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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2011-2012 Season
Saturday, 06 June 2020
Match Day :  Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 Saturday, 15 October 2011 Saturday, 22 Oct 2011
Players Suspended
There are 30 matches
5 1 025 Singh Sabha Slough v Amersham Town [ Round 2 ]
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
1 1 002 British Airways v Sandgate [ Round 1 ] [ Home Win on penalties ]
NO RESULT AS OF 5.15 .....RESULT OBTAINED FROM THE LONDON COMMERCIAL LEAGUE ( fix sec ) FT 1-1, AET 1-1, British Airways won 5-4 on Pens
MCFL Senior Open Cup
3 2 006 Pitshanger Dynamo v The Wilberforce Wanderers [ Round 1 ]
Old Deer Park
 D. Reeve  N. Briggs  N. Saunders
H: C.Read  R.Sen(2)  A: I.Maluza  D.Taylor  R.Sen  I.Maluza
1 3 018 Lancaster Town v Sloane [ Round 2 ]
Cranford Community College
 N. Hickes  A. Tonev  L. Tilbury
H: R.Amoanyame  A: R.Crisp  S.O'Shea  A.Zagajewski  A.Zagajewski
3 0 022 Hillingdon v Sporting Hackney [ Round 2 ]
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 M. Smith  I. Thomas  R. Gilchrist
H: B.Forson  C.Mukova  L.Sheridan  B.Forson
MCFL Junior Open Cup
0 2 002 Ariana Football Academy v AFC Southall [ Round 1 ]
Cranford Community College
 B. Kyambaya
 A: S.Hutchings(2)  F.Safi
6 3 003 C.B. Hounslow United Social 3rds v Wembley Park [ Round 1 ]
Osterley Sports Club
 M. Swinburn
H: Y.Fehmi Gil(3)  J.Hill(3)  A: B.Mooney(2)  Z.Randeree
3 2 005 Hearts of Teddlothian v Glenister [ Round 1 ]
Feltham Community School
 D. Lea
H: J.Newstead  S.Riddett  J.Woodard  A: D.Wilson(2)  T.Minter
The Alec Smith Premier Division Cup
2 1 005 Kodak (Harrow) v North Kensington [ Round 1 ]
Kodak Sports Ground
 C. Hartley  Smith . M.D  S. Yu (Yth)
H: A.Raphael  L.Worley  A: N.Simon  T.Michaelides
The Jim Rogers President's Division One Cup
1 2 002 St Johns DFC v West End [ Round 1 ]
Walker Cricket Ground
 J. Noblemunn
H: H.Er (Huseyin)  A: J.Brown  J.Hammond
3 4 003 Vallance v FC Assyria [ Round 1 ]
Hackney Marshes (Pitch 2)
NOTE......BOTH TEAMS HAVE IDENTICAL HOME DATES ( fix sec ), NOTE...referee changed 11/10/11 (JN)
 A. Monk
H: G.Chikodza(2)  L.O'Hara  A: M.Hiskail  A.Isaac  D.Isaac  G.Isaac  G.Chikodza  M.Benjamin
1 7 005 Greens Utd (WITHDRAWN) v Horseed [ Round 1 ]
Copthall Playing Fields
 G. Smith
H: K.Dervishi  A: H.Adan  A.Dahir(2)  K.Hassan  J.Nasir(2)  A.Yusuf  K.Jack Donal  A.Dahir
1 0 006 LPOSSA v St Lawrence [ Round 1 ]
 N. Fyfield  E. Barnett  R. Reid
H: E.Rhodes  M.Raeburn  I.Musaja
3 1 007 West London Saracens v C.B. Hounslow United Social [ Round 1 ]
Cranford Community College
 J. Coverley
H: C.Dunkley(3)  A: M.Stevens  C.Dunkley
Jeff Nardin Reserve Division Cup
3 0 001 Kensington Dragons Reserves v C.B. Hounslow United Social Reserves [ Round 1 ]
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch 3)
 S. Beekman
H: J.Laycock  T.Madden  D.Marquis
2 4 002 Kodak (Harrow) Res (WITHDRAWN) v Broadfields United Reserves [ Round 1 ]
 D. Carter
H: R.Dingley  R.Jones  A: B.Campbell  A.Cresswell  W.Murphy(2)  M.Wisniewski
Premier Division
1 6 FC Deportivo Galicia v Interwood
Osterley Sports Club
 S. Aina  V. Sawenko  W. Saunders
H: L.Campbell Arranz  A: M.Doyle(4)  K.Krans(2)  M.Decabo  M.Doyle
3 3 Hounslow Wanderers v Willesden Constantine
Rosedale College
1st AR added 12/10/11 home team contact 1st AR with match details (JN), 2nd AR Argen Babakhanlou came down with flu, no other officials are available 13/10/11 (JN)
 J. Yousif  S. Williams  TBA2
H: M.Bariah  M.Wilkinson  S.Zargaran  A: M.Hussein  J.Kellar  A.Mohamoud  F.Otshudi
0 6 Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H) v Broadfields United
Indian Gymkhana Sports Club
1st AR Pat McCrossan unavailable due to family reasons, there are no other officials available 13/10/11 (JN)
 A. Lashchikov  TBA1  M. Jacobs
 A: E.Cassey  M.Fearon  B.Ismali(2)  K.Watson(2)
2 1 Southall v FC Romania
Hanwell Town FC
 M. Sellars  R. Hazell  M. Young
H: M.Gulfer  R.Sylvester  A: O.Copcioae
2 1 West Essex v Springfield
Hackney Marshes
2nd AR changed 11/10/11 (JN)
 D. Thomas  J. Morris  A. Abdullahi
H: T.Macleod(2)  A: N.Levy  W.Douglas
Division One (Central and East)
4 1 Chiswick Homefields v Stonewall
Fullers Griffin Brewery Sports Ground
 D. Fenner
H: M.Hignett  D.Prodomo(2)  J.Rocca  A: C.Rice  J.Rocca
1 4 Cricklewood Wanderers v Kilburn
Ark Academy
 R. Simmonds
H: I.Jabbie  A: C.Mapes  G.Mapes(2)  L.Nelson
Division One (West)
1 1 H F C v Kensington Dragons
Harlington School & Sports Centre
 S. Stoyanov
H: M.Nihat  A: J.Sullivan  I.Bansal
Division Two
1 2 AFC Heathrow v Bay
Cranford Community College
 M. Rodriguez
H: B.Titchmarsh  A: A.Ouadah  A.Zitouni  J.Phillips
Senior Reserve Division
1 2 Brentham Reserves v Sandgate Reserves
Brentham Club
 P. Savva
H: M.Deely  A: J.Bees  M.Holdford
4 2 Southall Reserves v Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H) Reserves
Warren Farm Sports Centre
 D. Russell
H: N.Gilbert  S.Kouame(2)  T.Rose  A: K.Chhokar  A.Sandhu
3 3 Sporting Hackney Reserves v Hillingdon Reserves
Hackney Marshes
 J. Francourt
H: B.Charalambous  S.Jones  C.Monahan  A: A.Casey  R.Petford(2)
3 0 Imperial College Old Boys v Belmullet Town (WITHDRAWN)
Imperial College Sports Ground
 D. Jenic
H: A.Haines  H.Hoare  C.Parrott
3 1 West London Somaliland Community v Tokyington Manor 'A' (WITHDRAWN))
Rosedale College
NO RESULTS... VH result sec
 R. Austin
H: M.Ali  S.Kouthoofd  O.Mohamed  A: E.Amaro  M.Khader
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Elite Youth
2. Brentham
3. Centenary Park
4. Sloane Reserves
5. West London Saracens Reserves