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Hayes Middlesex Sunday Football League
2007-2008 Season
Tuesday, 16 July 2019
Match Day :  Sunday, 06 Jan 2008 Sunday, 13 January 2008 Sunday, 20 Jan 2008
Players Suspended
There are 22 matches
4 3 BAA Heathrow (Sunday) v St. Marys (Edmonton) [ Quarter Final ]
Little Harlington Playing Fields (Pitch 8)
H: D.Clark  D.Jordan(2)  S.Orr  D.Jordan
Vice President's Cup
2 1 026 RAF Uxbridge Sunday v Ruislip Rovers [ Round 3 ]
RAF Uxbridge
REF R. Shields N/A Due to CC Appointment - 06.01.2008
NEW Ref T. Silverston - 07.01.2008
 A. Silverston
H: D.Lowe(2)  A: K.Roger  S.Moore
4 0 031 Cowley v South Ealing Saints [ Round 3 ]
Cowley Hall Recreation Ground (Pitch 2)
Ref K. Aldridge REMOVED due to CC Appointment - 07.01.2008
NEW Ref J. WAS - 07.01.2008
 J. Was
Division Five Cup
4 1 008 Hillingdon United v Metros [ Semi Final ]
Martin Bakers Sports & Social Club
ASST. REF L. Tilbury N/A 28.12.2007
NEW ASST. REF M. Jarrett - 28.12.2007
REF A. Rafique REMOVED Due to CC Q/F Appointment - 02.01.2008
NEW Ref K. Kirkbride - 07.01.2008
 K. Kirkbride  M. Rodriguez  M. Jarrett
H: B.Brown  D.Edgson(2)  OG  D.Edgson
Premier Division
4 2 British Airways (Sunday) v Caesars
British Airways Concorde Club
 M. Thompson
 A: D.Lamacraft(2)
0 1 Currans v The Bull
Little Harlington Playing Fields (Pitch 3)
 S. Rea
 A: T.Kirk
1 1 Deportivo Ranelagh v St Georges Club
Old Deer Park
 A. Mirza
H: T.Dean  A: C.Hogan
2 1 Hayes End Wanderers v Hayes Taverners
Cranford Community College
Ref R. WAS N/A 27.12.2007
NEW REF C. Reid 27.12.2007
Ref C. Reid REMOVED Due to Travel Restrictions - 07.01.2008
NEW Ref S. Aina - 07.01.2008
 S. Aina
H: P.Arnett  K.McInerney  R.Critchfield
Division One
0 3 Premier Sports v Uxbridge 69ers
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields) (Pitch 4)
REF A. Kowalski N/A Due to CC Appointment - 07.01.2008
NEW Ref P. Bailey - 07.01.2008
 P. Bailey
 A: L.May(2)  D.Richards
Division Two
7 0 Southall Sunday v Roxeth District Albion
Warren Farm
 D. Levy
6 2 Yeading ABS v Spartan
Willow Tree Open Space (Pitch 4)
Ref T. Silverston REMOVED to cover Cup Match - 07.01.2008
NEW REF - CLUB REFEREE - Agreed BFurneaux - 11.01.2008
Division Three
1 4 Old Fox v CF Cranford
Upton Court Park
NEW Ref. B. Axtell - 12.01.2008
 B. Axtell
 A: OG  H.Vaughan(3)  H.Vaughan
Division Four
3 2 Bridgehill v Stockley Wasps
Harlington Sports Centre
Ref P. Hull N/A Due to CC Appointment - 10/01/2008
NEW Ref B. Furneaux
 B. Furneaux
H: C.Gilsenan  S.Grieve(2)  A: J.Trimm(2)
1 3 Parkway v GB Powerforce
Cranford Community College (Pitch 5)
Ref J. Was REMOVED to cover Cup Match - 07.01.2008
NEW Ref. M Broughton - 12.01.2008
 M. Broughton
 A: G.Swanson  T.Tanswell(2)
4 0 RAFA Battle of Britain v Ealing Homes Northolt
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
REF P. Bailey REMOVED - - 07.01.2008
NEW Ref S. Harvey - 07.01.2008
 S. Harvey
H: G.Jeff  E.Joseph  J.Rafferty  J.Squire
3 1 St Clarets v GBSC (Fullers)
Little Harlington Playing Fields (Pitch 5)
 J. Yousif
H: A.Barrance  S.Dell  R.Frape  A: K.Lansiquot
Division Five
5 0 Manor v The Vine
Dormers Wells Leisure Centre
 J. Nimmo
8 0 Northolt Sports v Targets
Willow Tree Open Space
 R. Kipling
H: S.Blackburn  J.Finn  J.Lines(6)
Division Six
3 2 AFC Brentford v Adam and Eve
Belmore School
 R. Martin
2 3 Court Park v Hayes Alexander
Uxbridge High School
 A. Donnelly
 A: L.Evans(2)  H.Noden
3 2 Lord Hill v AFC Stanwell Athletic
Stockley Park (Kingston Playing Fields)
H: A.Maltman  G.Oldam  M.Shaw
4 8 FB (WITHDRAWN) v Brentford St. Georges
Conquest Club
Ref. C. May N/A Due to Injury - 13.01.2008 (09.05am)
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These teams without fixtures are available to play unless shown as
1. Cowley Rebels
2. Acton Central
3. Barnhill
4. Drayton Wanderers
5. Firm Foundations
6. Northolt Rangers
7. Old Uxonians
8. Perivale Residents Association
9. Kingshill Town
10. Old Greenfordians
11. Royal Park
12. Southall Spartak
13. Wycombe House
14. AFC Ruislip
15. Apsport Com
16. Athletico Town
17. Locomotive FC Feltham
18. Rose and Crown
19. Harmondsworth
20. Northolt Saints Sports and Social (Sunday)
21. Cowley United
22. Greenford Gaints
23. Greenford Hotspur
24. Homenetmen
25. Systima Tech
26. Wembley Park Rangers