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Association of Provincial Football Supporters' Clubs in London
2011-2012 Season
Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Match Day :  Sunday, 25 Mar 2012 Sunday, 01 April 2012 Sunday, 08 Apr 2012
Players Suspended
There are 7 matches
Dave Baister Cup
3 0 005 Middlesbrough v Sunderland [ Semi Final ]
Kingshouse Sports Ground (Chiswick Civil Service) (Pitch 4)
Attendance 10

What happened to the other officials as per semi finals ??
H: A.Burke  J.Gallagher(2)  J.Gallagher  P.Marshall
Division One
4 1 Aberdeen v Exeter City As
Riverside Lands-Chiswick
2:00 PM
 Alan Lawson
H: A.Duncan  K.Henderson  K.Mcauley(2)  A: G.Drake  S.Evenden
0 6 Birmingham City v Aberdeen 2
Riverside Lands-Chiswick
HT 0-1
 Tony Aslam
 A: L.Husen  C.McCallum  J.Speed(3)  C.Stevens
3 1 Glasgow Rangers v London Hibs
Riverside Lands
 S. Colavito
Division Two
4 4 Celtic v Middlesbrough 2
Meath Gardens
2:00 PM
 M. Ivanov
H: P.Gallagher(2)  S.Jahoda  C.Rogan  A: O.Ollie(2)  A.Watson  W.Wyatt  P.Gallagher  J.Rhodes
2 1 Hull City v Blackburn Rovers
Hurlingham Park
 A: F.Odonkor  T.Doyle
2 5 Plymouth Argyle v Manchester City
King George's Park
 F. Al-Lamy
H: T.Christmas  D.Ridgeway
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. London Scottish
2. Dundee United
3. Bristol City Football Supporters Club
4. Exeter City Bauys
5. London Scottish
6. Bristol City Football Supporters Club
7. Dundee United
8. Exeter City Bauys