Rowles
H: D.Payne(3)  D.Walker(2)  A: M.Beckford  M.Fraser  D.Walker
4 1 Ruislip Rovers v R Benson
Coney Green
 R. Was
H: A.Baker(2)  S.Flenley  D.Jenkinson  A: I.O'Connell  S.Brew
4 1 Yeading Lane v Bridgehill
Barnhill Community Centre
Orginal referee injured will be replaced (SCH)
 M. Broughton
H: B.Bryant  C.McEwen(2)  D.Squire  A: C.Gilsenan  B.Bryant
Division Two
- A Cowley United v Acton Central [ Away Win was awarded ]
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
Home team unable to field (SCH)
3 3 Hanwell Chargers v UB6 United
Whitton Sports Centre
 H. Chahal
H: J.Hill(2)  A.Sandhu  A: S.Case  C.O'Halloran  J.Pearson
H - Harmondsworth v West Drayton Explorers [ Home Win was awarded ]
Harmondsworth Rec
Away team unable to field (SCH)
2 1 Indian Gymkhana Club (Sunday) Reserves v Hillingdon Park Rangers
Indian Gymkhana Club
Change of referee
 Club Referee
H: L.McDermott(2)  A: R.Frape  P.Kaela
1 2 Roxeth District Albion v Yeading ABS
Little Harlington Playing Fields
 S. Yordanov
H: B.Bird  A: R.Hunt  L.Ruffell  L.Ruffell
Division Three
0 5 AC Denham v Botwell Legends
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
 E. Babias
 A: S.Dell  B.Glowacki(3)  J.Nicholson  B.Glowacki
0 4 Bell on the Green Casuals v Hayes Lions
Cranford Community College
 C. May
 A: C.Bicknell  J.Purcell(2)  T.Purcell  B.Palmer
7 1 Hillingdon United v Reality
Brunel University Sports Centre
 N. Saunders
H: L.Gray(2)  L.May(4)  N.O'Brien  A: R.Range  L.May
1 4 Royal Park v White Hart Harlington
L.P.O.S.S.A. Sports Ground (Behind Rising Sun Pub)
 A. Tonev
H: B.Harrison
Division Four
4 1 CB Hounslow United (Sunday) IV v Adam and Eve
Osterley Sports Club
 Club Referee
H: D.Hamilton  D.Parillon  N.Rose  S.Shubbar  A: H.Hopson  H.Hopson
1 3 Greenford Gaints v AFC Hillingdon
 F. Al Lamy
H: L.Teague  A: T.Byatt  S.Byrne  K.McGinnes  K.McGinnes
3 3 Lord Hill v The Crown
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
Referee appointed (SCH)
 D. Levy
H: B.Brown  C.Coyston(2)  A: J.Arnaud  J.Ireland  D.Johnstone  C.Coyston  T.Todd
1 5 Wishing Well Wanderers v AFC Heathrow (Sunday)
Rosedale College
 J. Roberts
H: P.Ramalho  A: B.Clark  A.Hathaway(2)  M.Murray  T.Parke  A.O'Keeffe  A.Hathaway
10 0 Heathrow Club Reserves v Kinja (WITHDRAWN)
Grange Playing Fields
 Club Referee
H: C.Biddle(2)  D.Blower  M.Hawkes  J.Jones(5)  M.Matulewicz  J.Jones
A The Dolphin (WITHDRAWN) v FC Yiewsley [ Abandoned ]
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
Moved from Premier Division to Miscellaneous. game was abandoned - score at time 0-1 (SCH)
 B. Capel
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Heathrow Club
2. Load of Hay
3. Westpoint United
4. UB6 United Reserves