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East Midlands Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Saturday, 31 October 2020
Premier Division :  October Fixtures & Results for November December
38 in list
Saturday, 02 November 2013
1 1 Aylestone Park v Radford
Mary Linwood Recreation Ground
Attendance 20
 I. Read  Z. Sheppard  L. Mayes
H: J.Peace  A: A.Bangwa
0 8 Barrow Town v Gedling Miners Welfare
Riverside Park
Attendance 40
 E. Cook  M. Cornes  D. Warner
 A: M.Ballard(2)  S.Holden  J.Hopper  R.Law(2)  T.Law(2)
0 2 Holwell Sports v Arnold Town
Welby Road
Attendance 40
 D. Webb  T. Moule  S. King
 A: B.Middleton(2)
3 0 Stapenhill v Blaby & Whetstone Athletic
Maple Grove
Attendance 68
 R. Eley  M. Newton  F. Webster
H: D.Chatfield  A.Sippets  P.Wheildon  J.Gordon
Tuesday, 05 November 2013
0 5 Anstey Nomads v Ellistown & Ibstock United
Davidsons Homes Park
7:45 PM

Attendance 74
 I. Davies  S. Fradley  I. Raynor
 A: C.Benson  B.Harris(3)  C.Rudkin
Wednesday, 06 November 2013
1 1 Borrowash Victoria v Radcliffe Olympic
Watkinsons Construction Bowl
7:45 PM

Attendance 56
 G. Davis  M. Newton  D. Spray
H: D.Hind  A: L.Potts
Saturday, 09 November 2013
2 2 Anstey Nomads v Gedling Miners Welfare
Davidsons Homes Park
Attendance 54
 S. Willoughby  S. King  R. Freakley
H: D.Blythe  M.Oliver  A: S.Brett  T.Law
8 2 Arnold Town v Barrow Town
Eagle Valley
Attendance 67
 R. Jackson  C. Grunnill  R. Bancroft
H: D.Chadwick  D.Hayes  B.Middleton  J.Price  R.Royes  M.Slawson(3)  A: E.Chiavetta  N.Morris
1 0 Blaby & Whetstone Athletic v Bardon Hill
Warwick Road
Attendance 36
 S. Abbott  K. Smith  I. Stone
H: A.Preston  A.Preston
3 2 Holbrook Sports v Borrowash Victoria
Fischer - Future Heat Ground
Attendance 50
 W. Gray  F. Webster  G. Lacey
H: S.Akers  C.Lewin  S.Ridgard  A: M.Finlay  C.Thompson
3 0 Holwell Sports v Greenwood Meadows
Welby Road
Attendance 44
 P. Wood  K. Wesson  S. Carter
H: K.Foster  S.Mooney  M.Stevenson
4 1 Sutton Town AFC v Ellistown & Ibstock United
The Fieldings
Attendance 72
 K. Hughes  T. Buhse  A. Coupe
H: R.Guest  C.Mitchell(3)  A: T.Chitiza
0 2 Thurnby Nirvana v Stapenhill
Dakyn Road
Attendance 25
 D. Styles  S. Anderson  A. Warner
 A: S.Hart  P.Wheildon
Tuesday, 12 November 2013
1 4 Holwell Sports v Sutton Town AFC
Welby Road
7:45 PM

Attendance 53
 J. Johnson  A. Brierley-Lewis  S. King
H: T.Williams  A: A.Grayson  C.Mitchell(2)  S.Owens
Saturday, 16 November 2013
3 1 Arnold Town v Anstey Nomads
Eagle Valley
Attendance 67
 S. Mason  A. Harland  B. Pieters
H: C.Hall  R.Royes  L.Smith  A: O.Creese
1 2 Bardon Hill v Thurnby Nirvana
Bardon Close
Attendance 54
 A. Murphy  N. Marriott  B. Warner
H: R.Hanslow  A: A.Day  G.Himan
1 1 Barrow Town v Radford
Riverside Park
Attendance 37
 M. Tinsley  P. Bambury  J. Constantine
H: C.Davis  A: S.Babatunde
2 2 Ellistown & Ibstock United v Gedling Miners Welfare
Terrace Road
Attendance 50
 R. O'Mahony  I. Raynor  Stuart Walker
H: T.Chitiza  B.Harris  A: T.Law(2)
2 1 Greenwood Meadows v Aylestone Park
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 37
 D. Godwin  T. Buhse  A. Nelson
H: K.Mushambi  L.Williamson  A: S.Brooks
3 0 Stapenhill v Holbrook Sports
Maple Grove
Attendance 75
 C. Sewell  F. Webster  A. Newall
H: S.Hart(2)  M.Weightman  D.Graves
5 3 Sutton Town AFC v Radcliffe Olympic
The Fieldings
Attendance 60
 S. Thomson  J. Dolbear  T. Beard
H: G.Atkins  C.Mitchell(3)  C.Rhodes  A: A.Bee  M.Hartshorn  R.Smith
Saturday, 23 November 2013
1 3 Arnold Town v Ellistown & Ibstock United
Eagle Valley
Attendance 63
 C. Hunter  D. Southern  W. Porter
H: D.Hayes  A: T.Chitiza(2)  T.Rowell
6 0 Blaby & Whetstone Athletic v Barrow Town
Warwick Road
Attendance 55
 V. Turner  S. King  K. Smith
H: L.Barrett  J.Gordon  M.Hirst  J.Limbert  J.Mee(2)  B.Statham
2 1 Gedling Miners Welfare v Graham Street Prims
Plains Social Club
Attendance 52
 C. Langton  A. Smith  T. Tolond
H: R.Bowen  B.Wells  A: T.Adcock
0 2 Greenwood Meadows v Anstey Nomads
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 24
 G. Davis  A. Harland  Michael Precious
 A: S.Gibbs(2)
0 2 Holbrook Sports v Bardon Hill
Fischer - Future Heat Ground
Attendance 40
 T. Hawkins  L. Naylor  A. Newall
 A: R.Hanslow  F.Miquel  C.Black
2 2 Radcliffe Olympic v Aylestone Park
The Recreation Ground
Attendance 55
 G. Lord  F. Webster  M. Bancroft
H: B.Elliott(2)  A: M.Anthony  M.Keenan
0 2 Radford v Sutton Town AFC
Selhurst Street
Attendance 55
 R. Massey  C. Grunnill  S. Dekel
 A: D.Fields  S.Owens
2 0 Thurnby Nirvana v Holwell Sports
Dakyn Road
Attendance 35
 J. Carter  D. Warner  M. Cornes
H: A.Day  A.Duale
Saturday, 30 November 2013
0 1 Anstey Nomads v Blaby & Whetstone Athletic
Davidsons Homes Park
Attendance 76
 S. Kings  C. Murphy  P. Bambury
 A: A.Preston  M.Hirst
4 4 Bardon Hill v Borrowash Victoria
Bardon Close
Attendance 59
 I. Davies  T. Simmons  D. Withers
H: A.Fell  R.Hanslow(2)  F.Miquel  A: D.Hind(2)  C.Thompson(2)
1 5 Barrow Town v Thurnby Nirvana
Riverside Park
Attendance 51
 J. Shipley  Z. Sheppard  T. Murfin
H: S.Cato  A: A.Day(2)  L.Finney-Neckles  M.Melbourne  R.Morris
1 3 Graham Street Prims v Arnold Town
The Raygar Arena Asterdale Sports Centre
Attendance 56
 C. Sewell  M. Newton  R. Smith
H: L.Oliver  A: L.Corrigan  M.Peberday  M.Slawson
1 4 Greenwood Meadows v Ellistown & Ibstock United
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 31
 J. Forder  M. Bancroft  T. Tolond
H: R.Francis  A: B.Harris(2)  A.Joynson  R.Lea
2 1 Holwell Sports v Holbrook Sports
Welby Road
Attendance 51
 D. Brunton  M. Willoughby  J. Anderson
H: M.Stevenson  M.Tinsley  A: J.Hooley  A.Hayes
0 4 Radford v Gedling Miners Welfare
Selhurst Street
Attendance 53
 M. Barker  G. Mitchell  F. Webster
 A: J.Hopper  T.Law(2)  B.Wells
4 2 St Andrews v Radcliffe Olympic
Canal Street
Attendance 40

St Andrews -3 points
 A. Giles  D. Warner  E. Hewins
H: S.Taylor(2)  T.Warner  A: R.Smith(2)
0 1 Sutton Town AFC v Aylestone Park
The Fieldings
Attendance 42
 D. Tingle  T. Buhse  M. Whiles
 A: M.Keenan