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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2010-2011 Season
Friday, 23 August 2019
Match Day :  Saturday, 22 Jan 2011 Saturday, 29 January 2011 Saturday, 05 Feb 2011
Players Suspended
There are 32 matches
Intermediate Division 1
0 0 Battersea v N P L
Richardson Evans Playing Fields
 J. Hawkins
0 3 Old Plymouthians v St Andrews
Croygas Sports Ground
 R. Barber
2 1 Puretown v Old Rutlishians
Richardson Evans Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 D. Collyer
H: J.Matthews  D.Mccann  J.Dugmore
1 2 South Godstone v Sporting Kitz
Lagham Road
 D. Nunn
H: S.Brock  J.Boyce
0 2 Sutton High v RH123 Athletic
Raynes Park Playing Fields
 R. Brum
 A: R.Burrage  G.Carlin  A.Smith
3 0 Weston Green Sports v Thornton Heath Rovers
Weston Green Sports Ground
 K. Rodger
H: T.Clarke  M.Nash(2)
Intermediate Division 2
1 2 Ashtead v Merton Abbey
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 T. Payne
H: OG  J.Linnell
4 1 Brockham v Sporting Bahia
Brockham Recreation Ground
2:00 PM

 S. Allen
H: D.Baker  S.Edwards  S.Minihane  D.Nickols
0 0 Claygate & Ditton v Fulham Deaf
Long Ditton Recreation Ground
 L. Harvey
3 3 Tolworth Athletic v Westside
Riverhill Sports Ground
 P. Rogers
H: J.Tidy(2)  A.Wall  A: J.Jupp  T.Shoyemi  T.Webb  C.Noble
Junior Division 1
5 2 Project Clapham v Trinity
Tolworth Court Sports Ground
 T. Heavens
H: R.Algar  J.Holroyd(3)  M.Orford  A: D.Drake  D.Warwick
1 6 Shaftesbury Town v Kerria Knights
King George's Park
 B. Argenziano
5 3 Wilf Kroucher v Worcester Park 'A'
Nursery Rec
 M. Malin
 A: A.Bowers(3)
Junior Division 2
0 2 Battersea Reserves v Crescent Rovers 'A'
Roehampton Playing Fields
 P. Read
 A: S.Cross  R.Wood
7 2 Old Plymouthians Reserves v Ashtead Reserves
Croygas Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 M. Pepin
H: K.Davies  S.Humphrey  T.Jackson  J.Kelly  J.O'Sullivan(2)  C.Weaver  A: R.Kettle  S.Pink  S.Humphrey  J.Alawo
1 5 Westside Reserves v Pilgrims Well
Oberon Playing Fields
 R. Rose
 A: M.Antoniou  A.Clarke  J.Hirst  B.Lamb(2)
Junior Division 3
4 2 Epsom Athletic 'A' v Epsom Eagles Reserves
Weston Green Sports Ground
Epsom Athletic 'A' -3 points

Epsom Eagles Reserves +3 points

Epsom Athletic played an ineligible player, game awarded to Epsom Eagles
 G. Hadley
H: L.Nickles(3)  L.Nickles
5 3 Oakhill Pugbats v Destiny Academy
John Fisher Sports Ground
 N. Sitch
7 4 Trinity Reserves v Weston Green Sports Reserves
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
 M. Bell
H: K.Gordon  R.Stuttard  J.Tallant(2)  A: F.Assid  W.Chalke  D.Harvey  J.Miller
Junior Division 4
3 0 Addington Athletic v Epsom Athletic 'B'
Warbank Sports & Social Club
2:00 PM
 M. Headington
H: J.Carey(2)  D.Featherstone  D.Featherstone  T.Edwards
0 12 Fulham Deaf Reserves v Shirley Town Reserves
Fulham F C Training Ground
 G. Deufi
 A: R.Collins  J.Harris(4)  P.Harris  J.Pitt(2)  D.Plaistow  A.Smith(3)
1 5 Rollers Athletic v Old Town
Coombe Lodge Playing Fields
 S. Blake
 A: S.Coombs(2)  C.Lowe  W.Marsh  N.Pentland
2 1 Thornton Heath Rovers Reserves v Croydon Greenside 'B'
Westminster Schools Playing Field
 D. Letley
 A: L.Francis
League Senior Cup
2 3 017 Cheam Village Warriors v AFC Cubo [ Round 2 ]
Deckers Sports Ground
 M. Coen
H: J.Elsey  D.Fullerton  A: I.Clarke  A.Noble  J.Patterson  L.Norman  A.Noble
0 3 020 Westminster Casuals v Real Holmesdale [ Round 2 ]
Richardson Evans Playing Fields (Pitch 3)
 T. Dowdeswell
 A: W.Clark  D.Drummey  B.Mankelow  C.Nicholl
League Junior Cup
0 3 021 St Andrews Reserves v Tooting Bec Reserves [ Round 2 ]
Wimbledon Common Extension
 C. Mckoy
 A: A.Allington  J.Blaney  J.Haynes  B.Collins
3 2 033 N P L Reserves v Old Plymouthians 'A' [ Round 3 ]
N P L Sports Club
 I. Stone
H: M.Ludden  C.McBreen  A.Pirie  A: D.Fleming  D.Oguniowa  A.Andre
5 2 037 Old Boys Clapham v Battersea Ironsides 'A' [ Round 3 ]
Garratt Park
 V. Ninkovic
H: J.Bakker(2)  M.Belk  M.Henderson  T.Simpson  A: R.Allen  M.Boylan  M.Belk
1 3 040 Epsom Eagles v Norton [ Round 3 ]
Auriol Park
 D. Sanford
Geoff Ellis Junior Shield
12 0 006 Surbiton Town v Sutton High Reserves [ Round 1 ]
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 T. Mcintosh
0 2 008 Cheam Village Warriors 'A' v Shirley Town [ Round 1 ]
Nescot Sports Ground
 D. Hogan
 A: M.Ingram  C.Savage
3 2 Merstham Newton v Yourstory (WITHDRAWN)
St Nicholas School
 D. Holmwood
H: A.Beattie  S.Jenns  S.Povey  A: B.Bright  R.Martin  A.Wateridge  V.Ellis
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Croygas Phoenix
2. Supercala
3. Croydon Greenside U23
4. Park Boys
5. Cheam Village Warriors Reserves
6. Crescent Rovers 'B'